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March 22, 2011

Table of Contents

The Moving Picture: How Powerful a Notebook Do You Need for On-Location Editing and Streaming?
SmartSound Announces Music Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15
Canon U.S.A. Announces 2011 Schedule for Canon Live Learning Workshops
Digital Heaven Adds New Features to Final Cut Plug-ins
CoreMelt Unleashes CoreMeltFREE
Sachtler Support for DSLR at NAB 2011
Mewshop's Red-Hot Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop Returns
Safe Harbor Launches Giveaway Promo
iKan Corporation acquires Cinemáge product line from Cine-tal Systems, Inc.

The Moving Picture: How Powerful a Notebook Do You Need for On-Location Editing and Streaming?

Jan OzerI shoot a lot of live events and have been streaming more and more of them live, streaming the events from one of my Core2Duo-based notebooks-a Hewlett-Packard 8741w and a MacBook Pro. I've used Telestream Wirecast for most events, but all have been single-stream, relatively low-resolution broadcasts, like 480x360 or smaller.

I'm starting to get requests for bigger-screen webcasts, and for multiple-bitrate adaptive streams to optimally serve a broad spectrum of viewers connecting from 3G to 50GB FiOS. Of course, everyone wants to send video to iOS devices these days, so that's typically next on the wish list.

As it turns out, there's a lot going on to more simply accomplish all of these goals. The first relates to repurposing the same compressed video streams so they can be redirected for playback on Flash, iOS devices, or even Silverlight. There are multiple approaches, and all are very cool technologies, with some awesome compression-related buzzwords.

By way of background, 12 months ago, if you wanted to distribute video for Flash consumption on computers, and iPhone playback, you had to encode two separate sets of encoded streams, one for each target. Then, most of the streaming world started using H.264 for live events, and someone realized that the only thing different from a Flash stream and a iOS stream was the file "wrapper." Flash used a Flash (.F4V) or QuickTime (.MOV) or even MPEG-4 wrapper (.MP4), while Apple uses an MPEG-2 wrapper (.M2V). However, the actual encoded bitstream within the wrapper can be the same.

That bright someone came up with the idea of (here comes the jargon) transmuxing a file in one format-say, an H.264 file encoded in QuickTime format-into the .m2v wrapper that can be delivered to iOS devices. The first commercial implementation of this concept, to my knowledge, was by Wowza, whose Wowza Media Server can input a single stream (or set of adaptive streams) and dynamically rewrap them for deployment to a completely different target. So today, if you choose the right live streaming service provider, you can send them one set of streams and serve multiple targets. The provider I use, Powersteam, offers this capability via the Wowza server.

Here's a streaming blast from the past: RealNetworks' Helix server offers the same functionality. In addition, Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 web server with the IIS Live Smooth Streaming can transmux incoming Silverlight streams from their Expression Encoder 4 product to deliver to iPhones. Bottom line is that now you can create one stream, or one set of streams, and serve multiple target platforms.

I know what you're thinking-how can I do that if I'm streaming via a puny 800Kbps-or-less DSL outbound connection? Well, it turns out, there's an app for that as well. Sorenson Media recently launched Squeeze Live. Here's how it works: You upload one live stream to the service, and Squeeze Live produces multiple streams from that file in real time, in the Cloud and formatted as necessary to support iOS, Flash, and other protocols. The product is unique, but it solves such a common problem that it won't be for long.

Which gets us to the question, how powerful a notebook do you need to produce multiple streams, or even a single high-quality stream? Well, that's one of the tests I performed for a recent story I wrote for StreamingMedia.com entitled Live Streaming From a Notebook (http://bit.ly/OzerLive), and the answer depends upon the software program you're using to produce the event.

It turned out that Wirecast was the most efficient of the three product priced under $1,000, and could actually produced three SD streams on either of the Core2Duo-based notebooks identified above. But if you were running the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE), or Microsoft's Expression Encoder (EE4), you couldn't produce the streams without dropping frames. For that, you needed to upgrade to the big dog in the review, the 2.0 GHz i7-based HP Elitebook 8740w, with four cores (eight-with hyperthreading). If you're trying the single stream out approach, and are running FMLE or EE4, you'll need a notebook like the 8740w as well, because the Core2Duo computers just wouldn't cut it.

