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March 04, 2010

Table of Contents

Presenting ... The 2009 EventDV 25 Finalists
WEVA Announces Call for Speakers for WEVA 2010
SmartSound Provides Multi-Layer Music Support in Corel VideoStudio Pro X3
Sorenson Media Releases API for 360 Online Video Platform
Wohler Extends Functionality of New RM HD Video Monitors With Vectorscope Feature
Matrox Ships World's First HD-SDI Scan Converter with Genlock Under $1000
CalDigit Unveils Next Generation HDPro, The HDPro2
Bella Corporation Introduces the HD Mouse SW
Fujinon Brings Emmy Award-Winning Technology and PL Mount Zooms
Fast Forward Video Announces Portable, All-in-One HD Digital Video Recorder

Presenting ... The 2009 EventDV 25 Finalists

Back in January in this "EventDV 25 Update" clip on EventDV-TV, I announced that we'd be taking a slightly different approach with the EventDV 25 this year, announcing not just the "top 25" as in past years but also a group of finalists, consisting, essentially, of a second group of 25 that stood out in this year's voting as tabulated by me and our esteemed commissioner, John Goolsby. The main idea here was to highlight a number of studios who are clearly "on the bubble," edging ever so closer to cracking the EventDV 25 and stepping into the spotlight as all-stars in the coming years. There are, of course, several familiar names here, EventDV 25 all-stars from the 2006, 2007, and 2008 lists who did well in the voting again this year but didn't register a top 25 vote total this time around. Here you'll also see quotes from the voters to get a sense of what makes these companies hot and influential, and what the newcomers are doing to climb the ladder and emerging as forces to be reckoned with in our ever-evolving industry. Listings are alphabetical, starting with...

Lee Bakogiannakis, 2dg, Thessaloniki, Greece

2dgstyle - 60sec real for Event Dv magazine from lee bakogiannakis on Vimeo.

"Lee still inspires with his truly original style. With a unique way of capturing emotions, his work is the equivalent of wedding photojurnalism in wedding cinematography."—Spiros Zaharakis, Spiros Zaharakis Photography 


Dustin Blake, IndyProductionsDotNet, Atlanta, Georgia

Under Water from Dustin Blake on Vimeo.

"indy Productions is constantly raising the bar in the international wedding cinematography game! Slick camera work, top-notch editing, and the instincts to deliver above and beyond the client's expectations. To put it plain and simple indy Productions is simply the best in its field, bar none!"—James Dunn, 3rd Son Video


Sylvia Broeckx & Niels Puttemans, Ever After Video Productions, Sheffield, UK

"Sylvia and Niels truly care about their work and clients. They will never hesitate to help someone out no matter what time of day (or night) it may be."—Jerome Cloninger, JC/DV Productions


Rusty Bryce, Rusty Bryce Wedding Films, Houston, Texas
Rusty Bryce Wedding Films

"Rusty shares wisdom with what I would call the 'common videographer'—people that are not living in high-end markets shooting pretty people on the beach. He has a no-nonsense approach to shooting, editing, and delivering a quality product in a timely fashion, one that allows him to continue to make money in video. His style and philosophy have drawn me back into wedding video after laying out for a couple of years. Take everyone that does seminars and training videos ... I'll still take Rusty. He produces the kind of videos I would want if I were getting married."—Scott Brooks, Scott Brooks Photo and Video


Sharrone Calafiore, Fiore Films, Howell, New Jersey


"Who says wedding films can't be sexy? Sharrone goes way beyond that, putting her films in a unique class all her own."—David Perry, David Perry Films


Dave Cowling, D'nM Wedding Films, Sydney, Australia

"David is someone who I look up to for inspiration with the solid work he produces and business sense he continually shares in the Australian wedding community."—Peter Szilvester, Living Lens Videography


Ron Dawson, Dare Dreamer Media

"Ron's contributions to the industry are amazing and something I truly appreciate. His book ReFocus is the essential handbook for anyone in the event video world; whether you've been doing this for 15 days or 15 years, there is a handful of great ideas, suggestions, and techniques to propel your business forward. His podcasts on the photography side of things and now filmmaking are incredibly inspiring."—Jeff Brouillet, Jeff Brouillet Video Productions


Glen Elliott, GmElliott Wedding Videography, Williamstown, New Jersey

Shanna & Matthew Highlights- St. Thomas, USVI from Glen Elliott on Vimeo.

