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August 26, 2010

Table of Contents

EventDV-TV Presents This Week at WEVA with Philip Hinkle
proDAD Unveils Revolutionary New Mercalli V2 Video Stabilization Products With Rolling Shutter Correction Technology
Zoom H1 Handheld Recorder Available Today
OWC Announces New Mercury Extreme Pro 40GB SSD As Most Affordable SandForce Processor Based Solid State Drive On Market
SmartSound® Adds More Vocal Music to their Voxation Series
VideoHelper Speeds Up Music Searches With ‘Scenarios’; Introduces Faster, More Intuitive Search Engine
Canon Announces New EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) for Administrative Control Over Camera Functions
PluralEyes Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro

EventDV-TV Presents This Week at WEVA with Philip Hinkle

EventDV 25 All-Star Philip "Frogman" Hinkle from WEVA Expo 2010

EventDV-TV Presents This Week at WEVA with Philip Hinkle, a three-part series produced at WEVA Expo 2010 and featuring the latest and greatest from the event filmmaking industry's largest conference and trade show, held August 23-26, 2010 in Orlando, Florida.

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proDAD Unveils Revolutionary New Mercalli V2 Video Stabilization Products With Rolling Shutter Correction Technology

proDAD, a world-class developer of digital video effects plug-ins and image optimization technologies for professional video editors and broadcast professionals as well as aspiring pros today announced two new products based on the Mercalli V2 technology platform. Mercalli V2, first demonstrated at the 2010 NAB show in April, has been radically re-designed with new industry-leading 3D (X, Y, and Z camera axis) video stabilization and highly effective automatic rolling-shutter compensation technology and is hands-down the most effective post-capture video stabilization and optimization solution available. The two new Mercalli products include:

• Mercalli Pro - Seamless plug-In version of Mercalli for popular Macintosh and Windows NLEs from Adobe®, Apple®, MagixTM, Sony®, and Thomson Grass Valley®, allowing stabilization and rolling-shutter corrections of video right on the timeline with full 32/64-bit NLE support. Mercalli Pro also includes the Mercalli Stand Alone (SAL) application ;
• Mercalli Stand Alone (SAL) - Stand-alone Mercalli video stabilization and rolling-shutter compensation application for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP with the same core technology included in Mercalli Pro, with advanced visualizations not possible in a plug-in solution.

Mercalli Pro & SAL both offer highly effective rescue of shaky video in post production/editing thanks to brand-new 3D (X, Y, and Z camera axis) stabilization technology which is an order of magnitude improvement over current stabilization technologies currently available in the market. Because 3D stabilization is so effective, a unique "Dynamic Camera" mode feature allows very precise control of the stabilization to retain the video's character. Both versions incorporate exclusive SmartBorderTM options which significantly reduce the need to zoom-in like other solutions, keeping the video borders intact. Also new in Mercalli Pro & SAL is highly effective rolling-shutter compensation. Rolling-shutter is distortion of the video introduced by many CMOS digital cameras/camcorders, giving the appearance of wobble, Jello, or skew towards the bottom of the frame when the camera is panned quickly. Both versions can render stabilized HD or SD video in real time.

"Mercalli took the market by storm when it was launched in 2008" said Andreas Huber, Managing Director of proDAD. "The video editing community needed an effective, affordable way to rescue shaky video post-capture and proDAD answered with Mercalli. Now we're upping the ante again with Mercalli Pro & SAL with its game-changing 3D video stabilization, SmartBorder options, rolling-shutter compensation, and support for the Macintosh platform" Mr. Huber added.

proDAD's Mercalli provides an elegant solution to the common problem of shaky video shot in the field where it's not always possible to use a tripod or monopod to capture a scene, and flat-out impossible for helmet or vehicle mounted action cameras and mobile devices. Mercalli differs from other post-production video stabilization tools as it does not require the user to struggle with baffling mathematical theory in determining the most appropriate settings to correct shaky video. The user simply selects the video to be stabilized on the timeline within the NLE software, selects a "de-shake" profile for correction, and Mercalli does the rest. The user can see the effects in real-time for HD or SD video, even make fine tuning adjustments on the fly.

