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January 05, 2009

Table of Contents

EventDV Magazine Launches 4th Annual EventDV 25 All-Star Team
19th Annual WEVA EXPO Set for Sept. 14-17, 2009
Litepanels Introduces New 1x1 Bi-Color LED Light
LaCie Ethernet Disk: Up to 6TB in a Rack-Mounted Backup Appliance
JVC to Unveil World's First Acquisition Product for Final Cut Post Production at Annual MacWorld Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet in San Francisco
Noise Industries Rolls Out FxFactory Awards Competition
Sanken Partners With Zaxcom for New COS-11D Lavalier Microphone Designed for Digital and Analog/Digital Transmitters
Matrox Introduces PowerDesk for Mac

EventDV Magazine Launches 4th Annual EventDV 25 All-Star Team

EventDV 25 Vote NowEventDV magazine announced today that voting is now open for the 2008 EventDV 25, the magazine's 4th annual all-star team of the hottest and most influential videographers in the world. Elected entirely by reader/videographer voting, the EventDV 25 is the event video industry's one true reader's-choice selection of the videographers and studios who had the biggest impact on the industry in 2008. Honorees will be announced in early March on EventDV-TV, EventDV.net's soon-to-be-launched video channel. Watch EventDV.net and EventDV Spotlight for details. Readers of EventDV magazine, EventDV Spotlight, and www.eventdv.net are encouraged to vote now by clicking here, or on the EventDV 25 image on the right. Polls will remain open until February 9.

"It's amazing to see the changes in this industry since we first did the EventDV 25 in 2005," said EventDV editor-in-chief Stephen Nathans-Kelly. "Of course we've seen technological changes, such as the migration to HD, as well as the emergence of new styles, changes in the perception of videographers outside our field, and the innovative ways videographers have adopted new business strategies to adapt to changes in the economy. But one undeniable change we've seen is in the ways event filmmakers interact and influence each other on an international level. While the value of national and international industry events such as WEVA Expo are tremendous, the growth of online forums and social networks and the ability and willingness of videographers to share their work online and comment on one another's work have extended the sphere of influence exponentially," Nathans-Kelly said. "The incipient Re:Frame events wouldn't even be happening if event filmmakers weren't connecting online in the way they have in recent years. The changes in the composition of our all-star teams have reflected these developments," he continued. "In the first two years the list consisted almost exclusively of longtime speakers at industry events, but last year's list reflected the rise of studios that have made their biggest impact by interacting with their colleagues online, and the increasingly global scope of our business. Now we see a great mix of studios from around the world who are exerting a powerful influence on the industry in a variety of ways."

Click here to read about last year's all-star team, the 2007 EventDV 25.

The voting and selection process for the 2008 EventDV 25 remains very similar to last year's process. Videographers may vote as many as 25 times, but they can't vote for the same videographer more than once. You must be a working videographer to vote, and you must be a working videographer to make the list. And, as befits a competition that's about having a professional impact on your peers and on your industry as a whole, votes cast by videographers for themselves, for their family members, employers, employees, or anyone in their studio will not be counted. (Videographers who receive votes from themselves, their family members, their employers, employees, or business partners will still be eligible to make the list; the disqualified votes simply won't count toward their total.) One new wrinkle introduced this year to make votes easier to validate is that voters must identify themselves with a valid company domain name in their email address (e.g., videographer@mystudio.com) for their votes to count. As in the 2006 and 2007 voting, the videographers/studios with the 25 highest vote totals will become the 2008 EventDV 25.

The final new aspect of this year's voting process is that, in keeping with the all-star team/baseball theme of the EventDV 25, EventDV has appointed a Commissioner to review and certify the vote after the polls close on February 9. "Three-time EventDV 25 honoree John Goolsby of Cannon Video Productions has graciously agreed to withdraw himself from all-star team consideration this year and accepted the title of Commissioner. As Commissioner, John will review and validate this year's EventDV 25 voting," said Nathans-Kelly. "As the initiator, organizer, and host of three amazing EventDV 25 symposia at his Inland Empire home over the last three years, and with everything he's done to advance this industry, John's integrity and the respect and admiration he's earned over the last two decades make him a perfect choice for Commissioner. I'm honored that he took the job. After Commissioner Goolsby certifies the vote, we'll have our 2008 all-star team, and we will reveal it to the industry—and to the honorees themselves—in our EventDV 25 web event on EventDV-TV shortly thereafter."

