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July 21, 2008

Table of Contents

Gear & Now: Portable Storage Devices Offer Mobile Real Estate
K-Tek Boom Poles offer Easier Grip
Announcing the New 32GB, 64GB and 128GB Ridata Ultra-S Plus MLC SSD
Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Now Widely Available From North American Dealer Network
Samson Unveils the StudioDock 3i USB Studio Monitors with Built-in iPod Dock
JVC Introduces Monitor Calibration Software For Its Professional HD DT-V Series Monitors
Artbeats Accelerates Nature with "Grow! 2"
Thomson Partners with Pictron to Add Powerful Clip Management Functionality to Its MEDIAEDGE3 Video Distribution System
MainConcept Releases New Video Converter for Mac/Intel
RE:Vision Effects Releases New Floating License Scheme and 64-bit Versions of Fusion Plugins

Gear & Now: Portable Storage Devices Offer Mobile Real Estate

"Location, location, location" is the mantra for real estate agents. And extra real estate is essential for high-volume video editors and post studios. So what if you want to take your real estate on the road? Some high-capacity portable storage systems for digital media assets—including graphics, photos, and digital audio and video—have been announced or released recently, bringing the ability to move large amounts of digital data easily, reliably, and conveniently.

LaCie, long known for its stylish storage devices, has just announced its biggest, littlest such device yet—the Little Big Disk (LBG) Quadra. With storage capacity up to 1 Terabyte (TB) and transfer speeds of up to 110 Megabytes per second (MB/sec) via eSATA or 80MB/sec over FireWire 800, the LBG is a terrific answer to the question, "How fast, and how much, storage do I need for professional content creation?"

There are already 500GB and 400GB (7,200 RPM) versions, so this new portable Little Big Disk really ups the ante with two 2.5" hard disks that work together in a built-in RAID 0 configuration. The unit also has one eSATA 3Gbits, two FireWire 800 (FireWire 400-compatible with included adapter), and one USB 2.0 interface, so it can work with cross-platform compatibility in almost any production environment.

In spite of the two disks inside, the unit is powered entirely by the FireWire interface. It has a proven heat sink design, developed by Neil Poulton, and it operates quietly, without a fan. It weighs in at a little more than 1.4 pounds, so it can be a very portable storage solution.

Fully plug-and-play with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard (including Time Machine) and Windows Vista, the Little Big Disk Quadra comes preloaded with the LaCie Setup Assistant, a utility that optimizes the drive according to your needs (Mac, Windows, or cross-platform environments). The unit comes bundled with advanced backup and restore software EMC Retrospect Express for Mac and Windows. It can also be daisy-chained using one of the two FireWire interfaces with other LaCie hard disks or DVD±RW drives. The 1TB LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra is available now at $699.99.

At a somewhat similar price ($695) is Sonnet’s new Fusion F2. Together with MacBook Pro computers and AJA Video Systems’ Io HD video cards, the Fusion F2 can be the hub of an entire mobile production studio. Fusion F2 portable RAID storage systems work at up to 640GB capacity in a rugged low-profile design measuring 5.9"x6.2"x0.72". The system includes two 5400 RPM 2.5" drives, mounted side by side in a 3/4"-thin aluminum enclosure that you can slide into a briefcase or camera bag. Each drive is individually shock-isolated, and the manufacturer says that the side-by-side placement of the drives increases the case’s cooling surface area so, like the LaCie, there is no fan to generate noise. The F2 draws power via FireWire port as well.

The storage system also has two eSATA connections (with the Sonnet Tempo SATA ExpressCard/34 adapter, it can be used with MacBook Pro and Windows notebooks). By transmitting data via its 2-port SATA interface, Fusion F2 also handles portable video capture in conjunction with an AJA Video Systems’ Io HD.

For safety and security of your files, you can configure the drives in RAID 1 mirrored mode and still capture Apple ProRes HQ HD fed from an AJA Io HD. With its drives configured as a RAID 0 striped volume, Fusion F2 is capable of 126MB/sec read and write sustained data transfers (compared with 66MB/sec connecting via FireWire 800), thus providing the ability to capture and play more streams of compressed video for mobile editing.