"Rock solid consistency with every piece produced. He always freely shares information and ideas. His time shifting keeps viewers interest from start to finish."—Matt Barwick, Barwick Multimedia


Julie & Alex Hill, Elysium Productions and The Re:Frame Collective, Orange County, California

Stacey & Stefan's Original Series Highlights from Arroyo Trabuco Country Club from Elysium Productions on Vimeo.

"What Julie and Alex are doing with Elysium Productions is truly inspirational. They have perfected the art of combining a high number of weddings with an extremely high production value."—Dave Cowling, D'mN Wedding Films


Philip Hinkle, Frogman Productions, Stoughton, Wisconsin

Jason and Marla's Movie Trailer from Philip Hinkle on Vimeo.

"Great asset to this industry and very willing to share work and help others!"—Jerome Cloninger, JC/DV Productions


Jorge Jaramillo, Cinematografia de Bodas, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Teaser Vane y Luis Manuel - Lagos de Chapala, Jalisco from Jorge Jaramillo on Vimeo.

"Young and talented, very passionate, only Mexican videographer to have given video seminars in about 10 mexican cities and WEVA Orlando in 2009!"—Raquel Gonzalez, Quimichi


Oleg Kalyan, Oleg Kalyan Films, Moscow, Russia

Anton&Katya, documentary style wedding video from Oleg Kalyan on Vimeo.

"His work is fresh and stylish with a cutting edge. He brings a whole new feel to wedding cinema with his Russian roots. His films make you feel all the emotions."—Joe Simon, Joe Simon Productions


Ryan Koral, Epic Motion, Royal Oak, Michigan

Meadow Brook Hall Wedding Video Trailer of Lindsey + James from Ryan Koral on Vimeo.

"Ryan is not just good looks and charisma. He has been able to build and sustain his business in the nation's toughest economy and still finds time to be generous enough to be an educator to our industry."—Chris P. Jones, Mason Jar Films


Alex Martucci, Digital Dream/Films, Belleville, New Jersey

"The top wedding videographer in northern New Jersey. His work is outstanding and very creative."—Tony Cucci, Dream Maker Productions


Joey Mathews, 31 Films, Houston, Texas

"Joey is really great at telling stories. Both his incredible wedding pieces and the shorts he produces for local churches (Kyle's Story) really show his true talent and remarkable storytelling. Joey is a guy I look up to."—Andrew Sorlie, SorlieArts


Rochelle Morris, Sauvignon Media Creations, Melbourne, Australia

Andrew & Kimberley - Trailer - 27th Feb 2010 from Sauvignon Media Creations on Vimeo.

"Rochelle has been a very strong presence in the Australian wedding video community with pushing the market here to continually grow and producing great work."—Peter Szilvester, Living Lens Videography


Bruce Patterson, Cloud Nine Creative & Re:Frame Collective, Vancouver and Toronto

Jennifer + Cameron from Cloud Nine Creative on Vimeo.

Besides the excellent work that his company puts out, Bruce is one of the few people in this industry that you can ask about his business and he will tell you the truth and not worry about giving away his trade secrets. He truly believes that if we can all do better work, this industry will grow and prosper.—Kenneth Stillman, Kenneth Stillman Video


Raphael Pranga, Mayad Studios, The Philippines

gelli trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

"Out-of-this-world wedding videography. Their concepts and editing style make them unique."—Ken Banares, Vertical Video


Chris & Laura Randall, Edit 1 Media, Tacoma, Washington

Allison & James - Super 8 from Edit 1 Media on Vimeo.

