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January 03, 2011

Table of Contents

EventDV-TV Presents Kevin Shahinian's The Language of Film, Episode IV: Sound Design
NewTek Ships LightWave 10
Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Grass Valley
Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 7.1 Update

EventDV-TV Presents Kevin Shahinian's The Language of Film, Episode IV: Sound Design

Concept filmmaker extraordinaire Kevin Shahinian (City of Lakes, Snow, Dil Jaanta Hai, Tum Hi Ho) explores the classic underpinnings of film-based storytelling and the language of effective filmmaking in this four-part series on EventDV, co-sponsored by Adobe Systems and Pacific Pictures

To see more of Kevin's work (as featured in The Language of Film), play the clips below:

"CITY OF LAKES" The Feature from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

"SNOW" - Megan + Narbeh's Sweden Thriller Concept from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

"DIL JAANTA HAI (THE HEART KNOWS)" - Anuja + Nirav's Bollywood Concept from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

"TUM HI HO (YOU ARE THE ONE)" - Neil + Jigna's Bollywood Concept from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

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NewTek Ships LightWave 10

NewTek, a worldwide leader of 3D animation and video products, releases NewTek LightWave™ 10—the latest version of its Emmy® Award-winning 3D software. LightWave 10 delivers a whole new set of capabilities for 3D producers and studio pipelines. Now, 3D artists have the ability to focus on the creative process with tools that provide immediate feedback—whether they work alone or in a multi-software studio.

LightWave 10 leverages new technologies developed in LightWave CORE, and showcases NewTek’s commitment to the creation of tools that support the artistic process. With LightWave 10, artists have the ability to interact directly in the viewport and see changes to lights, textures, volumetrics and more, to view updates to their stereoscopic work in real-time and to deliver realistic environment walkthroughs in ways never before possible. With data interchange tools that enhance pipeline integration and a fresh user interface, LightWave 10 is the most artist-friendly, production-ready version of LightWave ever. Developed through continued collaboration with 3D artist members of the LightWave HardCORE community and key Hollywood studios, LightWave 10 delivers the benefits artists count on.

“We upgraded to LightWave 10 with its linear color space workflow because it lets us achieve photorealism so much faster. It helps bring out all the qualities of the rock solid LightWave render engine,” said Stefan Bredereck, supervising artist EdenFX. “With LightWave, we achieved the needed results super fast, and we accomplished even the most challenging tasks, LightWave 10 speeds things up even more. The new features make it a very valuable tool for our studio.”

LightWave 10 new features and benefits include(Click here to see a video of new feature benefits):

  • Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR)--render in real-time, with the ability to limit the render region, for maximum performance

  • New Anaglyph Stereoscopic Preview—real-time interocular, ‘red-blue’ anaglyphic separation delivers the ability to view changes as they happen

  • Virtual Studio Tools—supports InterSense Virtual Camera Tracking System (VCAM) and 3Dconnexion 3D mouse, allowing interaction with models and scenes in real time

  • Linear Color Space Workflow—supports custom Look Up Tables (LUTs) for more realistic lighting, and to maximize compositing flexibility

  • New Data Interchange Tools—support for MDD, Autodesk® Geometry Cache, FBX® and COLLADA™ make it easy to move data from one application to another

  • Updated User Interface (UI)—interactive channel sliders, added control for custom colors, and numerous workflow enhancements deliver a more dynamic user experience

Try LightWave 10 free for 30 days, at: http://www.newtek.com/lightwave/lwtrial.php

“Our goal with LightWave 10 is to deliver workflows that best serve the artist and support their creative discovery process, allowing them to interact with their 3D content like never before,” said Rob Powers, NewTek vice president of 3D development. "Technology should serve the artist, and not the other way around. This is how the Virtual Art Department (VAD) worked, which my team innovated on ‘Avatar.’ It helped transform filmmaking to serve the director.”

LightWave 10 is now available.

  • For a limited time the upgrade price from LightWave v9 to LightWave 10 is US $495—and includes membership in the LightWave HardCORE community with immediate access to preview builds of LightWave CORE
  • For a limited time a full license for LightWave 10 is US $895—and includes membership in the LightWave HardCORE community with immediate access to preview builds of LightWave CORE

Educational pricing is also available. For more information, visit http://www.newtek.com.

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Francisco Partners Completes Acquisition of Grass Valley

Grass Valley is pleased to announce that Francisco Partners, a leading technology-focused investment company, has completed the closing process with Technicolor and finalized the acquisition of the Grass Valley Broadcast & Professional business. As of January 1, 2011 Grass Valley began doing business as an independent company, under the trade name "Grass Valley."

Terms of the sale include 100 percent ownership of the current Grass Valley Broadcast & Professional business. This includes the camera, content repurposing, editing, master control, modular, news production, production automation, production switchers, routing, and video servers product lines including their entire product portfolios, the R&D centers and factories around the world, the Sales & Systems activities and Customer Support organization worldwide, as well as the management and administrative support functions dedicated to the business.

