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November 05, 2010

Table of Contents

First Look: The Panasonic AG-AF100
Digital Juice Announces New Series of Topload Camera Bags
New Tutorial Available for Matrox Users
Anton/Bauer Features New Power Solutions At Createasphere Expo
All New Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles - Matching Animated Graphics
Make iPad Movies with ProxyMill


EventDV magazine has announced that voting is now open for the 2010 EventDV 25, the magazine's 6th annual all-star team of the hottest and most influential event filmmakers in the world. Elected entirely by reader/filmmaker voting, the EventDV 25 is the event filmmaking industry's one true reader's-choice selection of the filmmakers and studios who had the biggest impact on the industry in 2010. Honorees will be announced in early March on EventDV-TV. Watch EventDV.net and EventDV Spotlight for details. Readers of EventDV magazine, EventDV Spotlight, and www.eventdv.net are encouraged to vote now by clicking here, or on the EventDV 25 image on the right. Polls will remain open until January 5.

"It's amazing to see the changes in this industry since we first did the EventDV 25 in 2005," said EventDV editor-in-chief Stephen Nathans-Kelly. "Who'da thunk, back then, that most of the top producers in our business would be shooting with still cameras, crossing oceans to collaborate with one another, calling themselves filmmakers, and earning that appelation and more with the dazzling work they do? Not to mention regularly sharing that work online for their peers around the world to see?" Nathans-Kelly said. "And lest you doubt that we are indeed a global industry, and increasingly recognized for the talent demonstrated in the work we share, make no mistake: The world is watching. 233,000 viewers of a wedding clip posted late last month—89,000 in one day—attest to that. And there's no better showcase for that talent than the annual EventDV 25 awards show, which acclaims the best of the best and presents their very best work in all its glory."

Here's a look at Day One of last year's awards show, produced by Whit Wales of Whit Wales Wedding Films (who will be back in his producer/director role by popular demand this year) recognizing the 2009 EventDV 25:


(To see the rest of the 4-day show, visit the 2009 EventDV 25 Awards Show page.)

The voting and selection process for the 2010 EventDV 25 remains very similar to last year's process. Voters may vote as many as 25 times, but they can't vote for the same event filmmaker more than once. You must be a active in the event filmmaking industry to vote, and you must be active to make the list. And, as befits a competition that's about having a professional impact on your peers and on your industry as a whole, votes cast by filmmakers/videographers for themselves, for their family members, employers, employees, or anyone in their studio will not be counted. (Filmmakers who receive votes from themselves, their family members, their employers, employees, or business partners will still be eligible to make the list; the disqualified votes simply won't count toward their total.) To make votes easier to validate is that voters must identify themselves with a valid company domain name in their email address (e.g., filmmaker@mystudio.com) or a URL for their studio in the comments field for their votes to count. "Just give us something we can use to track you down and validate your vote," said Nathans-Kelly. (And of course without a working email address you won't be available for any of the prizes we'll be giving away to voters this year—details to come.) As in past years, the filmmakers/studios with the 25 highest vote totals will become the 2010 EventDV 25.

One key difference in this year's voting is that EventDV is partnering with a number of vendors in the industry to provide exclusive giveaways to registered EventDV 25 voters. The drawing will take place after the polls close on January 5, and winners will be announced around or about January 15. Giveaway sponsors signed on so far include Sony Creative Software with a full boxed copy of the brand new Vegas Pro 10 professional NLE, Digital Juice with their all-new Standard Topload Camera Bag for DSLR users, NewBlueFX with their Video Essentials IV, Schneider Optics with their Cam Caddie DSLR stabilizing handle, and Petrol Bags with their Deca Transparent Rain Cover. More giveaways will be announced as the voting progresses.

"This year, as in 2009," Nathans-Kelly said, "we will also be recognizing 25 more studios as EventDV 25 Finalists, an acclimation accorded to those who are making their mark pushing their way ever closer to the top 25 list." (The 26th-to-50th highest vote totals will comprise the Finalists list.) For more information on last year's distinguished list, visit the 2009 EventDV 25 Finalists page.