"Overall continued excellence in event video production. Leadership specifically in the area of Same Day Edit."—Troy Murison, Dubs Inc


Joshua Smith, CinematicBride and Loktah.com, Monroe, Louisiana

I think there are actually five Joshes: One for each of the businesses he starts. Amazing cinematography and a keen business sense all wrapped up in a "kid" who only recently became old enough to drink legally.—Ron Dawson, Dare Dreamer Media


Kristen Turick, Artifact Documentaries, West Orange, New Jersey

Debbie and Bill's Opening Sequence from Artifact Documentaries on Vimeo.

"A master storyteller in the raw... Kristen is the Documentary Diva!"—Sharrone Calafiore, Fiore Films


Susanto Widjaja, Paper Cranes Productions, Sydney, Australia

Pat & Ley Cinematic Prewedding Film "Bubble Tea" from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

"Paper Cranes have arrived in the the market as the fresh new face in 2009, but have proven with their concept films and wedding films they are truly artists, I nominate Parer Cranes as Australia's best wedding filmmaker."—Peter Szilvester, Living Lens


Dave Williams, CinemaCake Filmmakers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Honestly, one of the best shooters and editors in the industry. He is amazing with the 5D Mark II and Glidecam."—Laura Randall, Edit 1 Media


Jeff & Andee Wright, Blue Skies Cinema, Corona, California

Blue Skies Cinema from Jeff Wright on Vimeo.

"Always progressive, innovative and and positive, the Wrights have great knowledge base and a gift for teaching. They have a great attitude about the industry and people in general."—Jan-Arden Petersen, Artistic Video Productions


Steve Zugelter, Studio+Z Films, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Steve dreams big and executes even bigger! From presenting at WEVA, to creating a concept film, to growing his business, Steve shows us the power of aiming high."—Chris P. Jones, Mason Jar Films


Congratulations to one and all!—Stephen Nathans-Kelly

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WEVA Announces Call for Speakers for WEVA 2010

Are you doing wedding & event video/DSLR creativity or marketing that's unique and different? Share your knowledge and skills, get recognized worldwide - be a Featured Presenter at the WEVA 20th-Year Wedding & Event Video Expo August 23-26, 2010 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

It's the biggest convention and trade show for anyone involved in (or wanting to work in) professional wedding and event video. Enter your WEVA EXPO 2010 topic proposal(s) NOW at: http://www.weva.com/proposals

Quick & Easy

"WEVA EXPO 2010 is open to all -- and the WEVA online proposal form makes it quick and simple to enter your topic proposal(s)," said John Zale, WEVA's Director of Educational Development.

"Go to http://www.weva.com/proposals and create your own personal log-in account. Then just follow the prompts. You can submit more than one topic proposal. Just create a separate login for each proposed topic."

You don't have to enter all your information in one visit. The WEVA EXPO 2010 Proposal Form automatically saves your text until you are ready to add more text or ready to submit your proposal(s) in final form. Whenever you log-in you will automatically be placed at the point where you left off.

What Topics to Enter?

"You may propose topic(s) relating to ANY aspect of the production and business sides of professional wedding video, event video/DSLR HD filmmaking, and professional DSLR photography, including: camerawork, digital cinema, editing, marketing, selling, business administration, HD topics, new techniques and creativity, recitals, Blu-ray authoring, special events, workflow, IT video issues, audio, business add-ons, graphics/titles, software-specific workshops, special event marketing, corporate video, DVD authoring (production, packaging, etc.), lighting, Internet marketing, 'Camera Clinic' topics, and more," Zale said. Enter your topic(s) now. Deadline for all topic entries is March 30, 2010.


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SmartSound Provides Multi-Layer Music Support in Corel VideoStudio Pro X3

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leader in fully-customizable royalty-free production music, has licensed its latest Quicktracks® technology to Corel for inclusion in Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3.

The SmartSound technology makes it possible for users to easily resize music soundtracks on their video timeline and also adjust the instrument mix of SmartSound Multi-Layer music tracks.