AIC’s latest portable storage solution is called the MiniBOD (or, more colloquially, the XJ-SA01-008-A1). Its 2.5" drive configurations are said to read and write high-volume graphics and video files at 2.4Gbps bandwidth (up to eight small form factor 2.5" SAS/SATA drives) can be used. AIC says the MiniBOD supports up to 1.2TB capacity and adds that future enhancements will be available later this year, including embedded RAID functionality and the ability to configure four conventional 3.5" HDDs.

With its lightweight design and small footprint, the MiniBOD is highly portable. It offers plug-and-play access, with the ability to connect to host servers of the same RAID setup through the SFF8088 connector. AIC says it expects the MiniBOD XJ-SA01-04-A1 (4"x3.5" version) to be available later this year.

Fast Forward Video
Fast Forward Video (FFV) should now be delivering the Elite HD, described as the first camera-mounted digital video recorder (DVR) to harness the JPEG 2000 (J2K) compression codec for recording HD-SDI video signals. Until now, videographers had to rely on the internal recording capabilities of their cameras to record and play back HD-SDI video; however, few recorders can match the video quality of the camera signal itself (often using proprietary and expensive storage media to do so). In some workflows, such storage media require another device to read the video and transfer it for editing.

Designed to mount on the back or base of a camcorder, the Elite HD accepts an incoming HD-SDI video signal with up to eight channels of embedded audio and uses J2K to record at data rates up to 100 MB/sec with virtually no loss in signal quality.

Video is stored to an off-the-shelf, hot-swappable 2.5" SATA drive, which provides up to 10 times more storage at a greatly reduced cost. In addition, the Elite HD enables streamlined, file-based workflows with its modular design, which can be easily detached from the camcorder and connected directly to an NLE system via USB.

The Elite HD supports all HD-SDI camcorders and other video sources with compatible rates, including the the Canon XL H1 and G1; the Sony F900, XDCAM HD, and XDCAM EX; and the JVC GY-HD250. The Elite HD also works with any HD-SDI switcher with a compatible output format, making it ideal for live events.

Transcend is now shipping and pricing its newest storage device, the 250GB StoreJet 2.5 SATA portable hard drive. The StoreJet 2.5 uses a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and data transfer rates up to 480MB/sec in its plug-and-play configuration. Inside the StoreJet’s streamlined shell is a single 250GB SATA HDD.

The StoreJet 2.5 SATA HDD features a convenient "OneTouch" Auto-Backup button and comes bundled with Transcend’s own StoreJet elite 2.0 software, which offers intelligent backup scheduling, security, and power saving functions. The StoreJet 2.5 SATA is available without a hard drive as a sleek external enclosure that’s 100% compatible with all brands of 2.5" SATA hard drives and is offered in silver, blue, or red.

Priced around $150, the StoreJet 2.5 supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9/OS X, and Linux 2.4.2 or later.

They are not truly portable devices, but storage solutions from German manufacturer DVC are worthy of some consideration by those needing lots and lots of storage. The new Boxxster is a relatively compact uncompressed disk recorder, able to record and play back all popular HD, SD, and DCI formats.

It too uses 2.5" hard disk technology, so low noise, low power consumption, and reasonable weight factors (up to 20 pounds, depending on capacity—the unit is available with 480GB, 720GB, or 1.2TB of storage) are featured. Boxxster has its own internal QuickClip software platform, acting like a VTR, for remote control by RS.422 and Sony 9-pin protocol. Boxxster also combines disk recorder functions, including playlist, loop-mode, clip management, and batch-recording, available as well via a Java or HTTP user interface. In addition to digital SD/HD-SDI I/O, Boxxster has analog interfaces. A DVI version supports event presentations and live playback.

If physical portable storage isn’t portable enough, online storage may be what you need. There are risks with online storage (access, security, backup, and privacy), but the advantages include unlimited storage and access to the latest tools, technologies, and codecs.

VideoPhill, a company with both hardware- and software-based storage solutions, is offering a licensed software solution for archiving huge volumes of video. It is used by broadcasters for compliance testing and by production houses to archive and analyze captured video. For wedding and event videographers, it can offer a video record, archive, storage, and even replay service.