In keeping with the all-star team/baseball theme of the EventDV 25, EventDV has a Commissioner who reviews and certifies the vote after the polls close on January 5. "Three-time EventDV 25 honoree John Goolsby of Godfather Films is the only person I can even imagine in this role. Consummate professional, grizzled industry veteran, and architect of one of the most comprehensive and rollickingly successful branding overhauls our industry has ever seen," said Nathans-Kelly, "the achievements and professional mien of Godfather Films' John Goolsby epitomize everything the EventDV 25 is about. Which is exactly why we asked him to become Commissioner. It's an honor to work with him, and to give him the final word on who makes the list and who doesn't. After Commissioner Goolsby certifies the vote, we'll have our 2010 all-star team, and we will reveal it to the industry—and to the honorees themselves—in the 2010 EventDV 25 all-star show on EventDV-TV in March."

Watch the EventDV Spotlight newsletter for more announcements about the 2010 EventDV 25 and for announcements of other exclusive giveaways that registered EventDV 25 voters become eligible for when they register and cast their votes. (Even if you cast your vote before we announce a prize sponsor and their logos appear on the voting page, you'll still be entered into the drawing for the prize.)

To make your 25 selections for the hottest and most influential videographers of 2010, click here and vote now.

2010 EventDV 25 Voting Page

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First Look: The Panasonic AG-AF100

Recently I attended DV Expo West in Los Angeles, where I spoke to Panasonic's Jan Crittenden Livingston about the company's new AG-AF100 camcorder, which made our 2010 Winner's Circle list when it was still under glass at NAB 2010 in April, and is scheduled to ship in late December.

At $4,995 without any lens, the AG-AF100 seeks to give some added capability and performance to people who may be shooting video with a DSLR or thinking about it. It's been touted as the first sub-$5,000 product in a traditional camcorder body to deliver image quality and low-light performance on par with DSLRs, along with comparable lens interchangeability and depth-of-field control. The camera can accept a whole array of 35mm still and motion picture lenses with the help of adapters if necessary. Behind the lens is a newly designed single 4/3" MOS sensor.

Around the sensor, Panasonic has built a camcorder to take advantage of its huge imager. The AG-AF100 has a large 4" flipout LCD on the left side, two XLR inputs for audio on the right, a handle on top, and two SDHC/SDXC slots in back to record the high-bitrate AVCCAM footage. Below the slots are the battery receptacle, and jacks for SDI, HDMI, and a host of other outputs. Above the battery is a viewfinder, an most importantly on the right side is a handgrip, where you'd expect it, sans the zoom rocker.

The first question I asked Crittenden was, "Do you see the AG-AF100 as the HD-DSLR killer?" To my surprise, she said "no." According to Crittenden, there will always be people who go the cheaper route of getting the DSLR with a couple of lenses and start shooting for half the price of the AF100. But she maintains that they would be losing image quality, though, as the AF100 won't have the moire issues the DSLRs that aren't optimized for video have.

The way I see it, the AG-AF100 may save you money over a DSLR in the short term. DSLRs are built, physically, for taking still photos. Their continuous record times max out at 12 minutes. The typical demands of videography work such as holding the camera for prolonged periods of video recording, and capturing pro-quality audio are issues that will cost you a few more dollars in accessories. While many AF100 users may find themselves opting for a Zacuto-type rig for shooting, it is probably less necessary for the AF100, as its body was designed for video shooting. These rigs may range from $500 and to around $3,000, depending on what you need. If you want rails and a follow focus it will cost you the same for either camera.

For run-and-gun handheld work, the AF100 has an edge. A lot of that has to do with audio. The DSLRs audio is generally good for nothing but a reference track with which to sync audio from an external recorder (such as the recently reviewed Tascam DR100) that can cost $300–$500. Not to mention that the audio recorder is sometimes attached to the rig, giving a lone shooter two things to monitor, or requiring a second person to monitor audio. The AF100 has built-in professional audio circuitry with professional XLR connectors, a headphone out, and manual audio levels. If you're already accustomed to doing audio and video at the same time, the AF100 will probably work well for you. I can see the AF100 needing fewer accessories to acclimate it to video use, evening out the cost with DSLRs.

