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July 16, 2009

Table of Contents

From Videographer to Entertainer: The Art, Business, and Technology of Presenting Video at Live Events
Trapcode Particular 2 Now Available at Red Giant Software
Panasonic Releases New Performance-Enhancing Updates For AG-HPX300
Brides and Grooms Can Automatically Turn Their Photographs Into Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind Videos
Intelligent Assistance releases rewritten "Simple Encoding Recipes"
Inlet Technologies Announces Support For Live Streaming to Apple iPhone
LaCie Introduces the First Mobile High-Definition Multimedia Player: LaCinema Rugged HD
New K-Tek Mounting Accessories for DV Cameras

From Videographer to Entertainer: The Art, Business, and Technology of Presenting Video at Live Events

Once again you're sitting in front of your editing system waiting for the phone to ring. Bridal couples are kicking you and your price list around as you start to wonder how you can increase your bottom line with less money in the bank than last year. You're in the video production doldrums and you need a quick fix to the current state of this depressing wedding marketplace.

Allow me, on this summer day, to challenge you to make more money starting with the next client who comes into your studio. Along with this challenge, let me share with you the secrets of a few videographers who know how to market themselves-and upsell their clients-successfully.

Before this starts to sounds like an infomercial on late-night television, let's look at your business from an Old School perspective and a New School perspective.

The Old School perspective is that we are videographers who get hired to produce a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or some other social event. We show up and videotape the event. After the last dance, we head back to our editing caves and spend the week editing in isolation. Then, we head out the following week to do the same thing over again.

In the Old School world, everyone but you, the videographer, is acknowledged at the wedding. People are wowed by the florist. The guests love dancing to the band. The caterer gets raves about the food, and
the limo driver looks cool driving his shiny new car. No one ever tells you that you looked very professional when you were shooting the father-daughter dance.

That's Entertainment
In the New School perspective, you're not a videographer. You are a Video Entertainer! You entertain the guests at the wedding by showing a video that amazes the audience. It may be a photo montage, a love story, a concept video, or a same-day edit (SDE). Once the video is shown, guests will come up to you and tell you how they had never seen anything like that before, and they would like your business card because they want you to produce something to show at their next event.

Hal Slifer's The Wedding at the Wedding

"I absolutely adore hearing the cheers and applause my videos generate-especially my concept videos," says Bonnie Durkin, president of D-Vision Video of Succasunna, N.J. "Since we often edit in the solitude of our studios, we never get to fully appreciate the reactions our videos produce. The appreciation for my work is spontaneous and immediate. It fills me with deep satisfaction to have been able to elicit such a response from an audience of hundreds of people, many of whom will become future clients."

When was the last time a wedding guest came up to you and told you he or she loved your work? If you only shoot the event, you will most likely never hear those words. It is time for you to be acknowledged and loved for your talented work by showing your work in front of hundreds of guests at your next event.

Out of Omaha
Miriam and Don Moran are video entertainers who are loved for their work. They run a successful video production company called Omaha Wedding Video. They specialize in creating concept videos that are shown at events, and they love the feedback they get from their outstanding productions.

Don & Miriam Moran

"There is such satisfaction in showing a video at an event," says Miriam. "Watching several hundred people enjoy it, hearing the applause, seeing tears and hearing laughter is a level of feedback we rarely get any other way."

Miriam and Don have been in the event business for 20 years and they got into the wedding marketplace 7 years ago. "Bookings are definitely down this year," says Don, "but we are seeing more bookings closer to the date of the wedding, and I think that's because people have seen our concept videos recently at one of our events."

"We offer video productions that no one else in our market offers," says Miriam. "Our highly edited, cinematic style is very uncommon is our area. Most videographers in our area are more journalistic or documentary in their style. Very few videographers offer Same-Day Edits. With Love Stories and Photo Montages, we really try to take it to the next level. We are also one of the few companies nationally that regularly do Graham Fenton-style wedding-day music videos. That style alone brings us 30% -50% of our new business."

Don and Miriam charge about $500 for their Love Story, Photo Montage, or Same-Day Edit. "We package the three together for $1,000," explains Don. "Keep in mind, we are in Omaha, Neb., and that's what our market will bear on top of our $3,000 base fee for the wedding." (See the video clip above for a look inside the Morans' production process for the videos they present at wedding receptions.)