VideoPhill uses multiple hardware codecs and software compression algorithms and licensing fees that reflect total data volumes and video qualities (video streams from storage are available at up to 2,048Kbps, and storage capacities up to 600GB are priced monthly). Various frame rates, bitrates, and international video formats are supported through Osprey encoding tools, and customized time stamps and error reports are available.

Lee Rickwood (lrickwood at goodmedia.com) is a media consultant and freelance writer.

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K-Tek Boom Poles offer Easier Grip

K-Tek’s award-winning Klassic Boom Poles now feature a new design advantage -- unique Soft-Touch grips.

For optimum handling, K-Tek’s trademark dimples now have a rubberized feel to give operators a sure grip and more comfortable touch when tightening or loosening the Klassic’s locking collars. Constructed of precisely engineered thermal composite, K-Tek’s Soft-Touch UV and rain-resistant collars are snugly applied to the poles during the manufacturing process to provide a long life.

K-Tek Klassic poles have been the professional boom operator’s choice for over a decade, thanks to their exceptional combination of intelligent design, precision engineering, and top-of-the-line materials. Available in many convenient lengths, the shortest pole telescopes from just 1’4" (43 cm) to 4’11" (125cm), while the longest extends from 4’7" (143 cm) to nearly 21’ (640cm). Each pole is constructed from high-density graphite carefully selected for maximum strength and minimum weight. Telescoping sections are securely connected through the company’s proprietary "captive collet" locking system.

For further information, go to www.ktekbooms.com.

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Announcing the New 32GB, 64GB and 128GB Ridata Ultra-S Plus MLC SSD

Advanced Media, Inc., is a manufacturer and marketer of the popular Ridata brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products, and digital media accessories.

The company is pleased to introduce its Ridata Ultra-S Plus Series of Solid State Drives (SSD) featuring faster transfer speeds than current Ultra-S products. Ultra-S Plus MLC now offers users products featuring a Multi-Level Cell (MLC) SATA configuration for fast read and write speeds plus larger storage capacities at a lower cost.

"We are pleased to offer laptop and other mobile computing device users an affordable SSD alternative to Hard Disk Drives (HDD). SSD drives offer a host of benefits over traditional hard disk drives especially for notebooks. Cool and silent running, low battery usage, fast data access, dependable performance and resistance to temperature, shock, vibration and humidity make SSD ideal for the mobile computing environment," remarked Harvey Liu, Advanced Media President.

Data Integrity
Ridata SSD features no moving parts making it resistant to vibration, shock, humidity and temperature extremes. It is very reliable with more than 4,000,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Data integrity is ensured by static wear leveling and Reed-Solomon ECC (RS- 6 symbols). With SMART features and write endurance cycle (P/E) up to 1,000,000 times (depending on capacity used), the Ridata SSD drive is built to keep data safe and secure.

The Ridata 64 GB and 128 GB Ridata Ultra-S Plus MLC features MLC technology, the drive stores two bits of data per cell, providing consistent, fast performance and extremely low-power consumption at a more affordable cost. The Ridata SSD is lightweight and ideal for the performance-driven and rugged environments that laptops and other mobile computing devices experience. Compatibility with current laptops is ensured by a traditional Serial ATA (SATA) connection with 7-pin signal segment and 15-pin power segment.

User time on a laptop or other mobile computing application is dramatically extended, due to the drive’s low-five-volt power consumption. With no mechanical parts and minimal heat generation the Ridata SSD drive is a natural alternative for a greener environment. Meeting bus interface industry standard Serial ATA (SATA) ensures no host compatibility or upgrading issues. The Ridata drive offers reliable temperature (0 to 70C) resistance, assuring long-lasting data storage.

All capacities of the Ridata Ultra-S Plus SSD Series MLC will be available in late July. Visit www.ritekusa.com for more product information and retail availability.

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Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Now Widely Available From North American Dealer Network

Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS), the worldwide leader in video solutions, announced today that its highly anticipated and increasingly popular Thomson Grass Valley™ Infinity Digital Media Camcorder (DMC) is now widely available from its certified broadcast equipment dealers and system integrators located across North America. Thomson brings an unparalleled level of training and support to its experienced resale channel to allow its partners to address the growing demand for Infinity.