"As the first company to integrate Quicktracks into our video editing software, Corel is giving our customers access to one of the most compelling and creative music soundtrack options on the market," said Jan Piros who leads Product Management for Corel VideoStudio Pro. "In addition to giving Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 users the ability to customize the length of the music used in their soundtracks, they can access the individual instrument layers, turning each instrument track up or down to personalize the music for their production. It's a very powerful creative tool."

The SmartSound technology is implemented as the "Auto Music" feature in Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 which also includes 36 tracks of SmartSound's royalty-free music. 10 of the tracks are from the Multi-Layer Music album, Core Foundations and 26 of the tracks are from the Single-Layer/Stereo Music album called New Standards. Users can easily expand their music selection by licensing albums or singles from SmartSound's extensive music library of 3200 titles and growing. Purchases of additional SmartSound music can be made from within Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 or at SmartSound's web site, http://www.smartsound.com.

"We are excited to see these new features making their way to consumers through great products like Corel VideoStudio Pro X3," commented Kevin Klingler, President and CEO of SmartSound. "We have won numerous video industry awards with this technology in our own software, so we're certain it will be a success in Corel's new enthusiast video editing package."

SmartSound offers their Quicktracks SDK for companies to embed the patented SmartSound music solutions into their software products. The latest SDK offers the ability to control the instrument mix of SmartSound's music library while adjusting the length of the music track to fit the video precisely.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 is available in North America at a suggested retail price (SRP) of $99.99 (USD and CDN) for the full version or $79.99 for the upgrade. Corel also offers the Corel Photo & Video Pro X3 Bundle featuring both Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 and Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 for $149.99 (SRP).

To purchase Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 or download a free 30-day trial, please visit http://www.corel.com/videostudio.

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Sorenson Media Releases API for 360 Online Video Platform

Sorenson Media today announced the wide release of the Sorenson 360 API, an application programming interface that enables developers and business clients to create scalable and stable custom video solutions with minimal coding, and to easily and intuitively integrate the industry's highest-quality video into their Web sites using the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network - Sorenson Media's re-imagined online video platform.

"Users will notice right away that we have built the Sorenson 360 API entirely around the developer experience," said Mike Flathers, CTO of Sorenson Media. "We have worked hard to develop the most flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use API anywhere, so developers can focus on creating and managing video assets how they want to, without the time-consuming hassles of excessive coding or messing with server-side infrastructure."

The interface provides users with access to the full range of Sorenson Media's Total Video Solutions, such as: the ease and singular high quality of client-side, browser-based encoding; the ability to intuitively capture, upload and manage user-generated content on their site; and intuitive encoding solutions that slash development time and enable full video functionality on any Web site, or Web-accessible application within hours rather than days.

"At its core, the Sorenson 360 API is a set of RESTful interfaces that interoperate seamlessly with the Sorenson 360 environment to maximize performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability for users," said Flathers. "By providing native language bindings on top of these RESTful interfaces, developers are free to work with objects native to the environment they are comfortable working within." The Sorenson 360 API, including documentation is available at http://developer.sorensonmedia.com/.

"Unlike other alternatives that make you set up a lot of your own infrastructure, the Sorenson 360 API and 360 service does all the hard work for you," said Derek Neighbors, co-founder of GangPlank. "It's extremely easy to install and set up, and functions immediately, so I'm up and rolling productively in very short order."

The Sorenson 360 API includes native bindings for all major developer languages, including .NET, JAVA, PHP and Ruby - allowing users to directly drop in code and access their video content.

"When I work with Sorenson 360 API, I'm up and running pretty much straight out of the box because of all the intelligent presets," said Jade Meskill, president and CEO of Integrum Technologies, a Phoenix-based custom development shop. "At the same time, because it's so easy to customize the video experience with the Sorenson 360 APIs using a language I use every day, I can get a product to market almost instantly. The Sorenson 360 API lets me do what I want to do how I want to do it; this is the most flexible product on the market."