The Morans are amazing their wedding clients by creatively producing videos to show at the weddings. "Last summer," says Miriam, "we produced a Same-Day Edit production in a town in central Nebraska that has a population of 312. At the wedding there were close to 370 guests, and we gave everyone a DVD of our finished product. No one had ever seen anything like this, and we not only entertained our guests but we picked up a handful of wedding jobs because of our production."

Omaha Wedding Video shoots with Sony EX1s and edits its SDEs on-site with Final Cut Pro. The Morans specialize in giving the wedding guests a DVD of what they show by bringing their Disc Makers 10-tower duplicators to make DVD copies.

"The business of showing videos at events is two sided," says Miriam. "First, we are making money by producing these popular segments, and then this becomes our free advertising that we show in front of several hundred guests that may need our services in the future."

Don and Miriam are proud of their work. Don says, "We feel that we are providing a service by creating a treasured family heirloom. We are historians, creating memories and allowing those memories to be shared. While our impact may not be widespread, we feel our impact is strong on our small community."

Once you decide to stop being a videographer and become a Video Entertainer, you will start to enjoy having your work shown in front of hundreds of guests at a function. Ten years ago it was a novelty to have a video shown at an event. Today, there is an expectation that a concept video may be shown at many weddings and bar mitzvahs.

A typical guest comes to the wedding, sits through the ceremony, enjoys the cocktail hour, and enjoys the bridal couple's first dance. By the time dinner is served, the guests will delight in seeing a special concept video produced by you.

When you set up your screen and show your video, you are entertaining the guests who now are getting a new experience.

The Reel Moments Model
Eric S. Model of New York City-area studio Reel Moments Video tells us that he gives the bride and groom a very special experience. "They can relive their day while their day is still happening," says Eric. "When I am showing my same-day edit-which we call a Theatrical Wrapup-and the bridal couple and guests in the room are crying, then I know I've done my job correctly."

Eric S. Model of Reel Moments

Eric charges $1,500 for his SDE of the wedding with 50 photographs and AV support for an 8' x 5' screen. A bridal couple can upgrade to plasmas for another $1,000. Model edits with an EDIUS system. For someone who wants to get into SDEs, Eric advises, "Don't be afraid. Do what you're capable of doing and then expand upon it. If you are not tech-savvy, then outsource what you can't do. Doing our Theatrical Wrapups makes us money, promotes our business, and makes me extremely proud of my work."

A/V Support
Audio-visual support is an important part of presenting your videos effectively at a live event. Most videographers use their own equipment whenever possible so that they are in control of any technical issues that may come up. Don't depend on the DJ or hotel to show your product. Other caveats apply as well. "Don't rely on DVDs to show your presentations," says Maury Gomberg of Video Services Un-Limited of Northridge, Calif. "They can burp or freeze and that is embarrassing in the middle of an event."

Maury Gomberg

"I started producing weddings on black and white film 36 years ago, and now we are totally into HD," says Gomberg. "The first presentations I showed at weddings were created on
a Video Toaster, and my first video projector was a Sharp with 175 lumens that cost me $8,000."

Gomberg currently shows his concept videos on a Panasonic HD projector with an Anchor portable sound system. For SDEs he uses a Sony VAIO laptop with Adobe CS3. "We bring backup equipment for every job, just in case," says Gomberg.

"My market is down considerably from where I was 6 months ago," Gomberg adds. The type of concept videos his company has generally produced "has become more of a luxury for people," he says, "so we started to create a mini-concept production that is more affordable for my clients. I love this business," he continues. "I have made a career from it and put two kids through college while enjoying every day of my job. Today, I gladly help my customers out when they need it, because after 36 years in business, it's not about the money anymore but the pleasure I get when they say ‘Maury, I love the video!' For me that's my applause."

Adapt and Survive
It's interesting how the advance of technology has made it possible for consumers to produce fabulous photo montages on their own computers. Increasingly, this means they no longer need
the videographer to produce a photo montage for them, when only straightforward, 2D pans and zooms are involved.

In the '90s, my company produced a 100-picture montage with simple effects edited to music for $295. This type of production was well beyond the scope of my clients and other vendors. Fast-forward to today, and the photo montage industry is substantially changed. Consumers, DJs, and party planners can produce their own montages to show at an event. We as video entertainers need to upgrade our product to
something that the average person cannot produce.