The AG-AF100 also allows you to capture still photos when the camera is in REC and REC/PAUSE modes. Because this camera is optimized for motion recording, the Still picture quality is the same quality as the camera's highest video quality capabilities (1920x1080 or about 2 MP). The "Capture" function can be assigned to one of the camera's three User Buttons, which are located next to the hand grip. Obviously, this is no replacement for a state-of-the-art professional digital still camera, or even a contemporary consumer model, so those of you for whom DSLRs have brought photography into your arsenals will find no "DSLR killer" here.

In the end, it was great to get a close look at this camera at DV Expo. I've been quite impressed with the AF100 samples I've seen online and would really like to try shooting with it when it is available. DSLRs have piqued my interest, and I know many event shooters who have made the transition to DSLRs and swear they'll never go back. But for me, as a 20+ year veteran of video cameras, the AF100 looks like something I could adjust to much more quickly.

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Digital Juice Announces New Series of Topload Camera Bags

Digital Juice® announced today that it is entering the gear protection and transport arena with the release of the Standard and Large Topload Camera Bags. These bags offer safe, organized and contemporary-looking storage and protection for broadcast video, DSLR or HDSLR cameras and gear. The high-quality materials, rugged construction, ease of use and maximized utility space should make them an essential part of any production kit.

“We decided that the gear transport and safety market could do with some Digital Juice-style design and engineering,” says Viv Beason, President of Digital Juice and director of its growing DJ Gear division. “My goal was to design a line of camera bags that not only looked good but which was constructed with materials that would make them lighter than other top industry bags -- all without any compromise to quality and durability. I think you will find that we have accomplished that in these new camera bags.”

The Digital Juice Standard Topload Camera Bag is perfect for HDSLR up to mid-size camera units like the Panasonic HVX200 series. The Digital Juice Large Topload Bag is designed for full-size broadcast cameras but can be used with smaller size cameras with added space for lots of accessories. Both the Standard and Large Camera Bags feature a lightweight plastic-reinforced frame that provides flexible and stable protection in an easy-to-carry profile. “The heavyweight nylon fabric we used for these bags has an excellent tear strength”, says Beason. “It outperformed the industry-standard Cordura in every test we conducted.”

Digital Juice Standard Topload Camera Bag

Feature Highlights
• The 5mm plastic sun board used to reinforce the base and top zippered lid is impact resistant and free from heavy metals. It provides lightweight, sturdy protection, additional water resistance and stackability.
• A Velcro-attached foam-padded internal dividing system provides soft and reconfigurable protection and organization, cradling the user’s camera and keeping it from moving around in the bag while protecting it from the knocks and shakes of constant travel.
• The bag exterior is constructed and sewn with sturdy nylon thread, rugged waterproof nylon fabric, thick nylon web straps, heavyweight YKK zippers, strong woven nylon cord pulls, and soft suede handle grips.
• Each bag features three different carry options: permanent leather cushioned cargo carry handles at each end; a quick-release double stitched padded suede shoulder strap; and -- a first for a premium line camera bag -- detachable top carry handles.
• Four roomy storage pockets allow ample space for batteries, tapes, media cards, hard drives, cables, monitors, wireless mics, and notebooks. A flapped pocket on the side of each bag provides users with a convenient place to add a business card for easy identification.


Standard Topload Camera Bag
Exterior Dimensions: 12" x 18" x 8.25" (30.5cm x 45.7cm x 21cm)
Interior Dimensions: 8" x 16" x 7" (20.3cm x 40.6cm x 17.8cm)
Weight: 7 lbs (3.2kg)
Weight Capacity: up to approximately 20 lbs (9.1kg) recommended

Large Topload Camera Bag
Exterior Dimensions: 13.5" x 23" x 10.5" (34.3cm x 58.4cm x 26.7cm)
Interior Dimensions: 10.5" x 22" x 8.5" (26.7cm x 55.9cm x 21.6cm)
Weight: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
Weight Capacity: up to approximately 30 lbs (13.6kg) recommended