Pricing and Availability
Mercalli Pro will retail for $249.00 and Mercalli Stand Alone will retail for $149.00. Current Mercalli Expert or Mercalli Light customers are eligible to upgrade for as little as $79.00. For a limited time Mercalli Pro and Mercalli SAL are available for a special "pre-order" offer with 20% off savings + download of special pre-release versions of the Windows plug-ins and the Stand Alone Version for those users with urgent needs. Released versions of Mercalli Pro (Windows) & Mercalli SAL are expected to ship mid-August and the release of Mercalli Pro (Win + Mac) is expected by early September. Please visit www.prodad.com to learn more.

Mercalli V2 SDK Now Available
proDAD video stabilization technology is available for license to creative software developers and others desiring to add video stabilization into their products. Please contact proDAD Developer Solutions for more information by sending an email to: licensing@prodad.com.

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Zoom H1 Handheld Recorder Available Today

Zoom is excited to announce availability of its smallest recorder to date, the new H1 Handy Recorder.  The H1 weighs in at just 2 oz, but delivers heavyweight HD audio recording power with the same studio-quality microphones as Zoom’s renowned H2 – the most popular handheld recorder in the world.  The affordable H1 is priced at just $99, and is available now at select retailers  and around the country. 

The H1 is also the easiest Zoom recorder to use, boasting a new user friendly interface that places all its functions at the touch of a button.  The H1 can accommodate up to 32GB microSDHC memory cards, providing over 50 hours of recording time and runs on a single AA size battery (up to 10 hours or continuous operation).

“The H1 is Zoom's smallest, most affordable recorder ever,” praises Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing for Samson.  “Now everyone everywhere can easily make quality stereo recordings.  Whether you’re a musician, journalist, filmmaker or a business professional, this H1 is for you.”

H1 users can purchase an H1 accessory kit for just $24.99 that includes a windscreen, AC adapter (USB type), USB cable, adjustable tripod stand, soft carrying pouch and mic clip adapter.
For additional information please visit www.zoomfx.com\H1.

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OWC Announces New Mercury Extreme Pro 40GB SSD As Most Affordable SandForce Processor Based Solid State Drive On Market

Other World Computing (OWC), a leading zero emissions Mac® and PC technology company, announced today a new 40GB model to its award-winning OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD™ line as the most affordable high performance SandForce®  Processor based Solid State Drive on the market. Designed and made in the U.S. from imported parts, the new OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 40GB SSD’s special introductory pricing of $99.99 makes it the lowest priced SSD on the market to offer three key high performance features:

    * Industry leading sustained Read AND Write speeds over 260MB/s (with peak speeds up to 285MB/s).
    * Best in class error correction (ECC) and SandForce RAISE™ redundancy with 7% over provisioning.
    * SandForce DuraClass™ technology with ultra-efficient Block Management & Wear Leveling for long term durability.

The OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line, which has won Editor’s choice awards and review comments like “Eye popping speed with consistent performance over time”, “Best write speeds we’ve seen”, and “The fastest SSD to hit our test bench yet” from leading performance testing sites like Tweaktown, Hot Hardware, MacPerformanceGuide, Maximum PC, Storage Review and Benchmark Reviews, is available for immediate ordering in nine configurations from 40GB to 480GB starting at $99.99. All models are Macintosh® and PC compatible and install easily into notebooks, as well as into desktops/towers with an OWC Multi-Mount adapter kit sold separately.