What about the 8740w for on-location editing? I ran a series of tests in Premiere Pro comparing the 8740w to a six-core Hewlett-Packard Z400 workstation. Based on the number of cores alone, you'd expect the Z400 to be 50% faster. In HDV tests, the notebook actually proved faster, encoding my 104-minute dual camera ballet to MPEG-2 format in 63:51, compared to 70:57 for the Z400. Recalling editor Steve Nathans-Kelly's mandate before I started writing this column ("must ... mention ... DSLRs"), I ran my DLSR test, and found that the 8740w was 274% slower, producing my 21-minute test project in 23:55, compared to 6:24 for the Z400. This stumped me for a bit, then I remembered that the Z400 had 24 GB of memory, and the 8740w only 8GB (with max 16GB). When working with H.264-based formats like footage from the Canon 5D, it's all about memory, not CPU. So if you buy a shiny new notebook for on-location DSLR editing, spend the extra dollars maxing out memory, not buying the fastest CPU.

Jan Ozer (jan at doceo.com) is a frequent contributor to industry magazines and websites on digital video-related topics. He is chief instructor at StreamingLearningCenter.com.

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SmartSound Announces Music Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leader in fully customizable royalty-free music and soundtrack creation software, today announced a new Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 video editing software. Recently released, the new Plug-in adds SmartSound's Sonicfire Pro music scoring ease and versatility to Avid and Pinnacle Studio video production platforms.

"Our new Sonicfire Pro Plug-in for both Avid and Pinnacle Studio video software is a breakthrough product that adds unmatched music soundtrack controls to the popular video production platform," said Kevin Klingler, CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. "The new Plug-in lets videographers interactively search through thousands of music tracks, right from within the Pinnacle and Avid Studio workflow. The selected track, which is automatically sized to fit the video length, can then be easily mixed, scored to support changing visuals, and brought directly into the Studio video project. The Studio Plug-in, in conjunction with our Sonicfire Pro soundtrack software, enables advanced interactive music track selection and control from within the Avid and Pinnacle Studio software."

"With more than 12 million Pinnacle Studio versions world-wide, the integration of Sonicfire Pro music scoring via the new SmartSound Plug-in will be a significant value-add to the users of these versions," said Uwe Pfizenmaier, product manager for the Studio product line at Avid Inc. "The ability to interactively score and customize high quality royalty free music tracks from within the Pinnacle and Avid Studio production environment will greatly help Studio users create more exciting and dynamic HD videos."

About the Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 Plug-in

Uniting video and audio production environments, the new Plug-in for Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 puts Sonicfire Pro soundtrack control right inside the Studio video software. Music tracks, automatically fitted to the exact video length, can also be easily customized to support shifts in visual mood and action. Music is always generated with beginning, middle and ending segments to sound custom-composed for each scene. Multiple music arrangements, via Sonicfire Pro's Variations feature, are available in addition to real-time interactive instrument layer controls with SmartSound's Multi-Layer music products. SmartSound's patented ability to customize music length, arrangement and instrument mix is interactive in real-time from within the Avid and Pinnacle Studio video production environment.

  • Unites Avid/Pinnacle Studio and SmartSound Sonicfire Pro production environments
  • Interactively adjusts audio tracks to fit defined video length
  • Supports dynamic resizing of soundtracks from the video editing timeline
  • Automatically creates music with defined beginning, middle and end sections
  • Provides music track customization to support changing video visuals and moods
  • Enables multiple musical arrangements through Sonicfire Pro's "Variations" feature
  • Delivers mixing of individual instrument tracks with SmartSound's Multi-Layer music products
  • For Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio v15 video editing software (PC Windows Versions)
  • Includes 10 Multi-Layer customizable royalty free music tracks (1000's more available for purchase)
  • Available for $29.95 from SmartSound and Avid


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Canon U.S.A. Announces 2011 Schedule for Canon Live Learning Workshops

Canon U.S.A. is proud to announce the continuation of its exclusive on-site educational experience, Canon Live Learning, which has been designed to help advanced amateur imaging enthusiasts and budding professionals improve their skills with the support of professional photographers and industry experts.