Watch the EventDV Spotlight newsletter for more announcements about the EventDV 25 and how EventDV-TV will be delivering content featuring the EventDV 25 honorees throughout the year, following the announcement of the new 25 in March.

To make your 25 selections for the hottest and most influential videographers of 2008, click here and vote now.

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19th Annual WEVA EXPO Set for Sept. 14-17, 2009

For 2009, WEVA will return to Orlando, FL to present the WEVA 19th Annual Wedding & Event Video Expo. "WEVA EXPO 2009, the biggest convention and trade show for professional videographers will be held September 14-17, 2009 at the brand new, 19-story Hilton Orlando," said Dan Argenas WEVA’s Director of Association Communications.

"Guest room rate for EXPO attendees is just $99/night (single or double; valid 3 days before/after EXPO) with no charge for in-room Internet access. There's also a Lazy River Ride on this tropical 26-acre property, and your inner-tube is free. The Hilton Orlando will begin accepting EXPO room reservations shortly and Early-Bird Discount Registration will be opening soon on the WEVA website."

Over 70 Sessions for Event Videographers

WEVA EXPO 2009, which will present over 70 sessions for wedding and event videographers, opens Monday evening September 14, 2009 at 5:45 pm with the 2009 Opening Night Awards Gala and complimentary Awards Night Dinner.

Sessions begin Tuesday morning and end by 5pm Thursday September 17. The huge WEVA EXPO 2009 Trade Show featuring major manufacturers, dealers and industry suppliers will also include free edit-system training right on the show floor and will be open two full days on September 15 & 16.

New EXPO 2009 sessions are already being planned for "WEVA LIVE!" the original WEVA series that demonstrates new shooting and editing techniques in mock wedding environments. “Videographers will be able to see how different systems and different techniques are utilized by different wedding videographers simultaneously under the same ‘live wedding’ conditions. It’s the kind of instant-learning experience that’s not only inspiring to watch, but gets you up-to-speed, fast!" said John Zale WEVA's Director of Educational Development.

Optional Pre-Convention Sessions

Optional Pre-Convention Power Sessions will be held Monday afternoon September 14 at the Hilton for wedding and event videographers who want extended business education and system training. These sessions will conclude before the Opening Night Gala begins in the brand new Hilton Orlando Ballroom.

Special Amenities

Nestled on 26 acres, and with 175,000 square-feet of meeting space, the new 19-story Hilton Orlando, set to open in mid-August, offers a design conducive to productivity and relaxation, with special amenities that meet the needs of attendees - all combined in a perfect location. The design of the Hilton Orlando fully embraces each guest - from the inviting sense of arrival to the accessibility of services and facilities. Nineteen floors house luxurious guestrooms, and 12 high-speed elevators minimize downtime and place attendees only minutes from all facilities.

Guest amenities assure a comfortable, productive stay - including Hilton’s famous Serenity Bed, 37” LCD TV, in-room refrigerator, Ergonomic Desk Chairs, and wired/wireless Internet access (free to WEVA attendees). Resort amenities and services offer relaxation - including two resort pools, Lazy River Ride, full service Spa, fitness center, events courts, and more.

The hotel’s location is only 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport, 5 minutes from the restaurants and live entertainment at Pointe Orlando (only a $1.00 Trolley ride from Hilton) - and central to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney World Theme Parks. "The location and amenities are incredible, including EXPO amenities: complimentary dinner on Monday night, complimentary continental "Wake-Up Breakfast" all 3 EXPO mornings, special low-cost luncheons, affordable guest rooms - with free in-room Internet access. And every guest room also includes a brand new refrigerator. In fact, everything in every guest room, meeting rooms, trade show hall, and other facilities is state-of-the-art because the entire flagship hotel is brand new," Argenas noted.


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Litepanels Introduces New 1x1 Bi-Color LED Light

Litepanels 1x1 Bi-color LEDUntil now, when cinematographers, videographers and still photographers faced a change of lighting conditions between daylight and tungsten, they've either had to change lighting fixtures entirely, re-lamp the fixture, or use light-robbing filtration in front of the fixture.

The new Litepanels® 1x1 Bi-Color enables never-before possible utility by providing a single fixture capable of generating a color temperature of either 3200°K or 5600°K, or an infinite range of color temperatures in between. The Bi-Color name comes from its design, which incorporates both 3200°K and 5600°K LEDs. This allows a crew to carry one light or set of lights to cover both tungsten and daylight ambient light conditions.