For more information on the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line, including Reseller inquiries, visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/internal_storage/Mercury_Extreme_SSD_Sandforce For more information on the OWC Multi-Mount drive adapter kit useful for securely installing smaller form factor (2.5" & 3.5") hard drives and SSDs into larger sized (3.5" & 5.25") drive bays in Apple Mac Pro, Apple PowerMac, PC desktop, and PC tower computers, visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/owcpages/multimount/multimount.html

Doesn’t Slow Down With Use Like Ordinary SSDs
Ordinary SSDs offer fast read/write performance during first initial uses, but then experience significant write speed degradation over repeated usage. Independent simulation tests by leading drive performance experts (http://macperformanceguide.com/SSD-RealWorld.html) confirm the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD’s ultra-efficient Block Management & Wear Leveling technologies are able to eliminate virtually any reduction in data transfer speeds over heavy long term usage of the drive and without dependency on less than effective OS TRIM management.

Longer Notebook Battery Runtime

Because the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD uses as little as 1/3 the power compared to the most power efficient 2.5" hard drives and up to 1/2 less power than other leading brand SSDs without any performance sacrifice, notebook users can now maximize their “unplugged” mobile use time while desktop/tower users can enjoy the benefits of a more energy efficient system.

Video Highlights Performance Gains

The OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD models are an ideal way for typical Mac or PC desktop and/or notebook computer users to dramatically increase the performance of their existing machine. In several side-by-side comparison tests (http://eshop.macsales.com/Video/SSD/Performance_Test) the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD was able to boot the OS and load six apps up to four times faster than the factory stock configuration. And even older machines equipped with an OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD saw an up to 2.5 times faster performance gain over newer machines with faster processors and more RAM.

“Throughout this revolutionary product’s evolution, it has scored numerous industry achievements,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “From being initially announced as the fastest SSD on the market, to offering the highest capacity found in a SandForce-based SSD, to now offering the most affordable high performance model available on the market, the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line continues to make headlines for all the right reasons.”

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SmartSound® Adds More Vocal Music to their Voxation Series

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leader in fully-customizable royalty-free music, has released a new album from "Josh Eagle and the Harvest City" in their highly creative Voxation Series.  The Voxation Series features lyric-based vocal music from talented bands and artists in a SmartSound format that automatically edits length, arrangement and mix in the hands of any video or audio editor.  

Each song on these albums is licensed for royalty-free commercial use and delivered with the instrument tracks and vocals on separate layers.  With the powerful customization control in SmartSound's Sonicfire® Pro software, video editors can easily manipulate these songs to make the instruments and vocals automatically fit the changes in their video.  You can preview and purchase this new album here: http://www.smartsound.com/music/discpreview.php?lib=417

World-class trainer and video expert, Larry Jordan, has produced a video tutorial that shows you how to greatly enhance the impact of your videos with the power of SmartSound's music customization features and this new layered vocal music.  Watch the tutorial on SmartSound's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/smartsoundmusic#p/u/0/kKoG6ipWfms

This new album from band "Josh Eagle and the Harvest City" features compelling blue-collar rock with gravelly, heartfelt vocals and poetic lyrics.  SmartSound is working with more bands and artists to keep the Voxation Series growing.

Albums in the Voxation Series are priced at $149.95 each.  All SmartSound Music is available for purchase online as both albums or singles.  All music purchases are downloadable instantly after completing the purchase.  Physical discs can be shipped for an additional charge.  The SmartSound music library is designed to work with SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Express Track® software which is available as a free download or the Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition available for just $99.95.

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VideoHelper Speeds Up Music Searches With ‘Scenarios’; Introduces Faster, More Intuitive Search Engine

Leading creators of original licensed music VideoHelper, has launched ''Scenarios,'' a new timesaving approach to music searches. A highly intuitive new way to search within VideoHelper’s deep library, ''Scenarios'' comes as part of with a completely redesigned interface that connects users with the right track faster and more efficiently.

With the ''Scenarios'' option users can look for tracks based on common production themes, leading them directly to the most appropriate music tracks for a particular scene, promo, commercial or film trailer they’re working on.