Back this year by popular demand are the EOS Immersion Seminars and Workshops and the EOS Destination Workshops, each with updated and improved content. Appearing for the first time will be a new workshop series called “Deconstructing the Story: Light, Sound, Motion & EOS HD,” aimed at professional videographers and transitioning still photographers, and led by instructors from the industry-leading stillmotion team.

EOS Immersion Seminars and Workshops
Canon EOS Immersion Saturday Seminars are full-day events consisting of individual presentations on Creative Essentials, Speedlite Creativity & Techniques, HD Video Basics, andTravel & Landscape Photography. Canon Live Learning instructors Jeff Greene and Sharon Levy Freed deliver inspiring multimedia presentations and perform live demos on stage for up to 200 attendees.

Offered separately, EOS Immersion Sunday Workshops provide a full-day hands-on educational experience for up to 16 attendees. From the top-of-the-line EOS-1D Mark IV to the advanced EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D, students can use and learn with the camera body that best fits their needs while also experiencing Canon’s award-winning EF and EF-S lens lineup and other EOS System accessories. This year, students can choose workshops on EOS HD Video Techniques or Creative Lighting with Canon Speedlites. Ten EOS Immersion weekends are scheduled to date in 2011.Tickets for the Saturday seminar and each Sunday workshop are sold separately.

The next set of EOS Immersion Seminars and Workshops is scheduled on March 26-27, 2011 in Dallas. It will be followed by stops in other major cities such as Columbus, St. Louis, Nashville, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, New York City and Washington, DC.

EOS Destination Workshops
Building off the success of last year’s programs, the EOS Destination Workshops are back helping photographers not only to develop their portfolios but also to enhance their photographic skill sets through hands-on shooting sessions with a wide range of Canon photo equipment. These two-day workshops will take place in scenic locations such as Death Valley National Park, Acadia National Park, and the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, among others. EOS Destination Workshops allow participants the chance of a lifetime to receive personal instruction from Canon Explorers of Light photographers including Jennifer Wu, Tyler Stableford and Ken Sklute, as well as other industry leading professionals, while enjoying scenic views and capturing outstanding images. Reservations for EOS Destination Workshops can be booked in advance on Canon’s web site: http://www.usa.canon.com/canonlivelearning.

The next EOS Destination Workshop is scheduled for April 9-10, 2011 in Utah’s Arches National Park with Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford as the instructor, followed by workshops in Nevada, Arizona, New Jersey, Maine, and Colorado.

Deconstructing the Story: Light, Sound, Motion & EOS HD
The introduction of Full HD video into Canon EOS DSLR cameras has completely changed the art of videography. Working with stillmotion, a team of leading innovators in the use of EOS HD video products, this three day workshop series is designed to help educate aspiring videographers on the creative and technical essentials of storytelling with a focus on camera handling, audio, lighting, movement, composition, storyboarding and editing.

The first session of ‘Deconstructing the Story’ is slated for May 24-26, 2011 in Orlando, Florida followed by workshops in Cincinnati, New York City, Austin, and Seattle.

For more information and a complete listing of the 2011 Canon Live Learning workshops and seminars, please visit http://www.usa.canon.com/canonlivelearning.

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Digital Heaven Adds New Features to Final Cut Plug-ins

Digital Heaven, one of the leading third party developers for Apple Pro Apps, today announced the release of free updates to eight of their plug-ins for Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro.

From freeware grid and guides generators to animating counters, subtitle creation and dead pixel correction, these 14 plug-ins provide a suite of invaluable tools for professional editors.