Showing videos at events is a great way to boost your sales. Photographers do it, so why shouldn't we? We are the video professionals, and we can do it more creatively and professionally than anyone else. We owe it to our customers to give them a better-quality production that they will always enjoy and not have to be embarrassed about.

Bonnie Durkin specializes in producing creative montages and concept videos for bar and bat mitzvahs in her New Jersey marketplace. "Most of my clients hire us to not only videotape their parties," says Durkin, "but also to produce and show a concept video. These are scripted and acted [out] by the family and friends of the bar and bat mitzvah child. They often reflect the theme of the party. Usually they are meant to be quite humorous, poking fun at the family in a good-natured way."

"My concept videos," says Durkin, "range in price from $2,500 to $8,000. The price is dependent upon how many days of shooting it will take and how complex the writing of the script and the editing will be. I typically charge $450-$600 for the AV support of projector, sound system, and screen.

"Business is very good for us," she adds, "because we specialize in showing and producing creative concept videos, yet I am concerned about the next year's season. The economy is having a devastating effect on our area. Most of my clients tend to be high-end, and many of them worked for financial institutions in New York City. The percentage of this class of people who are currently unemployed is staggeringly high. My phone traffic has slowed, and when I do get calls they want a bargain. I do mostly bar/bat mitzvahs that are booked 1 and 2 years in advance," she explains. Not having many gigs on the books for the next 2 years is unsettling for Durkin. "This year is looking good, yet the following season I can't predict, and that makes me anxious."

Still, concept videos shown at events remain her company's saving grace. "Even though the economy is hurting, I don't have to spend a lot of money marketing my company," she explains. "The most important marketing device I have is showing my concept videos at my events. The guests see the video and decide they want something just like it for their upcoming event. My No. 1 form of advertising is word of mouth, and this certainly helps when they get to see the quality of my work at an event."

How to Become a Video Entertainer
Bonnie Durkin, Eric S. Model, Don and Miriam Moran, and Maury Gomberg are all looking at the current downturn in our wedding and event business as an opportunity to create something different from what the average videographer offers. They are video entertainers who showcase their work in front of hundreds of potential clients every week.

Are you ready to become a video entertainer and add value to your bottom-line profits? Here's a simple three-step plan to help you get started.

  • Step 1. Produce a basic photo montage and bring it to your next wedding to show in front of the wedding party. Hire an A/V company to bring in equipment to show your production. Bring a few business cards.
  • Step 2. For the next wedding, have the bridal couple introduce the chapters to be edited into the photo and video montage. A few weeks before the wedding, film the couple talking about their childhood and about how they met, how they got engaged, and what they expect in their future. Rent out your own AV equipment and hire someone to set it up for you. Bring a lot more business cards.
  • Step 3. Once you're feeling more comfortable with your video montages and interviews, add a same-day element to your productions. Hire an editor with a laptop to edit your same-day footage to be shown with the bridal interviews and a photo montage.

Bring another person to give out hundreds of your business cards, which everyone will want. Start slowly by outsourcing your AV support and contracting out your same-day editing. Eventually, once you find your confidence and stride, buy your own AV equipment and hire your own staff to work with you in producing your same-day creations and concept videos.

In this economic downturn, the video business world is being closed in on by the DJ company that bundles videotaping services, the fusion photographer who's starting to dabble in video, and other wedding specialty businesses that have added video production to their services.

Clients are now shopping around and looking for value. If all you offer is your videography services, you do not have much of a bargaining position. There are many good videographers, like you, in the marketplace; most of them are competing on price rather than distinctive services. The fact that most brides comparison-shop on the web only makes price-based shopping more likely, so it's more important than ever for you to offer distinctive services that will make you stand out.

If you can market yourself as a video company that will shoot the event, create a concept video, and also supply AV support and even a DVD for each guest, then you will have a video product that sets you apart from your competition, whether you're in California, the New York area, or Omaha.

All of these added elements that culminate in presenting a video at the event add value to the investment that a family will make in your company to entertain its family and guests. The profit you'll make by creating videos to show at events will be good, and it will go well beyond what you make on the booking itself. Having your name appear on the screen, in front of hundreds of guests, is a great marketing tool, and it's one that will yield dividends in the future clients you will book as a result.