A massive undertaking, VideoHelper’s 4100+ tracks have been meticulously categorized with real world descriptions that match the way people generally think about visuals. For example, with ''Scenarios'' you can search such ingeniously named categories as: ''Don’t You Die On Me Man,'' ''Space is Awesome,'' ''Debate, Gladiator Style,'' ''At The Beach,'' ''Blowing Stuff Up,'' ''Creepy Stalker,'' ''Winner’s Circle'' and ''Slo-Mo Punt Return.'' Each category contains multiple exclusive world-class tracks to choose.

For the thousands of video editors, music supervisors, film, TV and advertising producers that use VideoHelper daily the new user interface, of which ''Scenarios'' is just one part, will be a huge time-saver. Redesigned from the ground up to be more efficient, fast and instinctive to use, the new VideoHelper search engine uses dynamic scrolling to speed users through hundreds of categories in one smooth motion.

With it users can instantly search by Scenario, Genre, Mood, Instruments, Composer and Tempo, as well as Keyword, while a ''Quick Browse'' feature gives instant access to every disk in the wide-ranging VideoHelper libraries. The waveform display on each track provides a visual guide to where it builds, gets quiet, kicks in or concludes. Moreover, searches can easily be saved into playlists for easy reference and sharing. Full-bandwidth and MP3 tracks are available for instant preview or download.

Since starting VideoHelper in 1996, co-founders Joseph Saba and Stewart Winter have remained committed the company to providing TV, film and media producers with ''production music for people who hate production music.''

'''Scenarios’ and our new user interface match our approach to making music for visuals,'' Saba says. ''Now, media pros can almost enjoy finding the right tracks for their productions.''

About VideoHelper:
VideoHelper is one of the leading global creators and suppliers of production music and has an acknowledged reputation for innovative creativity. The company’s music is used daily in over 60 countries by most major international broadcasters (TV, cable and radio) and in films, movie trailers, websites, and other media platforms. VideoHelper is independently owned and based in NYC. For more information, http://www.videohelper.com


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Canon Announces New EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) for Administrative Control Over Camera Functions

For wedding and portrait photographers, one of the most enjoyable parts of a project is the actual photographic element with the laborious work starting when the time comes to organize files, edit and ultimately provide the finished product. To help make this process less cumbersome, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the launch of a new EOS 7D Studio Version DSLR Camera, ideal for professional school and event photographers which features four levels of “locking” camera controls for studio environments.

In addition to the “locking” feature on the new EOS 7D Studio Version, the Company is also introducing a Canon Barcode Solution, which links customer data directly with the image file so that it can be maintained throughout the entire workflow process, ideal for school photographers, forensic and medical photo workflows.

Canon’s new “Locking” EOS 7D Studio Version DSLR allows administrators to disable unwanted features and settings thus providing professional studio operators the comfort of knowing the end result will be both reliable and repeatable. The camera has four different “lock” levels allowing administrators to enable the appropriate level of camera functionality for any studio operation. Custom functionality management is also achieved through each level by unlocking individual features according to operator-specific needs. This complete level of control is guarded by a daily password preventing anyone with a different vision from changing the camera settings and disrupting the overall project and workflow.

“We know professional photographers are constantly searching for ways to simplify the workflow process,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “With the addition of the new EOS 7D Studio Version camera, professionals and business owners can be confident that data management will be streamlined and they can focus on the current task at hand.”

The new Canon Barcode Solution for the new EOS 7D Studio Version cameras helps to automate the data management required when shooting, processing and delivering images for school photoshoots and other large scale events as well as organizing medical images while maintaining patient anonymity. Once the barcode option is enabled, customer, organizational, patient and/or other data will be embedded directly into the image file’s EXIF data by scanning a barcode for easy identification when reviewing the completed work. While shooting, the actual reading of barcodes can be easily managed and, based upon each person’s workflow, the critical task of file management is accomplished with less risk of error. Upon completion, a visual confirmation will appear on the camera’s rear LCD screen.