This release includes a number of new features and bug fixes for DH_Box, DH_Counter, DH_Grid, DH_Guides, DH_LegalText, DH_RetroTV, DH_Subtitle and DH_WideSafe. Highlights include:

  • DH_Subtitle
    A Final Cut text generator for creating professional-style boxed subtitles. Traditionally, this style has been time consuming to create with the need to make a correctly sized shape on a different layer for each line of text. DH_Subtitle automatically creates the box according to the text entered and also ensures the last line of text is always in the same vertical position, no matter how many lines of text a subtitle may contain. Version 2.5 adds automatic line wrapping and metadata support for use with other third party applications.

  • DH_LegalText
    A video generator that enables accurate measurement of on-screen text without leaving Final Cut. This allows compliance with broadcaster guidelines for minimum size of disclaimer text and this new version is easier to use with automatic detection of the current sequence format.

  • DH_WideSafe
    Provides 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 action and title safe areas whilst working in 16:9 aspect ratio sequences. Version 1.6 improves the accuracy of the safe areas with specific handling of NTSC SD and HD sequences in addition to the original PAL SD specifications.

System Requirements:
Final Cut Express (v2 and later) or Final Cut Pro (v4 and later).

Pricing and availability:
Freeware plug-ins (DH_Fade, DH_FieldTrans, DH_Grid and DH_Guides) are available by registering on the Digital Heaven website. Other plug-ins are available for individual purchase from the Digital Heaven online store at US$29.00 or US$59.00. Existing customers are eligible for a free update within the same major version number.

Product Page: http://www.digital-heaven.co.uk/plugins
DH_Subtitle 2.5 Screenshot: http://www.digital-heaven.co.uk/files/dh_subtitle_ss.jpg
Purchase Link: http://www.digital-heaven.co.uk/store
Company Logo: http://www.digital-heaven.co.uk/press

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CoreMelt Unleashes CoreMeltFREE

CoreMelt, the leading provider of advanced video plug-in effects, today announced CoreMeltFREE, a compelling new collection of 33 visual effects plug-ins based on CoreMelt Complete V2, the company’s highly regarded and comprehensive line of professional products featuring over 200 GPU accelerated plug-ins for faster rendering and workflow.

The CoreMeltFREE bundle includes an assortment of plug-ins from each of the eight products in CoreMelt Complete V2 – from soft organic glows and blurs to advanced color correction tools and instant photo montages, to audio reactive animations – power-packed to give motion graphics artists and editors working in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion and After Effects (Editions: CS3, CS4 and CS5 64 bit) an effortless way to sample the highest quality visual effects tools without any restrictions completely free.

''CoreMelt Complete V2 is a mainstay with editors and motion graphics artists providing one of the industry’s broadest selections of powerful visual effects solutions designed to meet rigorous, real world production challenges, no matter the workflow,'' says Roger Bolton, CoreMelt founder and director. ''With the release of CoreMeltFREE we’ve cherry picked some of the most useful plugins from the V2 product line so that prospective and current customers can freely explore the depth and breadth of our product offerings, and experience the creative latitude, intuitive control and reliability editing professionals around the world have come to rely on.''

Steve Douglas, technology reviewer for the highly-respected Kenstone.net and Lafcpug.org sites and renowned underwater videographer has used CoreMelt plug-ins since 2007 ranging from small commercial promos to underwater and African safari documentaries.

''CoreMelt Complete continues to be my 'go to' effects package for the majority of my editing needs and I’m still surprised when I discover new and unique uses for so many of them,'' says Steve. ''Free plugins from CoreMelt? I would gladly pay for them as the ones I already own are many of my absolute favorites. The new CoreMeltFREE plug-in bundle is a great opportunity to check out just how easy, intuitive and stable they are to use -- no muss, no fuss, just high quality editing effects and transitions.''

