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August 08, 2005

Table of Contents

JVC to Show HD100 Camera at 4EVER Group NYC Video Summit
Artbeats Circles Las Vegas for New Aerial Collections
Sonic Launches DVDit Pro 6
Oak Tree Press Publishes Marketing with Digital Video by VideoUniversity.com's Hal Landen
Magnet Media Now Shipping New DVD-Based Training for Apple's DVD Studio Pro 4
Boris Continuum Complete AVX Version 4.0 Now Available
Red Giant Software Releases Primatte Keyer 3 and Key Correct Pro
Avid Unveils SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5
Mammoth HD Adds New Titles To Stock Footage Library

JVC to Show HD100 Camera at 4EVER Group NYC Video Summit

High Definition has arrived in the special event video marketplace. At this year's NAB, camcorders and editing solutions in HD, whether working models or beta versions, were everywhere. And now, JVC has announced plans to exhibit "two or three" of their latest High Definition camcorder, the HD 100 at the New York Video Summit on August 16.

"With outstanding vendors, the New York Video Summit will give attendees an opportunity to test out what's new in the industry. People come to events in New York expecting the best information, and that's what we're delivering," said Steve Wernick, Director of Development. "We're thrilled to have JVC exhibit the HD 100 at the Video Summit." "

There will be educational workshops all day long, on subjects from marketing to stage events to wedding videography, and lots more," said Tim Ryan, Director of Education. "The Randy Stubbs program sold out quickly, indicating that videographers were ready for the unique style of a 4EVER Group event." Complete details on the New York Video Summit (http://4evergroup.org/nycvideosummit.html), and the rest of The 4EVER Group's programs can be found on the web site, www.4EVERGroup.org.

The 4EVER Group's traveling trade show continues two weeks later in Dallas. Legendary videographer John Goolsby will be a featured presenter at the Dalllas event. The third event in the 4EVER Group's Video Summit series, it will be held August 30, 2005 at the DFW Airport Marriott North.

"John Goolsby is one of the true pioneers in the video industry," said Tim Ryan, Director of Education. "John is constantly modernizing his business, both on the production side and the management side. Every tribute to him is deserved, and he is one of the most sought-after speakers in our industry."

The Video Summit in Dallas will also feature workshops by Ed Wardyga, Josh Fozzard, and Steve Yankee. "We set a full agenda during the Orlando Video Summit, and we're continuing that here," said Steve Wernick, Director of Development. "In Dallas, workshop topics will include stage events, general marketing, photo montage productions, along with wedding videography."

Workshops will run from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The Traveling Trade Show and Networking Party, which will include a light buffet meal, will be open from 2:00pm to 7:00pm, and the Video Summit will begin at 9:00pm. "Attendees will see final round entries from the Artistic Achievement Awards competition, with an instant analysis by the day's presenters. In addition, there will be other brief but complete presentations, along with an awarding of door prizes.

Registration for the Dallas Video Summit will be open shortly at http://www.4evergroup.org/.

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Artbeats Circles Las Vegas for New Aerial Collections

Enjoy a bird's eye view of all the excitement and energy in Artbeats' dynamic new Las Vegas Aerials collections. Featuring footage of one of the world's most famous cities, Las Vegas Aerials and Las Vegas Aerials HD highlight the city's spectacular architecture, electrifying casinos, Fremont Street and the renowned Las Vegas Strip. Artbeats' extensive library of royalty-free stock footage now includes over 350 titles, 108 of which are HD, that feature superior technical and visual quality footage that can be used in film, television and multimedia design.

Artbeats has been offering aerial footage since 1999, and Las Vegas Aerials and Las Vegas Aerials HD are the newest installments to the company's extensive aerial footage collection. Shot in collaboration with Wolfe Air, using the highly-accurate Gyron Eagle Camera system, Artbeats now offers 39 aerial titles, 17 of which are HD, making it one of the industry's largest and most diverse libraries of royalty-free aerial footage available.