The EOS 7D Studio Version kit includes Canon’s WFT-E5A unit, which along with an optional barcode reader can scan and seamlessly manage image and customer data through a “wired connection”. A wireless system configuration is also possible through Canon’s BU-30 Bluetooth adapter further adding to the system’s convenience and functionality. Existing WFT-E5A units require a firmware update to work with Barcode functionality. This update will need to be done at a Canon USA Factory Service location if the customer wishes to use a previously purchased WFT-E5A unit. If the customer chooses this option, the ability to read and embed GPS (Global Positioning System) data will no longer function.

Coupled with a new “Locking” EOS 7D Studio Version Digital SLR camera, photographic operations both large and small can ensure reliability and efficient workflow for whomever is using the camera.

The new EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) Barcode Kit (EOS 7DSV and WFT-E5A with firmware change) will carry an estimated selling price of $ $2599. The EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) Body Only will carry an estimated selling price of $1829. Both are available by special order through select Canon authorized dealers.

The following Barcode Scanners are compatible; Honeywell 3800, Honeywell 3820, for scanning via bluetooth and Honeywell 4600, for scanning 1D and 2D barcodes.

All inquiries and questions regarding Canon’s EOS 7D Studio Version DSLR or Canon’s Barcode Solution can be directed to ProSolutions@cusa.canon.com.

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PluralEyes Now Available for Adobe Premiere Pro

Singular Software, developer of workflow automation applications for digital media, announced that its flagship product PluralEyes™ is now available for Adobe® Premiere® Pro Creative Suite (CS) versions 4 and 5. PluralEyes provides valuable timesaving workflow automation features for editing multi-camera, multi-take, and dual-system audio projects.

By analyzing audio information, PluralEyes synchronizes audio and video clips automatically, without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation. "From day one, we have received tremendous feedback from PluralEyes users, many of whom have requested support for additional host applications," says Bruce Sharpe, CEO, Singular Software. "Our PluralEyes development strategy has always been to expand support to include Adobe Premiere Pro. We are thrilled to provide this new option to Adobe's innovative community of creative designers and professionals."

A critical timesaving tool for editors of all skill levels and across all genres
A relative newcomer to the post-production scene (released in Q2 of 2009), PluralEyes has quickly become the fan favorite among video producers of all skill levels. "I'm BLOWN AWAY at how easy PluralEyes makes syncing my audio and video. As a wedding cinematographer shooting exclusively with the 5D Mark II, PluralEyes saves me time and headache when dealing with my external audio recorder. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT," says, Rob Adams, Award-Winning Cinematographer, Rob Adams Wedding Cinematography.

PluralEyes can be used for a wide range of projects from weddings and live events, to documentaries, commercials, indie films and more. "If you edit multi-camera footage (concerts, events, etc.), PluralEyes is a massive timesaver for syncing. It's like magic," says Rob Sheridan, Creative Director, Nine Inch Nails.

Critics agree across the board – PluralEyes is a winner!
Placed in the EventDV Winner's Circle and presented a Black Diamond Award by DV Magazine at the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention; reviewers continue to sing the praises of PluralEyes and its groundbreaking innovation. "PluralEyes has taken a tedious and time consuming process and automated it. If you spend any amount of your time syncing up audio and video tracks, then you need to get this software. I highly recommend PluralEyes for anyone that fits in this category," comments Eric Reagan, Reviewer, Photography Bay and TechTilt. Please visit: http://bit.ly/ccBCJW to read the full PluralEyes review.

Availability and Pricing of PluralEyes
PluralEyes is available for purchase on the Singular Software website (http://www.singularsoftware.com/buy.html). An introductory discount of 20% will be applied to the original price ($149 USD) if purchased before September 17, 2010. Students and instructors can also benefit from Singular Software's academic discount of 50%, which can be applied to individual purchases of PluralEyes. For volume orders, please contact sales@singularsoftware.com.

PluralEyes for Premiere Pro is compatible with Windows® XP®, Vista® and Windows 7®. A version for Mac OS X users will be released at a later date.

Final Cut Pro and Vegas Pro users can also sample PluralEyes by downloading a fully functional 30-day free trial version from: http://www.singularsoftware.com/downloads.html


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