Inside CoreMeltFREE:
The CoreMeltFREE bundle includes a sampling of plug-ins from the CoreMelt Complete V2 range of products, as follows: {Note: For more information about individual plugins contained in each of these bundles and to watch a demo about the complete package, click here: http://www.coremelt.com/products/v2/coremelt-free.html
ImageFlow FX V2: Features 30 dynamic animation styles to create stunning montage animations from stills, movies and compositions and Editors Tools V2: A collection of 54 plug-ins containing two bundles -- Pigment for advanced color correction and Gadget, the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of video utility tools geared to help editors and artists polish and manage every day ‘bread & butter’ editing challenges.

Motion Graphics Box V2: A collection of 60 plugins containing two bundles. Luminous featuring assorted glows and blurs necessary to illuminate motion graphics projects; and Shatter, which provides a range of cutting edge, stylized, funky and grungy effects. Aimed at editors creating motion graphics for music videos and intro sequences, this collection provides quick and intuitive control for enhanced workflow.

PolyChrome Transitions V2: A collection of 61 motion and filmic transition effects aimed at FCP editors working on corporate or event video projects that want to add more depth to transitions between cuts. Contained in two bundles – Delta V for 3D, layer, grunge and stylized motion transitions, and TRX for specialized filmic and high color transitions featuring precision dissolves and fades for 10-bit color workflows.

VeeYou V2: The CoreMelt VeeYou V2 package is comprised of 14 plugins that instantly give artists creating music videos, voice overlays and high impact scenes heavy with motion graphics such as intro sequences great looking EQ, VU and waveform animations that sync to audio.
For more information about individual plugins contained in each of these bundles and to watch a demo about the complete package, click here: http://www.coremelt.com/products/v2/coremelt-free.html.

CoreMeltFREE Availability:
CoreMeltFREE is available now from CoreMelt. To download a complimentary copy, please visit, http://www.coremelt.com/promo/promo/upgrade-from-free.html. Until the end of March 2011, customers who download CoreMeltFREE will also be entitled to purchase CoreMeltComplete V2 at a special 30% savings off the standard price. To take advantage of this promotional offer, please visit, http://www.coremelt.com/download.html

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Sachtler Support for DSLR at NAB 2011

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, presents the Cine DSLR fluid head at NAB 2011 in booth C6032. The new support is ideal for digital single-lens reflex cameras with video function for three reasons: the unique proprietary camera plate features an anti-twist retainer for HDSLR cameras, the professional ten-step counterbalance system, as well as Sachtler’s signature damping that offers three vertical and three horizontal grades of drag (+0) to fulfill the requirements for precise panning and professional operation.

The payload range of 1 to 11 lbs (0.5 to 5 kg) is constructed so that heavier lenses or ac-cessories can be used while filming. Additionally, the fluid head works with classic Sachtler Speedbalance technology, which enables a fast and target-oriented counterbalance of the camera set-up. Furthermore, the long sliding range of the camera plate as well as the self-illuminating Touch Bubble are typical Sachtler features. The Cine DSLR has a tilt range of +90° to -75°.

From fluid head to camera stabilizer system
In addition to the Cine DSLR, Sachtler will display its renowned camera support systems such as the FSB 4 and FSB 6 75mm heads, the SOOM System, the ENG / EFP updated classic Video 18 S1 and Video 20 S1, as well as the Cine 7+7 HD and Cine 30 HD heads. Sachtler will also present two versions of modular camera stabilizer systems, the artemis Handheld for lightweight HDV and HDSLR cameras and the artemis Cine HD Pro which features dual video processing and HiCap wiring. The Hot-Swap technology provides an uninterrupted power supply when changing batteries.

Sachtler Live Events
In the Vitec Live Event area, part of the Vitec Group exhibition booth, hot topics and tips will be featured in eight daily 30 minute sessions. For Sachtler, New York-based cinema-tographer Michael Huss will show the Sachtler Cine DSLR and the artemis Handheld. He will speak about “HDSLR in Focus” on Monday 2:30 pm, Tuesday 11:30 am, and Wednesday 2 pm. The member of the Wendelin Sachtler Academy will also be a key speaker on Wednesday 12 noon. He shares his extensive knowledge of the industry with his presentation “Latest filming and lighting techniques showcase”. Visit http://www.vitecliveevent.com for the itinerary of the whole event.