To further expand the 1x1 Bi-Color's versatility, the fixtures can vary the mix between tungsten and daylight LEDs to set the resulting color temperature to any point between 3200°K and 5600°K. Color temperature can be dialed in by using either the onboard dial or digital color temperature settings, or via a built in DMX lighting controller. Thus the Bi-Color user can make quick adjustments to match unusual mixes of color temperature, or to enhance skin tones.

The 1x1 Bi-Color LED fixture features Litepanels' full-range integrated dimmer that enables instant dimming from 0 to100 percent with minimum shift in color. It is extremely power efficient, requiring less than 10 percent of the electricity needed to power standard lighting fixtures! Also, because Litepanels fixtures generate practically no heat, there is an additional savings in the energy that would otherwise be required for air conditioning.

The 1x1 Bi-Color's modular design makes it easy to customize the lighting configuration to meet the shoot's requirements. With a, slim line profile, just 12” W x 12” H x 1.75” D (30.48cm x 30.48cm x 43mm), the 1x1 Bi-Color is ideal for lighting even in tight quarters.

The Bi-Color can be powered from a variety of 12-30V sources, including an optional battery, car battery, or AC adapter. The optional on-board 1.75 hour lithium-ion battery pack provides untethered mobility.


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LaCie Ethernet Disk: Up to 6TB in a Rack-Mounted Backup Appliance

LaCie today introduced a new version of its award-winning Ethernet Disk, a network-attached storage (NAS) device featuring a capacity increase of up to 6TB in a 1U 19" rack form factor. Designed by Neil Poulton, it is the most compact all-in-one rack-mounted backup appliance operating in heterogeneous ecosystems.

Designed for small and medium business needs, the Ethernet Disk is powered by the field-proven Windows XP embedded operating system that provides all the necessary features for data backup, storage and file-sharing through its Gigabit Ethernet connection. Thanks to Active Directory compatibility, the LaCie Ethernet Disk supports a total of 100 users with customizable access rights to different shares, with up to 25 concurrent users.

"Microsoft is pleased to work with LaCie to provide the core embedded foundation for its new Ethernet Disk," said John Doyle, Senior Product Manager for the Windows Embedded Business. "We are excited to provide customers with an innovative platform that allows them to develop a, smart, connected device that offers increased security and storage capabilities."

Developed to provide data protection for Windows, MAC, Linux and Unix-based workstations, the LaCie Ethernet Disk ships with three licenses of both Genie Backup Manager Pro™ for Windows and Intego Backup Manager Pro™ for Mac, which can perform scheduled file backups for workstations. The LaCie Ethernet Disk's ability to work together with Apple Time Machine allows Mac users to take advantage of the continuous data protection the software provides.

The included backup software protects against major disasters and natural catastrophes by offering a computer recovery function for selected workstations. Optional extra licenses are available through the LaCie online store.

The LaCie Ethernet Disk can integrate into any global disaster recovery plan, as its built-in engine can back up its volumes either onto a USB-connected DAS (direct-attached storage) to be taken off-site, or remotely onto another NAS.

"Backing up data – even mission-critical data – always boils down to making and storing copies of data, located on your primary storage device, onto a secondary device," said Erwan Girard, LaCie Product Manager. "For this reason, the perfect backup companion for your information system should be kept simple and cost-effective. The LaCie Ethernet Disk offers computer backup and recovery, and backs itself up onto a NAS or DAS, all at the best price-per-terabyte ratio in the market. It is therefore an excellent complement to the complex and expensive technology used in front end storage servers."

The LaCie Ethernet Disk is available immediately in capacities of 2TB, 4TB and 6TB through the LaCie Online Store or LaCie resellers at the suggested retail price starting at $749.99 (excluding VAT), which includes a three-year limited warranty. Silicon feet and bracket covers are included for standalone use, as well as power and Ethernet cables. The optional Rack Rail Kit is available for $59.99 while the Advance Replacement Option is available for European customers for €124. For more information visit www.lacie.com.

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JVC to Unveil World's First Acquisition Product for Final Cut Post Production at Annual MacWorld Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet in San Francisco

JVC Professional kicks off the 8th Annual Final Cut Pro User Group (FCPUG) SuperMeet with the introduction of the world's first video acquisition product developed for Final Cut post production on Wednesday, January 7th. The FCPUG event will be held from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. in the Robertson Auditorium at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco.