Anyone with a Sorenson 360 account can begin using the Sorenson 360 API. The user simply downloads the native language binding of their choice and within moments, they are able to manage custom video content directly with their Sorenson 360 account. In addition to the native language bindings, the REST interfaces are fully documented on Sorenson Media's live API documentation server, where developers are able to immediately and directly test-drive the REST API's and view the results in real-time, giving them a clear understanding of how things work without ever having to write a single line of code.

The API includes three primary classes of resources:

* Account classes enable developers to establish, authenticate and dynamically interact with a Sorenson 360 accounts to provide specific levels of access to users.
* Asset management classes provide users with the ability to interact with uploaded video by tracking key metrics and controlling how and where video assets are displayed.
* Search-related classes provide methods for organizing assets into categories using tags, flags and metadata associated with particular video assets.

About Sorenson Media
Sorenson Media (http://www.sorensonmedia.com) offers comprehensive, award-winning solutions that empower businesses and video professionals to easily and affordably publish the highest-quality video to the Internet and other media. Included among its products and services are the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network (VDN), Sorenson Media's re-imagined video publishing platform; Sorenson Squeeze, the gold-standard for video encoding applications; Sorenson Squish and SquishNet, which together create an easy-to-use browser-based video publishing platform for user-generated content; and Sorenson Spark, the industry's most widely used video codec, which enables mobile devices and other consumer products to playback the largest selection of video on the Internet today. Since its inception in 1995, Sorenson Media has been instrumental in bringing Internet video to mainstream applications and is committed to dramatically improving the online video experience for both content creators and consumers.

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Wohler Extends Functionality of New RM HD Video Monitors With Vectorscope Feature

Wohler Technologies Inc. today announced the addition of vectorscope capability to all of the company's new RM HD LCD video monitoring products.

Already equipped with waveform display and a broad range of metering and overlay options, these sleek and compact monitors bring increased functionality and efficiency to high-quality HD monitoring, particularly in the space-constrained production environment.

"External gear such as hardware scopes not only require an additional equipment investment, but also demand valuable space in fixed and mobile installations," said Kim Templeman-Holmes, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at Wohler. "By integrating vectorscope capability into all of our new RM HD monitors, we've boosted the systems' value and eliminated a layer of complexity in ensuring the quality of video sources. Operators now can acquire a rich array of source and signal data through the monitor by simply accessing that information through the on-screen display."

Ideal for confidence monitoring in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, and duplication and post-production facilities, products in the RM family of slim, lightweight LCD monitors enable monitoring of HD/SD-SDI video and composite video with embedded audio. Each system boasts two to four high-resolution screens that display HD or SD video, as well as meters for up to eight channels of audio. Additional overlays that can be added by the operator include safe area and safe title markers, a center mark, time code, display format, and IMD.

Eight of Wohler's RM-HD monitors now feature vectorscope capability. They include the RM-2435-HD, RM-2443W-2HD, RM-2443W-HD, RM-3270W-2HD, RM-3270W-HD, RM-3357-HD, RM-4290W-2HD, and the RM-4290W-HD.

More information about the RM HD product range and other Wohler products is available at http://www.wohler.com.

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Matrox Ships World's First HD-SDI Scan Converter with Genlock Under $1000

Matrox® Video Products Group is now shipping Matrox Convert DVI, an SD/HD SDI scan converter with high-end features priced at just $995 US. Matrox Convert DVI lets broadcasters easily and economically take the computer-based content that is quickly becoming a key part of the nightly news to air. It's ideal for creating broadcast video from computer applications such as Skype, YouTube, Google Earth, video games, and web browser sessions, as well as citizen journalists' mobile phone videos.

"Feedback from broadcast pilot sites has been phenomenal - the feature set, quality, and ease of use were everything they hoped for," said Chris Yigit, Matrox technical marketing manager. "They found the value proposition very impressive. Quality HD-SDI scan converters with genlock typically cost thousands of dollars each and SDI audio embedders are often required. Costs balloon when stations require multiple units. Matrox Convert DVI is very inexpensive by comparison and allows system audio to be embedded in the SDI signal."