Pricing & Availability
The new Standard and Large Topload Camera Bags can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store (www.digitaljuice.com) or by calling the company's customer service center toll-free at 800-525-2203. The Standard Topload Camera Bag retails for $199.99 and the Large Topload Camera Bag for $249.99. Check the website for details on special offers. About Digital Juice®
Digital Juice® is the world-leader in royalty-free broadcast animation content for video, motion graphics and multimedia professionals. Digital Juice® products are in use in nearly every major studio, broadcast, and cable station including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HBO, CNBC, Fox News, and countless high profile television shows such as American Idol and the Grammy Awards. The company provides royalty-free animations, music, stock footage, organic film effects, graphical fonts, layered Photoshop® illustrations, plug-ins and production gear to a wide variety of video, motion graphics, print and web enthusiasts. The company is known for its extremely high quality and innovative content as well as for its aggressive and affordable pricing.

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New Tutorial Available for Matrox Users

Mastering Matrox MXO2 with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 provides in-depth training for editors working on the PC. Produced using the MXO2 Mini with MAX hardware, the content will also apply to users of the MXO2 LE, MXO2 and MXO2 Rack hardware (with or without the MAX option).

Safe Harbor Computers’ in-house video expert Jeff Pulera (author RT.X2 Revealed, HDV & Blu-ray for RT.X2, and Introduction to MXO2 Mini with MAX) shares his years of experience gained using Matrox hardware with Adobe software, providing over 3 hours of unique training in this exclusive offering.

Created to save Matrox MXO2 users the time and frustration often associated with learning new hardware and software on their own, this tutorial addresses the common problems faced by new users, who often overlook or misunderstand many of the features and benefits that their Matrox hardware has to offer.

Lessons are presented in chapters using a logical workflow to cover everything from Capture to Effects to Exporting - and everything in between. The “Quick Start” segment covers just the basics needed to get started immediately, and users can then work through more detailed chapters to benefit from the advanced techniques, tips, and tricks presented there.

Beyond technical instruction, Jeff also shares many creative ideas demonstrated using the Matrox effects plugins. Editors of all experience levels will appreciate getting the maximum productivity from their Matrox MXO2 hardware, while also avoiding common user mistakes.

Chapter List:
1. MXO2 Quick Start
2. MXO2 Features Overview
3. MXO2 Drivers and User Guides
4. CS5 Project Presets
5. CS5 Sequence Settings
6. CS5 Capture Settings
7. Matrox AV Tools
8. Matrox WYSIWYG
9. Matrox X.info Tool
10. Matrox Effects – General
11. Matrox Wipes Transitions
12. Matrox Chroma Key
13. Matrox Luma Key
14. Matrox Color Correction – Primary
15. Matrox Color Correction – Secondary
16. Matrox 32-bit .avi + Alpha codec
17. CS5 Export Settings
18. Matrox MAX H.264 Encoding
Run time: 3 hours 25 minutes, in 18 chapters


This exclusive tutorial is available now as an ESD (Electronic Software Download) from Safe Harbor Computers at http://www.sharbor.com/products/SAHN3010016.html.

System Requirements: PC, min. 1024x768 display, sound card/speakers, Windows Media Player

About the Instructor
Jeff Pulera has been a professional videographer for over 18 years. His experience includes writing tech reviews and working as an NLE demo artist, trainer, and seminar speaker. Widely known throughout the industry as “the Matrox guru,” Jeff is also the producer of the "RT.X2 Revealed," "HDV & Blu-ray for the RT.X2," and “Introduction to MXO2 Mini with MAX” tutorials. Currently, Jeff puts his expert knowledge to good use as an NLE specialist at Safe Harbor Computers.

About Safe Harbor
Celebrating nearly 24 years of business, Safe Harbor has become one of the most trusted resellers in the multimedia industry. Founded in 1987, Safe Harbor has helped to advance the video production industry by providing quality products and outstanding customer service to a wide range of creative artists. With a clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate website, Safe Harbor has built a reliable reputation as an industry leader. Look to Safe Harbor for quality editing and animation software and hardware, as well as for a professional and personable experience. For more information, visit http://www.sharbor.com


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Anton/Bauer Features New Power Solutions At Createasphere Expo

Anton/Bauer®, a brand of The Vitec Group, and the world’s premier provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, will introduce its new QRC-MBPA power solution for the MacBook at Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo (Booth 318).