Thomson’s dealers are fully trained on the features, benefits, functionality and workflows of this unique camcorder and many already have the demo equipment needed to work with their customers. Thomson’s dealers are ready to work with customers from all areas of the production community.

Representing the perfect complement to all types of file-based workflows, the Infinity camcorder uses a full 1920x1080, 2/3-inch Xensium™ CMOS imagers and Thomson Grass Valley REV PRO removable media as well as industry standard CompactFlash – in a variety of capacities and features. Infinity outperforms other ENG/EFP models and produces images rivaling broadcast & production camcorders costing much more. The Infinity DMC is switchable between HD and SD with format choices including 1080i, 720p, PAL and NTSC. This makes the Infinity DMC a cost-effective acquisition solution for a large number of applications that include news, sports, drama (episodics), documentaries, promotional, corporate, government, educational institutions, events & staging and houses of worship.

Many Infinity dealers worldwide have already begun to give customers hands-on demonstrations that focus on the Infinity DMC and the many advantages of its inherent file-based workflow. Customers that sign up for personal demo sessions with their local dealer receive special consideration, in terms of equipment availability and on-site training.

At NAB 2008, Thomson introduced the new Infinity DMC 1000/20, a high performance camcorder for ENG and EFP applications, which offers expanded recording capacity and improved performance over the previous generation via Thomson’s new REV PRO XP and ER disks. Other new additions to the Thomson Grass Valley Infinity product family include the new Infinity Digital Media Recorder (DMR) that records and plays back material shot with the Infinity DMC 1000/20 and stored on REV PRO XP and ER disks. The Infinity DMR will also record and play back material from other external sources including cameras and Non-Linear Editors such as the Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS and Aurora NLE tools.


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Samson Unveils the StudioDock 3i USB Studio Monitors with Built-in iPod Dock

Samson Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the StudioDock™ 3i. StudioDock™ USB monitors feature an onboard iPod® dock, a USB interface allowing for syncing with an iTunes® library and iPod® charging within the speaker design itself. The onboard USB port also enables digital playback for crystal clear sound and an all-in-one listening solution. Additionally, the USB monitors allow for a seamless transfer of audio from a computer; simultaneously eliminating any sound distortion while producing extremely accurate sound.

"We could not be more pleased with the StudioDock™ 3i. The iPod® docking capabilities and USB functionality combined with a professional quality monitor makes it perfect for the iPod® generation," said Director of Marketing Mark Wilder. "StudioDock™ is a complete solution that will make the consumer’s relationship with their music more convenient," added Wilder.

The StudioDock™3i’s key features include the following:

  • Integrated iPod® Dock with playback, charging & syncing capabilities
  • USB interface for high-resolution, digital audio streaming
  • 3 Inch magnetically shielded, inverted cone, copolymer woofer with butyl surround
  • 25 mm silk dome high frequency driver
  • Bass reflex vented cabinet design
  • 15 watts of internal power per side
  • Front panel 3.5 mm stereo aux input jack, headphone output jack and volume control
  • Rear Panel RCA inputs
  • Passive crossovers utilizing multi-pole design for linear response
  • USB cable included
  • 2 Meter, 18-gauge speaker cable included
  • Solid Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) construction for maximum SPL
  • MSRP $$149 per pair
For more information about Samson Technologies, visit www.samsontech.com.

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JVC Introduces Monitor Calibration Software For Its Professional HD DT-V Series Monitors

JVC’s new Monitor Calibration Software provides DT-V professional monitor users with the flexibility to adjust color temperature, gamma curves and luminance levels to accommodate specific application needs. The software is free for users who own JVC’s 17-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch DT-V monitors.

"We’re constantly improving our technology to accommodate customers in critical viewing situations that require the most precise color and image quality available. With our monitors, color differences aren’t an issue," said Edgar Shane, General Manager, Engineering, JVC Professional Products Company. "We are pleased to provide this cutting-edge technology free of charge to JVC monitor owners."