Matrox Convert DVI controls are provided via a simple PC-based user interface. By simply dragging a mouse, rather than fiddling with buttons on the unit itself, users can choose to output the entire screen or a region-of-interest of any size. Premium features such as a flicker reduction filter, an underscan mode, customizable presets with user-assignable hotkeys, password protection, and a stand-alone mode ensure optimal flexibility for many different applications.

Key features of Matrox Convert DVI

* DVI-D input up to 1920 x 1200
* Digital outputs: HD/SD SDI
* Analog outputs: HD/SD analog component, S-Video, and composite
* SD analog black burst (bi-level) or HD tri-level genlock with timing offset controls
* Simultaneous analog and digital video output
* Stereo audio input can be embedded into the SDI output signal
* Realtime HD to SD hardware downscaling with proper color space and aspect ratio conversion
* Region-of-interest output support
* Can operate as a stand-alone appliance
* Advanced features such as an anti-flicker filter, underscan mode, customizable presets, and password protection

Price and availability
Matrox Convert DVI, priced at $995 US (£649, €799) not including local taxes, is now available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers.

About Matrox
Matrox Video Products Group is a technology and market leader in the field of HD and SD digital video hardware and software for accelerated H.264 encoding, realtime editing, audio/video input/output, DVD/Blu-ray authoring, scan conversion, capture/playout servers, clip/still stores, and CGs. Matrox's Emmy award-winning technology powers a full range of content creation and delivery platforms used by broadcasters, post-production facilities, project studios, corporate communicators, and videographers worldwide. Founded in 1976, Matrox is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For more information visit http://www.matrox.com/video.

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CalDigit Unveils Next Generation HDPro, The HDPro2

CalDigit has been providing premium storage solutions to creative professionals for years. CalDigit was the first company to provide blazing fast external PCIe storage solutions with the HDPro. Today CalDigit unveils the HDPro2, the next generation of the extremely popular HDPro.

The HDPro2 has all the features of the original HDPro, but with nearly double the speed, over 700MB/s sustained with RAID 5 protection.

The impressive speed of the HDPro2 makes it an incredible addition to any edit suite, but it also adds support for 8 SATA-II 3Gbs or super fast 10000~15000RPM SAS drive modules. It features a next generation Intel XScale processor to accelerate the RAID engine. The HDPro2 also has a new environmental monitor and control system which communicates with RAID Shield, CalDigit's easy to use RAID management and monitoring software.

The HDPro2 provides hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD support, using the next generation RAID engine accompanied by high speed, upgradeable ECC cache. The HDPro2 features Active Sustained Transfer Technology (ASTT) which ensures that there is always a constant throughput. Ideal for massive files like uncompressed HD, 2K or even 4K workflows. The HDPro2 can capture and play them back without dropping frames. ASTT was designed by CalDigit and cannot be found anywhere else.

The modular design of the HDPro2 allows for 8 hot swappable drive modules in various capacities. It features an optional hot swappable load bearing power supply, 2 hot swappable ambient temperature controlled, and low noise smart fans. Even the built-in controller is removable/upgradeable. The HDPro2 is made of strong lightweight aluminum and an optional rack mount kit can be purchased.

The HDPro2 is a complete single vendor storage solution. The HDPro2 is ready to use right out of the box, pre-formatted in RAID 5 to save time and money. CalDigit builds all major components of the HDPro2 and uses only high quality certified hard drives to provide users with the best possible experience. This also eliminates additional technical support inquiries that can arise with other multi-vendor products.

The key to the blazing fast speed of the HDPro2 is the direct connect external PCIe connection. The HDPro2 comes with a PCIe bridge card, which takes the PCIe bus directly to the HDPro2's built-in controller. There is no delay or conversion making extremely fast, the bus is up to 20Gbs, which is 5 times faster than traditional fibre solutions. The other advantage of this technology is that the HDPro2 can be used on laptops with ExpressCard/34 slots.