Artbeats will also highlight many of the company's other new HD titles during SIGGRAPH 2005, including: Northeast City Aerials Volume 1 and 2; People of Central America; People of the Andes; People of East Africa; The Holy Land; People of the Middle East; People of Southeast Asia; People of the South Pacific; Faces of the World 1; Children of the World 1; Portraits-Teens; College Life; School Days; Going Out; Teen Life and Teens on the Edge.

The Las Vegas Aerials and Las Vegas Aerials HD collections are available now on the Artbeats' Web site at www.artbeats.com. Artbeats' footage is available in HD-1920x1080, D1 NTSC-720 x 486, or D1 PAL-720 x 576 resolutions. Pricing for Artbeats' HD collections range from USD $799-$899; standard definition collections range from USD $229-$699.

To learn more about this collection or view clips, visit www.artbeats.com.

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Sonic Launches DVDit Pro 6

Sonic Solutions has launched DVDit Pro 6, the latest version of its DVD authoring solution designed for creative professionals and enthusiasts alike. DVDit Pro 6 offers new features, precision tools, and fine-tune controls, presented in a customizable workspace that is optimized for productivity. The latest version enables authors to deliver Web-linked interactivity with the inclusion of eDVD 4.

Designed to work with any authored DVD title, eDVD 4 allows content producers to add links from DVD menu buttons or chapter points to a wide assortment of content that is accessible during computer playback. eDVD -enabled DVDs let viewers launch Web pages, play HD video files, view high-resolution images, open documents such as PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint presentations, or launch executable files such as games or applications during PC-DVD playback.

DVDit Pro 6 is currently being showcased at the Wedding & Event Video Association (WEVA) Expo 2005 (booth #225), being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 8-11.

DVDit Pro 6 Feature Highlights:

  • New Professional User Interface - Features a flexible workspace that is completely customizable to the creative needs of the individual. Users can employ one of a number of predefined workspace layouts designed for focusing on a specific authoring task, create and save their own layout, or spread out their work area using dual-monitor configurations.
  • Comprehensive File Support - Users can import movies and pictures in virtually any format, from AVI to MPEG, from QuickTime to Windows Media Video. DVDit Pro also ensures top-quality video and audio reproduction with support for superior real-time MPEG-2 encoding with VBR control and multi-channel Dolby Digital theatre-quality sound.
  • Multiple Audio and Subtitle Track Support - Now users can create as many as eight additional audio tracks and 32 subtitle tracks per movie using DVDit Pro's integrated movie timeline. The timeline enables professionals to easily produce compliant multi-region DVD titles and enthusiasts to add commentary tracks or captions.
  • Menu Customization Control - Visually captivating DVDs can be achieved quickly with DVDit Pro's inclusion of professionally designed menu templates. Users are also free to customize the visual design of menus by importing layered Photoshop files, or by combining personal photos or video files with individual graphic elements such as buttons, frames and masks.
  • Control DVD Behaviors - DVDs with Hollywood-style navigation are easily created through a rich array of technical controls such as the setting of "first play," title playback sequence and "end actions," or by programming sophisticated playback options that are enacted via buttons on the viewer's remote control. DVDit Pro provides extremely versatile and easy to use "routing controls" which set different "next actions" based on particular navigation sequences.
  • New Slideshow Creation Controls - Users can create multimedia presentations with the rich slideshow capabilities included in DVDit Pro 6. Users are able to quickly import any popular image file format and build slideshows with dramatic transitions and as many as 999 pictures. Users can also automatically synchronize their slideshow duration to the length of an accompanying multi-song audio track.
  • Sophisticated Playlist Control - Playlists allow users to create specialized content playback experiences without duplicating content on the disc. Users can generate a "play all" function or offer viewers unique categorized content playback while at the same time preserving disc space.
  • Flexible Open DVD Support - Support for OpenDVD allows users the flexibility of opening and editing a completed disc at a later time, which makes it easy to make changes to discs without tracking down the original assets.
  • Professional Mastering - DVDit Pro 6 includes the controls and specialized functions professionals demand including DLT and Dual-layer disc support, disc protection schemes, and region coding.