Yet the best part of producing and showing your work on the screen is when someone comes up to you after the applause quiets down and says that you touched them emotionally with your work and thanks you for doing a great job. It's in that moment that you will have joined the ranks of video entertainers. Welcome to your new profession!

Hal Slifer (hal at halslifervideo.com) is a video historian and entertainer who has produced thousands of family histories for clients throughout New England for more than 25 years. An EventDV 25 honoree and WEVA Hall of Fame inductee, Slifer produces the monthly series 3 Questions for EventDV-TV.

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Trapcode Particular 2 Now Available at Red Giant Software

Red Giant Software, publisher of the popular Magic Bullet and Trapcode plug-ins, today announced that it has shipped Trapcode Particular 2.

Trapcode Particular-award-winning software commonly used by visual effects and motion graphics artists on feature films and TV commercials-generates quick-rendering 3D particles with full camera integration and natural behavior. Many editing programs offer basic particle-generation features. Trapcode Particular, a patent-pending After Effects plug-in, goes way, way beyond the basics of particle generation.

In Angels & Demons, one of the highest-grossing movies of 2009 with more than $470 million in worldwide box office to date, CIS Vancouver used Trapcode Particular to create natural media effects such as sparks and burning embers.

"We used Trapcode Particular on Angels & Demons to help create realistic 3D embers and falling ash. We were amazed at how quickly Particular could set up and render a shot, and then allow us to make changes almost in real time. The embers have to have a specific look, and also animate as they fall. The combination of custom sprites and 3D turbulence fields allowed us to create realistic acting particles that cut seamlessly with practically shot elements. Particular was able to handle the large number of embers easily and quickly, even showing live depth of field as we worked," said Mark Breakspear, Visual Effects Supervisor at CIS Vancouver.

About Angels & Demons
The team behind the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code returned for the making of Angels & Demons, based upon the bestselling novel by Dan Brown. Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who once again finds that forces with ancient roots are willing to stop at nothing, even murder, to advance their goals. Ron Howard directs the film, which is produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and John Calley. The screenplay is by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman.

About Trapcode Particular
Users looking for fast renders, bouncing particles, 3D camera integration, particles that emit particles, custom shapes, air resistance, gravity and turbulence controls, and depth of field need to look no further! Trapcode Particular can also produce star fields, asteroid belts, or meteor showers. With Particular 2, users no longer need their favorite 3D modeling/animation program to create virtual 3D textures or adjust lighting as text or objects tumble in 3D space. Particular 2 lets you do it all right inside After Effects.

For more information, visit http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/particularupgrade

New Features

  • Shaded Particles, Beautifully Lit: All particle types can be shaded from multiple lights in After Effects. Spot, Point and Ambient lights are all supported with natural light falloff available for spot and point lights. This feature is exclusive to Particular and found in no other After Effects particle plug-in.

  • Shadowlets, Enhanced Depth: Along with shaded particles, you also get particle volume self-shadowing. This feature creates a shadow from light sources to create a much greater sense of depth in a scene. This exclusive feature is found in no other After Effects particle plug-in.

  • New Particle: Streaklet: This new particle type is perfect for long exposure-style light effects as seen in the Apple iPod and Sprint commercials. This a Particular-exclusive feature found in no other After Effects particle plug-in.

  • Highest Quality 32-bpc Rendering: Floating point rendering (32 bits per channel) allows super-bright (luminant) particles. When motion blur is enabled, it will render with optically correct, extra bright results.

  • Backward Compatibility: Particular 2 can load projects made with Particular version 1.5.

Reasons to Buy

  • Depth of Field controls mimic the focus of a real camera. Useful for matching shots where DOF is applied, or for increased realism
  • Motion Path support lets you control the path that a particle will follow after it appears, and Particle Count displays help you optimize your scenes for quicker rendering
  • Works in After Effects 7 and CS4.

Pricing and Availability

  • Trapcode Particular supports After Effects 7.0-CS4 on Mac OS X including Intel Mac and Windows (XP and Vista).
  • Trapcode Particular is available for $399 (new) at http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/. .If you purchased Trapcode Particular 1.5 AFTER April 7, 2009, you qualify for a free upgrade.
  • If you purchased Trapcode Particular BEFORE April 7, 2009, you will need to purchase an upgrade to version 2. The upgrade from Particular 1.0 or 1.5 costs $99.