The HDPro2 comes standard with a one year warranty. The CalDigit Extended Warranty can be purchased to extend the warranty to three years, and provides additional support benefits.

Price and Availability
The HDPro2 is available now through CalDigit Certified Dealers worldwide or on the CalDigit online store. The 8TB HDPro2 starts at only $5,999.00 and is currently available up to 16TB. Visit http://www.caldigit.com for more information about the HDPro2 and all of CalDigit's other products.

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Bella Corporation Introduces the HD Mouse SW

Bella Corporation, a leading producer of innovative and award-winning products, today announced they are shipping their latest product, the HD Mouse SW. The HD Mouse SW is a software-only version of Bella's popular wireless five button HD Mouse. Now HD Mouse SW customers can experience the HD Mouse technology using their existing mouse.

Amazing Capabilities, Endless Possibilities
With Bella's unique HD Mouse technology, users can program keystrokes, macros and mouse clicks to any of the buttons, the scroll wheel or even mouse movement (X and Y axis), allowing as many as 96 unique functions - all from a five button mouse!

The HD Mouse software also recognizes which application is active and automatically loads settings for that application. For example, if you switch from browsing the web to working in Photoshop, the scroll wheel can instantly switch from scrolling a page to changing brush sizes.

Unique On-Screen Display
A convenient on screen display can be activated depending on a user's needs. Application specific, it can be placed anywhere on the screen to provide feedback on mouse activity, further enhancing productivity.

From Microsoft Word to World of Warcraft

* The HD Mouse technology can be applied to any number of Mac or Windows applications, and presets for popular applications are included with the software. For example, there's a setting for iTunes that turns your wireless mouse into a remote control so you can easily adjust the volume, skip to the next song or pause playback from across the room. Some of the other uses for the HD Mouse include:
* Office Applications - Map frequently used key commands to a single mouse click. For example, in Microsoft Word, you could have side button 1 of the mouse perform a copy command and side button 2 perform a past command.
* Gaming - Automate certain tasks to give you the ultimate advantage. In Blizzard's World of Warcraft you can create a macro that with a single click will execute a series of abilities.
* Graphics - Cycle through tools, change views, apply filters. Use the two mouse side buttons to zoom in and out of your document in Adobe Illustrator.
* Video Editing - Whether you are using Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro or nearly any of the video editing solutions available, you can use the HD Mouse technology to easily navigate your timeline, mark clips or automate routine tasks.

With multiple predefined, program specific actions, and nearly an infinite number of user defined choices, the HD Mouse technology allows users to get the most out of every application. The intuitive interface for the HD Mouse makes creating settings a snap. Adding to the power of the HD Mouse technology is the ability to quickly and easily switch between HD Mode and standard mouse mode: simply click the scroll wheel or other designated button to toggle back and forth.

Perfect for everything from basic navigation to high-end gaming, graphics or multi-media content creation, the HD Mouse technology provides ultimate convenience and unparalleled performance. With the HD Mouse SW users can take their mouse from ordinary to extraordinary!

Price & Availability
The HD Mouse SW is available as a 14 day free trial directly from the Bella web site at http://www.Bella-USA.com. Licenses for the software start at just $9.95. The wireless HD Mouse is now more affordable than ever with an MSRP of $49.95 and is available through numerous retail channels as well as directly from Bella Corporation.

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Fujinon Brings Emmy Award-Winning Technology and PL Mount Zooms

Fujinon, Inc., a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the digital cinema, broadcast, and industrial markets, will show the XA88x9.3BESM-SK telephoto sports zoom lens with its Emmy Award-winning technology, Precision Focus Assist, at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth C7425).

Also new from Fujinon is an output connector to most sports lenses for virtual applications, such as creation of the first down marker in football, statistical displays and virtual advertising. No additional modifications to these lenses will be required as in the past.

