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April 14, 2010

Table of Contents

EventDV-TV Presents: The NAB Show with Shawn Lam
proDAD Opens US Office, Debuts New Mercalli and Mac Support
Roland Systems Group Unveils Unique All-in-One Multi-Format Live Video Switcher
Sony Updated Vegas Pro Software With New Broadcasting and Creative Tools for Professional Video Editing in 9.0d Release
ikan Introduces Stereoscope 3D Camera Support System
Convergent Design unveils nano3D
Gefen Unveils New Product Line at NAB

EventDV-TV Presents: The NAB Show with Shawn Lam

Part One of The NAB Show With Shawn Lam features exclusive interviews with proDAD, Adobe, NVIDIA, Matrox, Blackmagic Design, and the organizers of the much-anticipated All-In film charity poker event.


In Part Two of the NAB Show With Shawn Lam, Shawn catches up with video switcher/mixer manufacturers Edirol, Datavideo, and NewTek; converter suppliers Atlona and AJA; intercom systems provider Clear-Com; and EventDV 25 all-star event filmmaker at the world premiere of his game-changing film, City of Lakes


Part Three of the NAB Show With Shawn Lam brings Shawn face to face with camera manufacturer mainstays Panasonic, Canon, and Sony, plus tripod-and-fluidhead headliners Manfrotto and Vinten. (Watch for a cameo by WEVA Diva Brooke Rudnick in the Sony segment!)


The NAB Show With Shawn Lam is Sponsored by proDAD


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proDAD Opens US Office, Debuts New Mercalli and Mac Support

At NAB 2010, proDAD, the Germany-based software developer best known for plug-ins and postproduction enhancement tools such as Adorage, Heroglyph, and Mercalli, made several key announcements, First was the opening of a new US operation in California and a new website, www.proDAD.us. The company also announced a new version of Mercalli, its popular image stabilization tool, introducing Mac OS support with plug-ins soon to be available for Final Cut Pro and Mac-based Premiere Pro users.

New features in the new Mercalli include 3D video stabilization and a rolling shutter compensation utility, which compensates for the distortion often introduced with CMOS-sensor camcorders and DSLRs when they are panned side to side quickly. Full release details for the new Mercalli will be available soon.


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Roland Systems Group Unveils Unique All-in-One Multi-Format Live Video Switcher

Roland Systems Group is happy to announce a cornerstone addition to their popular line of EDIROL video mixers – the V-1600HD Live Video Switcher - ideal for any live event or installation that requires a high channel count and the ability to accept a variety of video input formats out of the box.

The V-1600HD switcher features a built-in preview monitor that provides a convenient monitoring solution when external monitors are not available or ideal. The sixteen inputs provide connectivity to HD/SD-SDI, DVI-D/HDMI, RGB, Component, S-video, and composite formats – as well as still images accessible via USB memory. The 14 mixing channels provide built-in scalers and frame syncs for worry-free seamless mixing regardless of the resolution or format.

The V-1600HD supports an incredible variety of system design and creative production options for live or fixed installation applications. Dual independent multi-format outputs provide a number of innovative multi-screen output options including the ability to SPAN the mixer output to two projectors with the ability to edge-blend the center. In AUX mode, the outputs can be set to different resolutions which is ideal for sending the program out to a record feed.

The Multi-Zoom feature can be enabled when one camera is daisy-chained to multiple inputs via thru connectors. The scaler for each input can zoom into any position in the video image giving the appearance that additional cameras are connected – a virtual multi-camera environment. Additional effects include a down stream keyer (DSK), a composite Keyer, Picture-in-Picture and multiple transitions.

Remote control includes RS-422, Tally, MIDI and V-LINK that provides powerful benefits when connecting to other EDIROL Video or RSS Audio products. In particular with the EDIROL P-10 and PR-1000HD Video Presenters the operator can preview and select video clips directly from the V-1600HD. With RSS V-Mixers, lock specific video channels to corresponding audio faders for a confident audio-follows-video solution.

The EDIROL V-1600HD is ideal for any live event or installation demanding flexibility, stability, high quality, ease of use, and professional connectivity. The V-1600HD will enhance any corporate presentation by being able to drive more than one screen with different visuals on each. Mix camera and video playback sources on one screen while directing presentation software to the other screen.

For churches, mix live camera feeds underneath lyric overlays to left and right screens while sending different video content, such as abstract footage, to a large center stage screen.

Providing a different feed for recording at an event is also possible which allows the screens in the main room to continue using camera or PC/Mac sources while the record feed always provides only camera (room) shots.

The V-1600HD Video Mixer is positioned to bring high quality video production to live event, corporate, educational, and house of worship applications. More information: www.edirol.com/v1600hd.