For all upgrade information, visit http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/particularupgrade

About Red Giant Software
Red Giant Software offers a vast range of visual effects plug-ins, with over 30 packages designed for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid. The product line features industry-leading effects for designing realistic fire, rain, and water; adding popular looks; and creating perfect keys. Red Giant effects have enhanced feature films such as Angels & Demons, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mummy 3, and Grindhouse, and added sparkle to cable and broadcast content from NBC Universal, Food Network, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, and TNT.

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Panasonic Releases New Performance-Enhancing Updates For AG-HPX300

Panasonic Broadcast announced the immediate availability of a free flash band compensation firmware update with new performance enhancements for its AG-HPX300 10-bit, 4:2:2 P2 HD camcorder with AVC-Intra recording.

The new firmware update improves CMOS imager performance and compensates for the “flash band” effect experienced by most MOS-based imagers.* The update allows the camera to use a specially developed LSI signal process that removes “flash” artifacts commonly caused by the rolling shutter feature in these imagers. It detects the “flash band” frame and combines it with the previous unaffected frame image to compensate for divided flash band frames and maintain the natural frame sequence.

The update is available now here.

An instructional video covering the flash band compensation improvement as well as shooting techniques for working with skew is available on Panasonic Broadcast’s channel on YouTube.

The update will also make the HPX300 compatible with the new E Series P2 cards, reduces noise in 1080/24p and 1080/30p recording modes and when using the scene file F3 setting (SCENE SPARK), and adds Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) functionality when using the slow shutter modes.

Panasonic also announced that a PAL (50Hz) compatibility upgrade is now available for the HPX300 camcorder at an additional cost of $800. For more information or to purchase, email pbtscservice@us.panasonic.com. Eligible HPX300 units must be registered to a US-based customer and have a U.S.-issued serial number.

For more information on the HPX300 and other P2 HD products, visit http://www.panasonic.com/broadcast.

About the HPX300
The AG-HPX300 provides the ultimate quality and flexibility in an affordable, full-size HD shoulder-mount. Incorporating an innovative, low profile shoulder mounted design, the HPX300 P2 HD camcorder offers independent frame AVC-Intra recording, variable frame rates and the flexibility of interchangeable lens. The two-slot camera records stunning images in a variety of formats from master quality AVC-Intra and production quality DVCPRO HD to standard definition DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV. Features such as selectable gamma, Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) and Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) ensure optimum performance in a wide range of applications.

About Panasonic Broadcast
Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Co. is a leading supplier of broadcast and professional video products and systems. Panasonic Broadcast is a Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America. The company is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) and the hub of Panasonic’s U.S. branding, marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. For more information on Panasonic Broadcast products, visit http://www.panasonic.com/broadcast.

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Brides and Grooms Can Automatically Turn Their Photographs Into Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind Videos

Weddings are a time for memories and creating those memories that will last a lifetime, which many people do through photography and video. Animoto(R) (http://animoto.com), the video creation platform that lets users easily create professional-quality videos from their own photos, music and text, launched Animoto for Weddings (http://weddings.animoto.com), a new site that showcases the various ways Animoto videos are perfect for weddings.

Instead of spending countless hours or paying hundreds of dollars creating wedding videos from photos, Animoto takes just a few minutes and is free for 30-second videos, ($3) for full-length videos, and ($30) for an annual subscription to create unlimited full-length videos. Videos can be upgraded to DVD-quality for ($5) to download or ($20) to receive a DVD in the mail.

Popular wedding-related Animoto videos include:

* Rehearsal dinner videos
* Wedding reception videos
* Wedding recap videos
* Save-the-Date videos
* Bridal shower invitation and recap videos
* Bachelor & bachelorette party recap videos
* Thank you videos

"It's really difficult and time-consuming for brides, grooms and their families to create wedding videos that properly honor the bride and groom and don't bore the wedding guests," said Brad Jefferson, CEO & Co-founder of Animoto. "Animoto makes it simple to create an unforgettable wedding video that will have guests cheering."

In addition, Animoto has partnered with iStockphoto, the world's leading royalty-free stock destination, to provide a library of wedding-themed professional photography that can be added into any video.