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Mewshop's Red-Hot Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop Returns

Manhattan Edit Workshop (Mewshop), the cutting-edge authorized digital training destination for post-production and content creators, is pleased to announce the return of its wildly popular training workshop, Digital Cinema/DSLR Fundamentals.

From March 25 – 27, 2011, students of all levels can immerse themselves in three unforgettable days of the latest techniques in shooting, accessories, and proven workflow solutions in Digital Cinema and DSLR filmmaking. Mewshop Owner and Founder Josh Apter teams up with certified instructor and production expert Jem Schofield to lead students through hands-on exercises and demonstration in camera setup, shooting and editing with the most popular DSLR models on the market. And with of the release of brand new interchangeable lens camcorders, this year's updated workshop incorporates workflow with Panasonic's highly anticipated AF-100, combining the latest in digital cinema filmmaking with unique DSLR tips and techniques to have you shooting like a pro in no time.

"Our Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop is always among our most popular and well received training topics – everyone loves DSLR, it's absolutely one of the hottest tools in filmmaking right now," says Josh Apter, Owner and Founder, Manhattan Edit Workshop. "This year's workshop offers students a chance to work with new and better gear and receive a complete and hands-on education in everything from Pre-to-Post. Students will leave having prepped, shot and edited their own films among DSLR gurus and experts. It's a fantastic three days for anyone looking to delve deeper into DSLR and perfect their craft."

Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop Highlights
Mewshop's Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop combines hands-on training with invaluable tips and techniques from camera experts. Topics include:

  • HD-DSLR & Digital Cinema camera overviews and popular models
  • Best shooting practices, shortcomings and workarounds
  • Shooting video like film
  • Double-System audio
  • Camera support systems and "tricking out" your rig
  • Lenses, adapters and how to use them
  • Transcoding and ingesting
  • Editing and output
  • EZ setups and proven workflow techniques

The workshop begins on Friday evening, March 25 with a meet and greet at the Mewshop headquarters, 80 Fifth Ave., Suite 1501, New York, NY 10011. Class continues on Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, with lunch included.

Pricing and Registration
This year's workshop introduces a new option for attendees – bring your own laptop with either the full version of Final Cut Pro® 7 or the full version of Adobe® Premiere Pro® CS5 and save $100 off the pricing of the workshop ($599 US).

For more information on the Digital Cinema/DSLR Workshop or to register for the workshop, please visit: http://mewshop.com/registration/. Class size is limited to 16 students, so sign up now!

*Students must provide their own cameras. Each student will be provided with his or her own workstation.

For more information on Manhattan Edit Workshop, please visit: http://www.mewshop.com.

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Safe Harbor Launches Giveaway Promo

Sponsored by Next Limit Technologies, Luxology, NewTek, and Safe Harbor Computers, we are giving away a 3D pot of ‘software gold’ to a few lucky people! Save some serious green this March while adding professional tools to your workflow.

Enter for your chance to win one of the following:

  • Maxwell Render v2.5 from Next Limit Technologies
  • Modo 501 from Luxology
  • LightWave 10 from NewTek (includes Safe Harbor’s exclusive library collection of objects and scene files)

No purchase necessary!

How to enter (choose any or all three):

  • Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/SafeHarborComputers) and leave a post on our wall sharing some of your favorite magazines or websites for 3D news and resources.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@SafeHarborComp) and tweet the following message: It's a 3D pot of software gold! Win LightWave 10, Maxwell Render or modo 501! Follow @SafeHarborComp & RT to enter. http://bit.ly/fuyRcr
  • Make an online purchase through http://www.sharbor.com and automatically be entered with your valid email address.