All JVC professional studio monitors are shipped from the JVC factory in Japan and are precisely calibrated at 6500K and 2.2 gamma correction. Manual adjustments include a unique backlight adjustment, and when combined with very high native contrast ratio, enable close matching of black levels to reference CRT monitors for critical viewing and color matching applications.

In addition, JVC Monitor Calibration software is available free of charge to registered JVC customers who purchased DT-V series monitors. The software is compatible with X-Rite and Minolta color probes (purchased separately) and allows the user to re-calibrate DT-V series professional monitors to custom luminance levels, color temperature and gamma curves. Monitor calibration data can be saved and re-applied to groups of monitors to achieve uniform color reproduction throughout the entire studio facility. Multiple color profiles including factory calibration settings can be saved and re-applied if required.

The Monitor Calibration Software allows users to load and save adjustment-data/ adjustment-profiles, measure and indicate the maximum and minimum luminance, and automatically adjust the white balance and gamma correction. JVC’s free Monitor Calibration Software is available to registered DT-V Series monitor customers at http://pro.jvc.com/calibrate.

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Artbeats Accelerates Nature with "Grow! 2"

View hours of botanical growth compressed into seconds with Grow! 2, Artbeats’ latest addition to its extensive library of royalty-free stock footage.

A complement to the very popular Grow!, Timelapse Flowers and Timelapse Plants collections, Grow! 2 features fascinating footage that shows the amazing effects of time on single flowers and plants. Grow! 2 is available in both HD and SD resolution and includes superior quality content that can be used for broadcast, feature films, commercial, multimedia, game development, independent production and more. Grow! 2 can be downloaded at www.artbeats.com.

Grow! 2 highlights flowers dancing and swaying in the wind and blades of grass growing in rapid timelapse. Seedlings sprout from the soil in exuberant growth and flowers of many varieties and colors change from tightly furled buds to full blooms in the blink of an eye. Some of the unique and colorful flowers featured in this collection include calla lily, orchid, hyacinth, tulip and peony. A beautiful and visually stimulating collection, Grow! 2 contains 26 clips that are shot against black or white backgrounds, making it easy to key out and incorporate into existing projects.

As the industry’s leading creative footage resource, Artbeats is also committed to providing a multitude of tools, including tutorials and creative samples, for beginning cinematographers and industry veterans alike, as well as its innovative footage. All of Artbeats’ tutorials are presented by professionals in the design industry and are available free of charge here.

Pricing and Availability
Both Grow! 2 and Grow! 2 HD are available now on the Artbeats website. Artbeats' footage is available in HD-1920x1080, D1 NTSC-720 x 486 or D1 PAL-720 x 576 resolutions. Pricing for Artbeats’ HD collections range from USD $799-$1599; standard definition collections range from USD $399-$899.

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Thomson Partners with Pictron to Add Powerful Clip Management Functionality to Its MEDIAEDGE3 Video Distribution System

Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS), the worldwide leader in video solutions, today announced a comprehensive technology partnership with Pictron, a leading provider of interactive media solutions to make video searchable and interactive on the Internet. Through this agreement, Thomson will add new functionality and features for the handling of audio and video clips stored on the new Thomson Grass Valley™ MEDIAEDGE®3 DS digital signage delivery platform.

Working closely with Thomson, Pictron will integrate its Media Gateway Suite with the MEDIAEDGE3 system, to streamline the process of handling and displaying content using cost-effective Internet Protocol (IP) delivery. Ideal for corporate training, corporate communication, distance learning, decision support, and media asset management the combination of MEDIAEDGE with the Media Gateway Suite will make content easier to locate, schedule, and play out for a variety of video-on-demand and point-of-presence display applications – all while leveraging the cost advantages of an end-to-end IPTV infrastructure.

Also featuring a newly designed graphical user interface for MEDIAEDGE, the complete package will enable users to search video clips, view play lists via a Web-based browser, and trim clips with Pictron’s editing tools.

"For schools, corporations, and retail organizations, the tight integration of MEDIAEDGE3 and Pictron will enhance the user experience by making clips easier to manage," said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Thomson’s Broadcast & Professional Solutions within the Systems division. "Users can search for clips via text and voice recognition modules found within the Pictron Media Gateway Suite, or locate and edit individual segments back into original clips for immediate and automatic display."