The heart of Animoto is its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence(R) technology that thinks like an actual director and editor using the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television and film. The technology takes into account every nuance of a song: the genre, song structure, energy, rhythm, instrumentation, and vocals. No two videos are ever the same; even videos generated with an identical set of images and music will each have a completely distinct set of motion design.

For more information about Animoto for Weddings please visit: http://weddings.animoto.com.

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Intelligent Assistance releases rewritten "Simple Encoding Recipes"

Intelligent Assistance have completely rewritten the first in their Instant Expert series: "Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web." This 56-page printable pdf is designed to provide simple, easily-repeatable settings in recipe form.

These Recipes do not pretend to teach you about compression and encoding.

Instead they are easy recipes that will get you great results with minimal effort, whether you use Apple Compressor, Telestream Episode Pro or Sorenson Squeeze; whether your source is 4:3, Letterboxed or true 16:9, in PAL, NTSC or HD.

At the start of "Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web" is a section on deciding what format is most appropriate for your audience, followed by individual sections for each type of output.

There are recipes for H.264 (MPEG-4); Windows Media and Flash 8/9. There's a bonus section on preparing video for uploading to video sharing sites like YouTube.com that has been rewritten to accommodate YouTube’s evolving requirements.

Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web" includes links to web pages so you can compare the results side-by-side, exactly as your footage will appear, following these recipes.

The new volume has 56 pages (4 more than the original), most of which are screen snaps from Compressor, Episode Pro and Sorenson Squeeze, with all the settings you need to get great looking video on the web with minimal effort. All for just US$4.95 by instant digital download.

About Intelligent Assistance
Intelligent Assistance, Inc. is an innovator in technology and systems for editors dedicated to building tools to make working in digital media easier. For more information, please visit http://www.intelligentassistance.com or http://www.theassistanteditor.com

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Inlet Technologies Announces Support For Live Streaming to Apple iPhone

Inlet Technologies, the leading provider of live streaming and on-demand solutions for digital media, announced today that the company is one of the first encoding technology providers to publicly demonstrate and support live streaming to the Apple® iPhone™.

Inlet was the first to showcase iPhone streaming at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference last month in San Francisco.

Using iPhone OS 3.0 and the latest release of Inlet’s Spinnaker™ live streaming solution, real-time streaming of live sports, news or other events can now reach an iPhone. Additionally, capabilities similar to Apple’s Stream Segmenter will be built directly into Spinnaker, simplifying the customer’s workflow and eliminating additional hardware from the system. The level of interoperability provided by Spinnaker allows content creators to stream live to the iPhone in popular formats including H.264 video and HE-AAC audio. These new advances enable any broadcaster, sports league or entertainment provider to deliver live content to the iPhone with a minimum of effort.

“We are proud to add this to a long list of industry ‘firsts’ from Inlet. By supporting live streaming to Apple’s iPhone, Inlet is once again at the forefront of the digital media revolution. The iPhone is clearly a pervasive consumer device, offering compelling opportunities to reach viewers.” said John Bishop, senior vice president of strategy and business development, Inlet Technologies. “This also reflects our continued commitment to helping companies increase the reach of their content, in any format to any screen, through intelligent media infrastructure solutions.”

Inlet’s Spinnaker family of live streaming appliances delivers stunning picture quality (in HD or SD), allowing content creators to offer viewers a “living room” experience over the Web. Spinnaker supports all of the major formats, including H.264, VC-1, Silverlight and Flash VP6, and allows content creators to stream multiple formats simultaneously from one source. Spinnaker is ideal for live sports, as it can create real-time highlights without the need for additional file preparation. Users can switch between multiple games or multiple camera angles during a single event. URLs or captions, such as scores and statistics, can also be inserted directly into the live stream. Spinnaker also offers calendar-based scheduling (ideal for recurring events), 24/7 reliability, and is designed to be used remotely, in fleets, or locally.

In addition to support for streaming to Apple’s iPhone, Spinnaker also includes support for other adaptive streaming protocols, including Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe Dynamic Streaming. Other updates include multi-encoder synchronization and numerous audio enhancements. For more details on this latest release of Spinnaker, visit http://www.inlethd.com/?q=products/spinnaker.