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Sony Updated Vegas Pro Software With New Broadcasting and Creative Tools for Professional Video Editing in 9.0d Release

Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, today announced VegasT Pro 9.0d software, the most recent update to its award-winning nonlinear HD video and audio editing (NLE) application. The updated Vegas Pro 9.0d software now features superior closed captioning support for broadcast editors, in addition to multi-layer PSD file support and timeline burning to DVD for enhanced editing flexibility and efficiency for creative professionals.

"As professional video editing workflows are in constant evolution, the Vegas Pro 9.0d software update provides new tools that allow editors to efficiently produce outstanding results across a wide range of targeted delivery platforms and formats," said Dave Chaimson, vice-president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software. "With the significant additions of closed captioning support, enhanced PSD support and timeline burning to DVD, along with enhancements to the Device Explorer, Vegas Pro 9.0d software provides maximum user control for creative production."

Vegas Pro 9.0d Feature Highlights

* Closed Captioning Support
All new closed captioning support in Vegas Pro 9.0d provides broadcast editors with a workflow that enables the importing, editing, and exporting of CEA-608 captioned data in high definition Sony XDCAM MXF material.

* Multi-layer Adobe Photoshop Document (PSD) Support
Multi-layerPSD support in Vegas 9.0dprovides a highly flexible model for professionals to quickly create complex animation and professional results from a single PSD image. This new feature enables more creative compositing when working with PSD files by providing individual control over the separate file layers.

* Enhanced Device Explorer Support
Improvements to the device explorer in Vegas Pro 9.0d significantly increase support for additional cameras and devices, including hard disk and memory recording devices. The extra support provides customers with a more powerful and adaptable system for unparalleled video editing.

* Burn Timeline to DVD
Timeline burning to DVD, like the current Vegas Pro "Burn to Blu-ray" process, allows editors a more seamless final output method for their video editing projects.

* PreSonus FaderPort Control Surface Driver Support
The PreSonus FaderPort control surface offers additional flexibility for controlling and automating Vegas Pro 9.0d via hardware other than mouse and keyboard. The touch-sensitive device is perfect for controlling volume and pan parameters, as well as play, stop, start transport functionality and managing markers for fast and easy audio and video editing.

Price and Availability
The Vegas Pro 9.0d software update is available now for download online at www.sonycreativesoftware.com and is free for existing registered Vegas Pro 9 users, or $234.95 for owners of Vegas Pro 8 or prior. Vegas Pro 9 software is available in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for Vegas Pro 9 is U.S. $699.95.


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ikan Introduces Stereoscope 3D Camera Support System

ikan ELE

Houston, TX (April 9, 2010). ikan proudly introduces our latest ELEMENTS configuration, the Stereoscope. The Stereoscope is a lightweight, portable solution for those needing a 3D Camera setup. Unlike other 3D camera mounts, the ikan Stereoscope is upgradable, customizable and collaborative with your other ikan ELEMENTS products.

* Designed for use with prosumer, professional grade camcorders and HDSLR.
* Camera mounts glide smoothly on two 15mm rail system.
* Extremely durable, lightweight anodized aluminum construction is lightweight, strong and durable.
* Can be mounted to tripods, jib arms, or with additional ELEMENTS components can be handheld.
* Weighs less the 3 pounds, making it extremely light and travel friendly.
* Cost effective at $399.00.

Designed with you in mind, the Elements line is everything you love about camera support, only lighter, smaller and simplified. With the Elements, you aren't bound to someone else's vision. You can customize your camera rig exactly the way you want it. At ikan, we understand one size does not fit all in regards to camera rigs or operators. We created the Elements to be customizable in an infinite number of ways so you get the features you need at the price you want.


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Convergent Design unveils nano3D

Building on the highly successful nanoFlash, Convergent Design unveiled today, nano3D, the world's smallest professional 3D-HD portable recorder/player. nano3D combines two nanoFlash recorders/players, for fully-synchronized stereoscopic recording and playback. Additionally, nano3D can also be used for simultaneous off-line/online (high quality + proxy modes) or redundant (2 identical masters) recording.

The diminutive size: 3"(H) x 4.2" (L) x 3.8"(W), lightweight (2 lbs), and lower power (12 W), makes nano3D an ideal choice for almost every 3D camera rig. nano3D utilizes the very high quality full-raster 4:2:2 Sony MPEG2 CODEC, but extends the bit-rate up to 280 Mbps for superb video quality. Compressed video and audio are stored on affordable Compact Flash media (now up to 64GB) in Quicktime or MXF file format, providing universal NLE support, including Avid, Final Cut Pro, Edius, Vegas and Premiere.