"This powerful combination gives the MEDIAEDGE3 DS server and software much more functionality while providing Pictron with a reliable way to store and retrieve video and audio clips on demand," said Darwin Kuan, Vice President of Business Development, for Pictron.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pictron will initially port its existing Media Gateway software to the Thomson Grass Valley MEDIAEDGE3 DS distribution system, and then develop a special interface and clip management tools exclusively for MEDIAEDGE3.

The Thomson Grass Valley MEDIAEDGE3 is a LAN-based video delivery system that uses standard TCP/IP networks and displays. The flexible, modular design offers a cost-effective method for distributing video content to multiple PC and set-top box clients including pre-programmed broadcast, live streaming, and full-featured interactive video-on-demand.

System components include MEDIAEDGE-LEB60, a real-time MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoder that instantly rebroadcasts via an internal server; MEDIAEDGE3-SVS3 server software featuring applications for overall content management, server and client configuration; MEDIAEDGE3-SWT3 client software, a Web browser plug-in for PCs connected to the MEDIAEDGE network; and MEDIAEDGE-STB3, a set-top box for MPEG decoding with a remote-control unit for MEDIAEDGE3 network browsing.

The Pictron Media Gateway Suite of products consists of Video Gateway, Audio Gateway, Image Gateway, Media Gateway Server, Media Content Manager, Media Archive Manager, Media Gateway Webcast, Broadcast Media Manager, and Postproduction Media Manager. The Media Gateway system architecture is tightly integrated with industry standard database, video, and web servers to provide end-to-end media search solutions.


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MainConcept Releases New Video Converter for Mac/Intel

MainConcept GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIVX) and one of the world’s leading providers of video and audio codecs as well as software development kits to the broadcast, film and consumer electronic markets, today announced that it has released the next step of its Cross Platform Encoder application called MainConcept™ Reference 1.5 in a new version for Mac/Intel.

MainConcept’s successor of the renowned Mac Encoder allows the quick and easy conversion of multiple audio and video formats, with renowned MainConcept quality, including H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2, VC-1, DVCPRO HD, JPEG2000, AAC and HE-AAC. Consumers and professionals alike will benefit from numerous ready-to-use presets, including those for Blu-ray, Adobe Flash, DVD, Sony PSP, Apple iPod, AVCHD, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD and many more.

Reference 1.5 allows exporting to uncompressed RAW/YUV files and supports the export of WMV and Adobe Flash compliant F4V files to provide video content for AVC/H.264 live streaming with the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Media Server 3, MPEG-4 Part 2 and H.263. The encoder also includes MPEG-4 presets for Apple iPod, Sony PSP and other mobile devices. Powerful features such as batch encoding, watch folder support and logo blending further enhance the daily production workflow. Even command line control is available.

"As one of the leading production houses for physical and non-physical digital media in Europe, we have been using MainConcept Reference H.264/AVC on Intel/Mac for digitizing video for EST (Electronic Sell-Thru), VoD (Video on Demand) and DTO (Download to Own) with excellent results. The H.264 Reference Encoder provides outstanding quality by producing output signals for stationary, portable and mobile devices," said Lothar Kerestedjian, Director Product & Business Development, Enteractive GmbH, Germany.

"Mpmotion exclusively produces high-definition video content for international major customers in more than 14 countries. Within the production process we have evaluated every other software encoder on the market. MainConcept Reference is the only professional encoder delivering an optimal picture quality with a maximum bitrate of 38 MBit for Blu-ray, allowing us to achieve maximum quality and complete satisfaction for our customers," said Thorsten Riedel, Founder and Managing Director mpmotion, Germany.

"We participated in MainConcept’s Prerelease Program and evaluated the Reference Encoder on Mac/Intel for digital delivery and we are now introducing JPEG2000 broadly to our high definition workflow. Reference is the only professional product on the market today that makes even JPEG2000 available in high-quality and at an affordable price. Also the quality for MPEG-2 was unbeaten in comparison to other codec vendors and we are proud to be one of the first customers working with this powerful version on the Mac. We were completely convinced by the extraordinary performance of this transcoding solution," said Peter Morlock, CEO of Kinospot.de, Germany.