About Inlet Technologies
Inlet provides live streaming and on-demand solutions that help companies build more intelligent, robust digital media infrastructures. Our industry expertise, proven products and outstanding support gives content owners and distributors the confidence they need to execute successful media strategies. Inlet enables them to increase their content’s value by providing the industry’s fastest time-to-output, setting new standards for quality, and being the first to reach new screens. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Yahoo!, M6 and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technology dexterity and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations.

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LaCie Introduces the First Mobile High-Definition Multimedia Player: LaCinema Rugged HD

LaCie announced today its LaCinema Rugged multimedia hard drive is now available in High Definition – LaCinema Rugged HD. The LaCinema Rugged product range has the most compact, reliable, and mobile multimedia players on the market.

Now, with enhanced HD capability, the LaCinema Rugged HD is the first multimedia player in its class, to allow users to store and play High Definition content – on any HDTV in Full-HD 1080p resolution.

The LaCinema Rugged HD comes with 500GB of built-in storage capacity, allowing users to store and instantly watch their favorite television shows and movies, listen to music, and display photo slideshows with their family and friends. Compatible with any HDMI supported display, the LaCinema Rugged HD brings multimedia functionality to users while in the home or on-the-go.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac environments, the LaCinema Rugged HD requires a single USB 2.0 cable, connected to the computer for easy, bus-powered multimedia loading. Once the media content is transferred to the LaCinema Rugged HD, it is ready to be viewed on any display with an HDMI connection. The HDMI cable is included for user convenience. For optimized viewing, the LaCinema Rugged HD supports most of standard and high-definition video codecs (H.264, MKV, WMV9, MPEG-4) to ensure easy High Definition playback.

"When it comes to viewing High Definition content, it is hard to find a mobile form factor that that doesn't compromise important features and functionality, like built-in storage, format versatility, and integrated HDMI connectivity," said Christelle Dexet, LaCie Multimedia Product Manager. "The LaCinema Rugged HD not only provides the ultimate mobile design, but it allows users to store large amounts of HD content and play it wherever they desire."

Modeled after the award-winning LaCie Rugged Hard Disk, design by Neil Poulton, the LaCinema Rugged HD features a unique scratch-resistant aluminum shell, internal anti-shock absorbers, and a shock-resistant rubber bumper to better protect media files against everyday blunders. The LaCinema Rugged HD provides the convenience of a centralized media library with enhanced graphic menus, setting features and an easy-to-use remote control for navigation.

LaCinema Rugged HD is compatible with all common digital formats and can store up to 700 movies, 165,000 songs, or 165,000 photos.

The LaCinema Rugged HD is available through the LaCie Online Store at the suggested retail price starting at $349.99USD. For more product information, visit http://www.lacie.com.

About Neil Poulton
Neil Poulton was born in Thurso, Scotland. A graduate in Industrial Design from Edinburgh University and Milan's Domus Academy, Poulton first came into public view in 1989 as the creator of "the ageing pens," pens made from a "living," wearing plastic that changes color and form with use. Today, Neil Poulton designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a variety of international clients including LaCie & Artemide. Since 1991, Poulton has lived and worked in Paris, France. http://www.neilpoulton.com

About LaCie
Located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows, Apple and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology. Established in France in 1989, LaCie is listed on Euronext under FR0000054314 (LAC). For more information, visit http://www.lacie.com

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New K-Tek Mounting Accessories for DV Cameras

K-Tek has the accessory mounting solution for today’s compact DV cameras.

With the increasing popularity of compact camcorders, there is now a multitude of accessories such as microphones, on-board lights, and portable LCD monitors that rely on the camera's shoe for power and a mounting point. Often, shooters are faced with the problem of how to get all this gear to fit around the tiny shoe. Known for their professional boom poles, microphone support products, and windscreens, K-Tek has solved the problem with new K-series mounting accessories.

The K-Tek Shoe Bridge (#K-BRG) provides users with a 6.5” (16.5cm) shoe bridge that sits 4” (10cm) over the camera for mounting multiple accessories. The Shoe Step Adapter (K-SSA) repositions the camera shoe 2” (50mm) above the camera. K-Tek’s Offset Shoe Extender (K-OSE) repositions the camera shoe 2.6” (66mm) vertically and 2.25” (57mm) fore or aft of the camera.

These smartly designed new K-Tek DV Camera accessories are precision made in the USA of top grade materials and are black anodized to function unobtrusively.

For further information, visit http://www.ktekbooms.com

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