In addition, the company will showcase the QR-DSLR power solution for the Canon EOS 60D, EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D Digital SLR cameras and the DIONIC® HCX 120 watt-hour capacity battery featuring a brand new motion detection sensor that protects against capacity loss.

The QRC-MBPA Gold Mount® power solution works with MacBook laptops using the Magsafe™ power adapter (sold separately). The QRC-MBPA eliminates the need to purchase or carry additional extended life batteries for the MacBook and can be used with existing Anton/Bauer inventory. In addition, it provides longer run-times when operating high-power demand programs such as Final Cut and seamlessly switches to the internal battery with no loss of data when an Anton/Bauer battery is depleted.

Anton/Bauer is addressing the rising demands of cinematographers adopting Digital SLR camera movie making with its QR-DSLR Gold Mount power solution for the Canon EOS 60D, EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D Digital SLR cameras. The QR-DSLR provides 7.2V power to the camera via the Canon DR-E6 DC coupler, while the PowerTap® provides power for 12V accessories such as monitors, lights, transmitters and other accessories not possible with a standard OEM battery. In addition, it can be worn as a pouch pack or attached to many third-party shoulder support systems, including the Redrock Micro, Cinevate, Shape and Zacuto.

The DIONIC® HCX High-Current Battery is the company’s latest addition to its successful DIONIC series high-current battery line and offers a 120 watt-hour battery capacity and a brand new motion detection sensor that protects against capacity loss. The DIONIC HCX’s most exciting feature is its unique, built-in motion detection sensor. After a two-day period without a load, the DIONIC HCX automatically goes into “deep sleep,” significantly reducing self-discharge and allowing extended storage with nearly zero capacity loss. To “awaken” the battery for normal use, customers need only move the battery, thus activating the motion detection feature and as a result, “wake up” the battery. This new motion detection feature significantly increases the overall life of the battery by mitigating lithium-ion battery self-discharge when the battery is not in use.

Anton/Bauer is recognized as the world’s innovator and premier provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other key mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries. Based in the United States in Shelton, CT with offices in Europe and Asia, Anton/Bauer was established in 1970 and has expanded its product offerings to include many signature lines such as its leading Gold Mount® system, InterActive® chargers and Logic Series® batteries such as the HyTRON® 50, 100 and 140, and DIONIC® 90, 160, HC and HCX. Their products are compatible with virtually every camera brand on the market today. Other Anton/Bauer high performance products include the Ultralight®, ElipZ®, ElightZ®, CINE VCLX and CINE VCLX/2. Their superior-quality products have become an industry standard. For more information on Anton/Bauer, visit http://www.antonbauer.com


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All New Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles - Matching Animated Graphics

Digital Juice® announced that it is adding ten new volumes to its highly successful Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles product line. The ten new titles bring this line of matching animated graphics to 224 volumes, and cover an array of different styles and themes.

The ten unique matching sets include construction, urban and industrial themes as well as styles that feature artistic filigree and vines, grunge paint splashes, stylized arrows and hand drawn sketches to name a few.

What are Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles?
Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles are matched collections of animated graphics that make it is easy to create a professional, coordinated look. Each volume contains a set of matching elements such as backgrounds, overlays, lower thirds and animated wipes with matching sound effects (SD and HD resolutions), motion design elements and Photoshop® layered graphics. This allows producers and designers to instantly create a coordinated identity for a program, while still providing enough variety and customization for a unique, signature look that viewers will identify with, recognize and remember.

“The Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles make it very easy for video editors and motion graphics designers to achieve a consistent look and feel across projects,” says David Hebel, CEO of Digital Juice. “Other than providing the video content and onscreen text, you have every element needed to produce a television show right out of the box! You can even customize and mix and match elements for an infinite number of creative possibilities.”

The 10 New Volumes Include:

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 215: Work Zones (High Impact Tools) - Stainless steel, circular saw blades, paint splatter and hazard markers all say, “Construction, industrial, mining and heavy equipment work getting done here!”