MainConcept Reference 1.5 is available for online purchase and instant downloading. To test the power of the codecs and the Reference workflow, a free evaluation version with all important MainConcept codecs in demo mode is available for pre-purchase testing at MainConcept’s website.

 A Linux version will also be available soon and an update to version 1.5 for Windows can be found at www.mainconcept.com.

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RE:Vision Effects Releases New Floating License Scheme and 64-bit Versions of Fusion Plugins

RE:Vision Effects announces the immediate availability of the 64 bit version of ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB), RE:Flex and Twixtor for eyeon Fusion software. ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion. Twixtor intelligently slows down, speeds up and dynamially changes the timing of your image sequences! RE:Flex creates visually stunning morphs and warps with an easy-to-use interface. These Fusion-native tools are intimately connected to Fusion 2D geometry (polylines and tracker nodes) which would not be possible using After Effect-compatible or Open Fx (OFX) plugins.

In 64-bit Fusion, eyeon is no longer supporting their special serial number routing for plugins for customers using Fusion floating licenses (what we will call floating-Fusion-serial numbers). As such, for new customers we have discontinued the availability of licenses that tie RE:Vision Effects licenses to Fusion serial numbers (whether they be for 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Fusions, and whether dongle-based serial numbers or floating serial numbers for Fusion).

Two licensing options for new customers of RE:Vision Effects products are available: node-locked licenses tied to MAC addresses of a machine, or true floating licenses using RE:Vision Effects floating license mechanism that is now available for our Fusion plugins. Existing customers with RE:Vision Effects’ licenses tied to floating-Fusion-serial numbers (using eyeon’s floating license routing) will be able to continue using those licenses in the 32-bit version of Fusion (and Vision), however these licenses will not work in the 64-bit version of Fusion. Customers wishing to use their previously licenses tied to floating-Fusion-serial numbers within the 64-bit version of Fusion need new licenses. Customers are advised to upgrade to the newly available RE:Vision Effects’ floating licenses. The cost to upgrade from the floating-Fusion-serial licenses to RE:Vision Effects’ floating licenses is 50% of the price of node-locked licenses.

64-bit Fusion customers can also choose to upgrade their Fusion-serial locked licenses to node-locked licenses for 15% of the price of a node-locked license (which is our standard license transfer fee). Customers should note that future node-locked license transfers will also cost 15%.

Existing customers with non-floating licenses of Fusion who have RE:Vision Effects plugins tied to their Fusion dongle id will be able to continue to use their licenses within Fusion 64-bit.

This is a free upgrade to current node-locked customers of RE:Flex 3.x, RSMB 3.x and Twixtor 4.x.

New Pricing:

  • ReelSmart Motion Blur for Fusion $189.95 (node-locked) / $284.93 (floating). Upgrade Fusion-serial locked or node-locked licenses to floating: $94.98.
  • Twixtor for Fusion $665.00 (node-locked) / $997.50 (floating). Upgrade Fusion-serial locked or node-locked licenses to floating: $332.50.
  • RE:Flex for Fusion $665.00 (node-locked) / $997.50 (floating). Upgrade Fusion-serial locked or node-locked licenses to floating: $332.50.
Cheaper render-only licensing is available, as well as volume discounts. See website for details.

ReelSmart Motion Blur, Twixtor and RE:Flex are available individually or within our specially priced Effections bundle for Fusion 5 that includes the following acclaimed products: ReelSmart Motion Blur,Twixtor, RE:Flex as Fusion native plugins and FieldsKit, SmoothKit, Shade/Shape, RE:Fill, DE:Noise and RE:Map as AE compatible plugins. Note AE plugins are not yet supported as 64-bit in Fusion so will only work in 32-bit Fusion. See website for details of each product in the bundle. Effections for Fusion is priced at $1395.95 for a node-locked version and $1999.95 for a floating license.

Demo material, examples and software are available at www.revisionfx.com or visit us in person at Siggraph, in the Plug-in Pavilion, booth 1538.

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