All of the following Precision Focus Assist (PF)-equipped lenses will function on 2/3-inch HD cameras with the PF software interface: HA13x4.5BRD/PF ENG-Style super wide angle; HA22x7.3BRD/PF ENG-Style high performance HD lens; HA27x6.5 BESM/PF premium studio lens; XA88x8.8BESM/PF telephoto field lens; and the XA101x8.9BESM/PF. All are currently deliverable.

Fujinon and co-developer NHK won the 2009 Technical Emmy award for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development" for Precision Focus Assist, a feature built within a lens that ensures fast, accurate focusing of high definition images under varying conditions. "The recognition for our Precision Focus Assist technology from The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is an honor and reflects the importance of a lens that keeps pace with the latest camera technology," said David Waddell, Marketing Manager for Fujinon. "With the mainstream explosion of large screen HDTV, an out-of-focus image is unbearable. In order to improve the quality of HDTV image capture in field and studio applications, Fujinon's Precision Focus Assist is indispensable."

Fujinon will also show its series of PL Mount Lenses featuring the fastest T speeds available in a family of zooms, with unprecedented color matched 4K optical performance. All four PL Mount zooms are similar in size and weight, and uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters enable quick and efficient lens changes.
The 18-85mm T2.0 and 75-400 mm T2.8-T3.8 PL mount zoom lens are the first models from the PL Series of zooms. The other two lenses in the series are the 24-180mm T2.6 and the 14.5-45mm T2.0. All lenses will be shown in the Fujinon booth.

Fujinon will also roll out its latest products related to 3D sports production.

About Fujinon
Fujinon is a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the broadcast, digital cinema, and industrial markets. The company's line of television zoom lenses are used in virtually every segment of the broadcast industry, including electronic newsgathering, studio and field production, and high definition television. For more information about Fujinon broadcast and communications products, call 973-633-5600 or visit our web site at http://www.fujinon.com.

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Fast Forward Video Announces Portable, All-in-One HD Digital Video Recorder

Fast Forward Video (FFV) today announced the launch of its new HD3 digital video recorder (DVR). A highly versatile and compact all-in-one-system, the HD3 was designed specifically for on-set motion picture and television production.

Jam-packed with state-of-the-art DVR and controller technology, the HD3 includes an integral HD monitor in a hard, portable case. The HD3 harnesses JPEG2000 compression to deliver the highest HD and SD image quality for recording and playback.

"The HD3 bundles all of the high-end HD recording and playback capabilities of our Omega HD deck into a portable, all-in-one system including a monitor, which makes it an ideal solution for on-set production tasks such as video assist. Our customers requested this, and now we've delivered," said Harry Glass, vice president of sales at FFV. "The HD3 is not only powerful and versatile, but affordable - delivering high-quality results that typically are available only in more expensive systems."

A longtime FFV customer Bob Lund of Awesome Playback, a Los Angeles video assist company specializing in commercial, film, and video production, added: "The HD3 is an important addition to Fast Forward's long line of functional products that help me get the job done. For me, this new DVR has two standout qualities: first, it's a portable unit that's plenty sturdy enough to stand up to studio use. Second, it represents an easy and natural step up to HD for us."

Like the Omega HD, the HD3 is available in either single- or dual-channel configurations, delivering all the advantages of HD images and the random-access non-linear benefits of solid state or hard disk drives. The system uses removable, hot-swappable 2.5" SATA drives that are compatible with the Omega HD.

"Fast Forward's new HD3 has all the features and functionality a director could ask for in a DVR for on-set use. The system's ability to accept analog or embedded audio is a huge plus for video assist, since it typically requires an analog feed. Also, directors and producers love the ability to plug the removable drive into a computer to review the day's shots," said Rob Kenworthy, of First Point Video, a video assist company. "Because the HD3 relies on JPEG2000, the image quality is simply amazing, and instantaneous clip access truly supports my crew's efficiency. With the HD3, Fast Forward Video has once again delivered the goods for on-set support."

For more information about FFV's award-winning DVR solutions, visit http://www.ffv.com.

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