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 216: Town & Country (Grunge Tools) - Transition from urban to rural and back again with a grunge textured skyline set against a stylized field of grass and wheat. This set is perfect for real estate, home improvement or productions with an Eco friendly message.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 217: Filigree Splatter (Fresh & Clean Tools) - With a color palette full of citrus reds, yellows and oranges and a tropical splash of paint and filigree in motion, these animations radiate warmth, fun and sun. They would work perfectly for a summer fashion feature or to add a youthful vibe to any production.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 218: Rough Artistry (Grunge Tools) - Richly detailed and brightly colored, these animations offer a floral explosion of color with a modern twist. The rich background colors are counterbalanced by bright grunge paint splashes and twisting, turning vines of every hue. From arts festival to wedding, this set has a multitude of possible uses.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 219: Giving Directions (Grunge Tools) - Arrows and lines point the way, swirling about in a grunge-inspired earth-toned space. Perfect for travel spots, inspirational messages and for anytime you need to give your production a positive direction.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 220: Ring Rage (Grunge Tools) - Old school looks with Gen Z style -- vibrant reds and yellows pop off the screen as a base for graphic retro rings and arrows. The dynamic paint splatter base is a perfect arena for hip fashion, cool music videos and titles with impact.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 221: Sketched Out (Artistic Tools) - Arrows, lines and sketchy squiggles combine with brush strokes and paint splatters for an eclectic mix of “hand drawn” art. Get a custom look that’s cutting edge the next time you need to appeal to an audience that’s young by age or choice.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 222: Spring Lines (Fresh & Clean Tools) - A cool, fresh take on geometrics -- vertical, horizontal and diagonal moving lines in spring-like shades of blue, green and yellow. Instantly evoke a friendly, warm vibe for your next project.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 223: Making A Mark (Grunge Tools) - Give your next production a distinctly urban, inner city voice with this multi-layered grungy collage of contrasting colors and torn up shapes. Dirt, stains, texture and visible signs of destruction give this set of animations the edge you need.

  • Editor’s Toolkit Pro Single 224: Screen Splash (Grunge Tools) - These bright pastel-colored animations feature filmstrip fragments and retro dot patterns for a multi-generational vibe and an entertainment theme. Perfect for the Saturday Night Movie promo or to add just the right amount of grunge to a pop music video.

Browse, Search & Select
Digital Juice® provides a free Windows® and Mac® utility, Juicer™ 3, that makes it easy to browse, search, and select from any of the Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles™ volumes. Juicer™ 3 allows users to search for content using keywords and then preview or audition individual animations, sound effects and graphics within the Juicer™ 3 browser without having to first load the full resolution files into their editing systems. The Juicer™ 3 technology allows users to render the animations, sound effects and Photoshop® layered graphics to any desired format. The Juicer also makes this product compatible with any computer based non-linear editor with a DVD-ROM drive.

Pricing & Availability
The new Editor’s Toolkit Pro Singles™ can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store (http://www.digitaljuice.com) or by calling the company's customer service center toll-free at 800-525-2203. Individual volumes retail for $49.95 each but can often be purchased in special promotions and bundles for as much as 80% off. Check the website for details on specials. The company's free Juicer™ 3 software can be found at http://www.digitaljuice.com/juicer/

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Make iPad Movies with ProxyMill

Available for Macintosh, ProxyMill is a simple-to-use tool that saves time. Directly convert any HD media, such as Canon 5D/7D, Panasonic P2 or AVCHD, Sony XDCam, JVC, etc. into sharable movie files in one automated step. Just select the media type to watch for, or Drag & Drop card's contents or folders into the process queue.

Selectable compression settings and codecs allow ouput of multiple formatted clips at the same time, such as edit quality QuickTime files and lower resolution iPad proxies that include HD metadata. Burn in Timecode and watermark the clips with your company logo and load it on your client's iPad for review or presentations.

Get your copy today.

Imagine Products, Inc. develops high value, video analysis, archiving systems and asset management software for video professionals. Imagine Products corporate headquarters is located at 1052 Summit Dr., Carmel, Indiana 46032, USA. The company can be reached by phone at (317)-843-0706, by fax at (317)-843-0807, or on the web at http://www.imagineproducts.com

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