Sound easy enough? We thought so, too. Good luck to all and be sure to stay connected with Safe Harbor for future drawings, industry news, demos, exclusive specials, new product releases and more:


Official simple rules:
The deadline to enter for prizes is 11:59 PM CST Tuesday, March 22, 2011. Winners will be randomly chosen from qualifying participants on Thursday, March 24, and announced via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Sharbor.com. Winners will have one week to accept his or her prize by calling Safe Harbor at 800-544-6599 during regular business hours or responding via email, Twitter or Facebook; unclaimed prizes will be forfeited. All claimed prizes will be promptly shipped to the winners. You may enter as many times as you would like, but only one prize will be awarded per household.

This drawing is restricted to participants in the United States only.

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iKan Corporation acquires Cinemáge product line from Cine-tal Systems, Inc.

ikan Corporation, an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and distributor geared to provide total solutions for video professionals, announces that it has acquired the Cinemáge product line from Cine-tal Systems, Inc.

“This is a great opportunity for ikan to expand its product offering”, said Kan Yeung, CEO of ikan Corporation. “The Cinemáge product line has a reputation for unmatched color accuracy and quality.” ikan’s acquisition of the Cinemáge product line will provide the opportunity to expand their product offerings to include Cinemáge reference grade monitoring for color critical applications in production and post-production.

“We will invest and expand this product line while continuing to procure and manufacture all Cinemáge related materials within the domestic U.S., providing Cinemáge customers with the same quality and innovation they are accustomed to”, said Ross Grasse, Head of International Sales for the Cinemáge product line.

Current ikan users will benefit from the acquisition of the Cinemáge line, as well. “Along with the Cinemáge product line”, said Barry Garcia, Head of Cinemáge Product Development, “ikan acquired the capabilities and technologies that drive Cinemáge professional reference monitors with the intent to enhance the quality and performance of future ikan products.”

Cine-tal will focus on the cineSpace and DAVIO products that are used for color management in Production, VFX, Post Production, Animation and Gaming. “We have many exciting plans in the works for cineSpace and DAVIO” said Robert Carroll, President of Cine-tal. “By selling the Cinemáge product line to iKan we are able to commit more resources on our other product lines”.

The Cinemáge product family revolutionizes critical reference monitoring for digital cinema and video applications. Get full image confidence through precision reference monitoring during digital production, post production, telecine and DI. Cinemáge provides precision calibration, quantitative video analysis, video signal quality assurance, and color pre-visualization tools. With Cinemáge you can conduct both critical visual analysis and quantitative digital analysis of 2K, HDSDI 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 in either YCbCr, RGB and XYZ colorspace. The Cinemáge flexible image data processing system provides tools for linear or logarithmic data stream.

ikan is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and distributor geared to provide total solutions for video professionals. We are a constantly evolving and ever-flexible company that prides itself on its value-conscious products. At ikan, we work closely with our dealers and end users to ensure creation of quality products that enhance film and video productions. Our entire product line, from HDMI & HD/SDI camera monitors to our ELEMENTS™ camera support solutions, LED and fluorescent lighting, our new and improved teleprompter line, productivity software, apparel and set/shooting accessories are all designed with feature-set and price in mind from their inception.

Whether you are in the backyard or in the studio, you can rely on ikan to be by your side. Our unwavering customer support, global reach, knowledge and product variety allow us to keep you in touch with the rapidly growing video technology industry. We believe in providing the globe with an affordable and reliable solution. With each new product, ikan strives to deliver the features you need at the prices you want.

For more information, give us a call or walk into our corporate headquarters based in Houston, TX. You can also visit our official website ( http://www.ikancorp.com ) for more product information. Additionally, connect with us via our Social Media Feeds such as the ikan News Blog ( ikancorp.wordpress.com), our Facebook community ( facebook.com/ikanseeit ), our Vimeo channel ( vimeo.com/ikancorp ) or follow us on Twitter @ikancorp.

Cine-tal Systems develops display, collaboration and image processing solutions for digital cinema and video production and post production. Cine-tal is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, call +1 (317) 576-0091 or visit http://www.cine-tal.com


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