As a recorder, nano3D features dual HD-SDI inputs as well as a LTC input for time-code. nano3D supports a wide range of video formats, including 1080i60/50, 1080p30/25/24, and 720p60/50/30/25/24. I-Frame only recording (up to 280 Mbps) guarantees that both the left and right frames are processed identically, for superior 3D rendering. Finally, up to 8-channels of embedded audio per HD-SDI stream can be recorded in uncompressed 24-bit 48KHz format, enabling full HD 5.1 or 7.1 program creation.

As a playback device, nano3D offers the standard dual-stream synchronized HD-SDI output. However, what really sets nano3D apart, is the built-in combiner function which merges the left and right video into one of the popular 3D formats such as side by side, top and bottom, or line by line. The merged video is output over a single HD-SDI cable for display on professional 3D monitors. Furthermore, the addition of a low-cost HD-SDI to HDMI converter enables the 3D HD-SDI stream to be displayed on consumer 3D TVs. This is important, as a large-screen is considered essential for critical analysis of 3D material.

"The nano3D is a significant advance, since for the first time, a low-cost 3D recorder / 3D playback solution will allow the immediate critical analysis of footage on-set, allowing for an immediate confirmation that the scene was recorded properly. This will enable 3D projects to be shot with confidence", said Dan Keaton, Director of Sales and Marketing for Convergent Design.

"nanoFlash revolutionized the market as an affordable high-quality recorder that could be mounted-on and powered-by, your camera. nanoFlash continues to set the standard in terms of size, weight, power, and quality. We expect nano3D, with synchronized record / playback and built-in stream combiner, will now revolutionize 3D production," noted Mike Schell, President of Convergent Design.

nanoFlash and nano3D can be seen at the Convergent Design booth (C11731) at the NAB show, April 12-15. More info available at www.convergent-design.com.

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Gefen Unveils New Product Line at NAB

Gefen, a leader in digital connectivity solutions, brings a new product line geared for broadcasters and post-production professionals to NAB this year. The GefenPro line will present professionals with multifaceted solutions that deliver functionality and features above and beyond products currently available. This includes greater matrix switchers supporting more sources and displays, longer distance signal extenders based on fiber optics, and a mix of products supporting the 3G-SDI standard.

All products include 24/7 customer support from trained technical service representatives available at Gefen. This added customer service is deemed necessary when dealing with highly demanding industries such as broadcasting and rental and staging. GefenPro products also feature a more rugged
construction and internal power supplies using industry standard AC cords to improve performance and reliability in the field.

GefenPro 10x4 DVI DL Matrix

This rackmountable DVI matrix accepts ten DVI inputs that are switched to any four displays in any configuration desired. It supports two-display extended desktops or a variety of single displays for very flexible operations. Both single and dual link DVI resolutions are supported up to 3840x2400. Additional
features include independent EDID programming for each input to eliminate the need to reboot after switching. RS-232 serial control and front panel buttons offer easy access and control in the field.

GefenPro 8x8 DVI DL Matrix

This rackmountable dual link DVI matrix connects eight computers to eight displays supporting dual link DVI resolutions to 3840x2400. Users select any combination of one or more computers to be viewed on one or more displays. Independent EDID programming for each DVI input eliminates the need to reboot after switching. Users have four ways to control the matrix: front panel buttons, the IR remote, RS-232 serial control or IP control with a webpage type interface.

GefenPro 16x16 DVI Matrix

This rackmountable DVI matrix connects 16 computers to 16 displays supporting resolutions up to 1920x1200. Users are able to route one or more computers to one or many displays in any combination for very flexible, simultaneous viewing. Users control matrix switching through the front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232 serial control or by IP control using a webpage-type interface.

GefenPro 16x16 3G-SDI Matrix

This rackmountable SDI matrix connects 16 sources to 16 3G-SDI destinations supporting 1080p or 1920x1200 resolutions. Users select any combination of one or more sources to ve viewed on any display or routed to other destinations. This matrix is very flexible in its ability to route sources in any configuration of one-to-one or one-to-many. The front panel has local switching buttons viewed on an LCD display. Other methods of control include IR remote, RS-232 serial control and IP control to be accessed from a webpage-type interface. Redundant power supplies offer added convenience; if one should fail, the other will automatically provide power, eliminating signal loss while increasing reliability.

GefenPro 3G-SDI Fiber Optic Extender

This extender uses small, dongle-type sender and receiver units to extend any source using 3G-SDI up to 10 kilometers to a display over single-mode fiber optic cabling terminated in ST. Resolutions are supported up to 1080p full HD at this distance, making this a unique, long-run solution for signal extension with no latency and absolutely no signal loss.


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