To help customers and technology partners to understand the specifics of the acquisition, Grass Valley has established a special website (www.grassvalley.com/greenergrass) with the latest, most accurate and complete information. This site will allow you to view or download a number of pertinent public documents including all published press releases, FAQs, an open letter from Grass Valley management, background information on Francisco Partners, and more.

There's also a special email address for questions or comments at askjeff@grassvalley.com.

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Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 7.1 Update

Blackmagic Design announced today a major update to DaVinci Resolve, the world’s most popular high-end color grading system on Mac OS X and Linux.

The new DaVinci Resolve 7.1 now adds DaVinci's legendary clustered multi GPU processing power to Mac OS X systems when used with a PCI Express expansion chassis. The new DaVinci Resolve 7.1 also includes greater control through upgraded support for Tangent Wave™ control surfaces and support for the JL Cooper Eclipse CX control surface. New file formats and codes supported in DaVinci Resolve 7.1 include Arri Alexa ARRI RAW, Phantom Cine, high dynamic range OpenEXR and more.

This major update is available today for download from the Blackmagic Design DaVinci website for all existing DaVinci Resolve customers at no charge.

With the new DaVinci Resolve 7.1 update, Mac OS X users can now take advantage of a massive improvement in processing power by installing multiple high performance GPUs. This “super computer” processing power, previously only available on Linux systems, smashes the single GPU limit for a single computer and lets customers increase processing power simply by adding additional GPUs as their businesses grow.

Also supported in the DaVinci Resolve 7.1 update is the ATI 5770 graphics card for the user interface and the Cubix x16 PCI Express expansion chassis for use with multiple GPUs. Support for the expansion chassis allows flexibility to install additional storage, video capture cards, multiple Nvidia Quadro 4000 GPU processing cards, and Red Rocket cards. This means customers get greater cost savings and complete freedom to build high performance color correction systems on Mac OS X.

DaVinci Resolve 7 introduced support for third party control surfaces, and DaVinci Resolve 7.1 expands this support. Now included are more menus on the Tangent Wave™ control surface including menus for stereoscopic 3D and version control, individual adjustments for curves and image clipping, direct access to stills and memories and new keyer controls for post mixing offsets. DaVinci Resolve 7.1 also adds support for the popular JL Cooper Eclipse CX control surface. Only DaVinci Resolve 7.1 gives colorists a complete range of options from mouse or tablet operation, third party control surfaces and the premium Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve control surface.

As the post production and film industries are rapidly advancing into higher quality digital film production, DaVinci Resolve 7.1 includes a wide range of new file formats and codec support for the latest professional cameras and scanners. New file formats include native real time support for Arri Alexa ARRI RAW and D-21 ARRI RAW , Phantom Cine files, OpenEXR in uncompressed and compressed formats, Sony MPEG-4 SStP (Simple Studio Profile) and Sony XDCAM files in QuickTime format. Because support for real time grading direct from Arri Alexa ARRI RAW files is handled in the GPU, no extra hardware is required. No other color correction system available today supports as many high-end DI file formats for real time color correction on Mac OS X.

DaVinci Resolve 7.1 also includes new Stereoscopic 3D color grading controls, including timeline slip to sync left and right eye, auto left and right eye color matching, pitch and yaw keystone control and side-by-side and line-by-line rendering. This new update adds additional project configurations including improved drop frame timecode support, 720p50 and 720p conforming, 1080p50, 1080p59.94 and 1080p60 monitoring as well as automatic multi project ColorTraceTM support for transferring digital dailies grades.

This new software update adds new user interface displays including clip count display on the color screen primary grading tab, session duration display on the conform screen, a new slate option to show source clip name and additional autosave options. DaVinci Resolve 7.1 also enhances RED grading controls by including REDcolor2 and Adobe 1998 colorspace support, REDgamma2 gammaspace support, automatic camera metadata support for HFlip and VFlip, ganged adjustment of decode settings and support for saving RED metadata in stills for copy and paste.

"I am so excited to see these high-end professional digital film production file formats all working in real time with clustered GPU processing power in DaVinci Resolve on Mac OS X based systems!" said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “DaVinci Resolve was already real time on Mac OS X, but now it's perfect for high-end digital film work and because it supports more control surfaces and more native DI file formats from the latest digital cinema cameras, it's going to smash any affordability and creativity barriers for digital filmmakers, post production and program producers! It's an extremely exciting time, and I cannot wait to see the creative results from DaVinci colorists worldwide!"

Availability and Price

DaVinci Resolve 7.1 is available immediately for download from the Blackmagic Design website at http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/software/ free of charge for all existing DaVinci Resolve 7 users. DaVinci Resolve 7.1 for Mac OS X starts at only US$995 and is available from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide. See http://www.blackmagic-design.com/davinci/ for details.

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