JVC's Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager for Creation Products will unveil the revolutionary product, making this FCPUG SuperMeet a truly historic event. Following JVC's presentation, Apple's Professional Applications team will demonstrate how this groundbreaking technology brings more creativity and efficiency in working with Final Cut Studio. Other sponsoring component manufacturers will also be presenting, have their products on display and will be available to meet face-to-face with SuperMeet attendees.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Doors open 4:30 p.m. for FCP Tradeshow)

Robertson Auditorium
Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

For additional information and to purchase tickets to the event, visit the LA Final Cut Pro User Group at MacWorld at www.lafcpug.org/macworld09.


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Noise Industries Rolls Out FxFactory Awards Competition

FxFactory ProNoise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, announced the launch of the FxFactory® Awards 2008 contest. Designed to showcase the best in FxFactory visual effects design, contest applicants can submit their favorite visual effects projects via the Noise Industries website starting December 15, 2008.

Winners are selected based on their creative use of the FxFactory effects and announced on January 21, 2009. Prize packages include Noise Industries effects software, memorabilia as well as Drobo storage solutions. FxFactory Awards 2008 contest entries will also be showcased on the Noise Industries website (www.noiseindustries.com).

For exact details, visit http://www.noiseindustries.com/fxfactory/contest.

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Sanken Partners With Zaxcom for New COS-11D Lavalier Microphone Designed for Digital and Analog/Digital Transmitters

Zaxcom today announced that Sanken, manufacturer of the industrywide standard in ultra-miniature lavalier microphones, has introduced the new COS-11D microphone, optimized for use with Zaxcom's wireless digital recording transmitters. The new product, which is the latest version of Sanken's popular COS-11 lavalier series, incorporates exclusive design advances that deal with digital and digital/analog hybrid wireless transmission. 

Zaxcom President Glenn Sanders remarked, "Zaxcom is excited to recommend the Sanken COS-11D for use with our TRX series of wireless digital recording transmitters. The COS-11D, with its immunity to RF interference, provides the audio quality that sound mixers have come to expect, while Zaxcom's digital wireless technology ensures transmission quality that is equivalent to that of a hard-wired connection. Together these products will provide an integrated system that blends reliability with superior performance and quality."

In today's wireless transmission systems, the microphone must remain unaffected by the new forms of transmitter signals. While the benefits of these new systems are obvious, they present new challenges in the area of emission protection. Sanken Microphones has designed the COS-11D specifically to reduce the instances in which interference is an issue.

Jim Pace, president of Sanken distributor plus24, added, "Sanken Microphones is excited to announce this breakthrough product. Working with the latest in wireless technologies, Sanken and Zaxcom have partnered to provide another unique solution for our users."

The new COS-11D version will be introduced in December 2008 in limited quantities. The unit will be available in the PT (pig tail) version with standard sensitivity and the Red Mark model with reduced sensitivity. To create the COS-11D, Sanken has combined extensive R&D with the world's most advanced precision craftsmanship for the ultimate in sensitivity and natural sound.

For information about Sanken, visit distributor plus24 at www.plus24.net.

To learn more about Zaxcom and its innovative range of wireless audio transmission systems, visit www.zaxcom.com

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Matrox Introduces PowerDesk for Mac

Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the availability of PowerDesk for Mac, a new desktop management software for Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs) used with Apple® Mac systems. PowerDesk for Mac improves how—and where—windows are arranged, making it easier to use multiple applications on a Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go multi-monitor set up.

The PowerDesk software—which comes with an easy-to-use interface for setting supported GXM multi-display modes—offers time-saving features that eliminate the need to manually position applications on a multi-monitor configuration. With a keyboard shortcut you can move windows between monitors while maximizing a window to fit a single display. In addition, the Dock can be dedicated to the bottom left, center, or right hand side of your preferred external display.

"PowerDesk allows multi-taskers to comfortably manage numerous applications across many monitors," states Caroline Injoyan, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics, Inc. "By quickly cycling through and re-sizing windows, desktop space can be organized so you can focus on the task at hand, whether it's to complete a work project or simply perusing your latest photo albums while surfing on the web."

The PowerDesk for Mac software is available for download on the Matrox website. For additional software information, visit PowerDesk for Mac.

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