DVDit Pro 6 is available today at (http://www.sonic.com/go/dvdit) and will be available at select resellers and via catalogs later this month for a suggest retail price of $399. A standard version of DVDit is also available for a suggested retail price of $299. Special upgrade pricing is available for current registered owners of previous versions of DVDit and eDVD .

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Oak Tree Press Publishes Marketing with Digital Video by VideoUniversity.com's Hal Landen

Veteran award-winning cameraman, producer, and creator of VideoUniversity.com Hal Landen's latest book, Marketing with Digital Video: How to Create a Winning Video for Your Small Business or Non-Profit, shows how small-budget businesses can take advantage of today's affordable digital video technology to produce effective business videos.

Like his previous book, Marketing with Video, Landen's new book demonstrates his gift for making the technical world of video production accessible to less technically minded readers. Whether you aspire to be a hands-on videoographer, or an executive producer who doesn't want to get overly technical, Marketing with Digital Video tells you what you need to know before, during, and after filming.

As important as technology is today, the heart of this book is not just about technology but rather about how to make an effective video on a shoestring budget. Even if you don't plan to produce your own business video, you'll learn how to hire the right people to do the job for you, pitfalls to avoid, and tricks of the trade gleaned from Landen's years of on-the-job experience.

Readers interested in the art of making videos will benefit from Landen's chapters on the Art of Editing and Sound Editing, which explore the mechanics of these complex subjects. Landen includes anecdotes and asides throughout the book to give it a personal feel. Dpig defines such terms as Dolly Shot and Dramatic Axis, explains how to set up a budget, how to hire a cameraman, and where to find music. He also addresses potential legal issues in an extensive appendix with sample release forms.

The book is available for $19.95 at www.videouniversity.com.

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Magnet Media Now Shipping New DVD-Based Training for Apple's DVD Studio Pro 4

Magnet Media, Inc.'s Digital Media Training Series (DMTS) has released Inside DVD Studio Pro 4, an interactive self-paced training DVD for Apple's latest version of its award-winning DVD authoring software.

This new training DVD covers new features of DVD Studio Pro 4 that make it easier to harness new power and flexibility in the creation of DVDs on the Mac, including an ability to work in High-Definition and the freedom to control final build structure. Instructor Zeth Willie takes the viewer through HD and more: Dolby audio, VTS allocation, integrated workflow with Motion, improved scripting, with the following items featured in the instruction:

  • Working in HD on your DVD Combining SD/HD projects Encoding to MPEG2-HD/h.264
  • Improving workflow Tips for Menu design with Widescreen formats
  • VTS allocation
  • Working with Dolby Audio Integration with Motion (Menu Loop Points/Alpha Switching)
  • Improved Scripting features
  • Partitioning GPRMs

DMTS training DVDs are available in some Apple retail stores, as well as local Apple specialists and Authorized Apple Pro Video Resellers. Users may also purchase the training directly from Magnet Media's Web site at www.digitalmediatraining.com. Free lessons from the training are available online.

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Boris Continuum Complete AVX Version 4.0 Now Available

Boris FX, a developer of integrated effects technology for video and film production, has announced that version 4.0 of Continuum Complete AVX (BCC AVX) is now available. Version 4.0 runs on the new AVX 2.0 architecture. Avid Visual Extensions (AVX) is a plug-in architecture that dynamically extends the effects supported by Avid systems.

BCC AVX is a comprehensive suite of native plug-in filters and transitions designed to streamline workflow for Avid editors. BCC AVX filters are animated directly in the Avid Effect Editor window. More than 170 filters include Corner Pin, Optical Stabilizer, Lens Flare, Glint, Glare, DeGrain, Match Grain, DeNoise, DeInterlace, Optical Flow, Motion Blur, Glow, Wire Remover, and Witness Protection. A subset of the filters preview in real time on Avid systems with supported hardware.

BCC AVX is bundled with all Avid Media Composer Adrenaline systems. Version 4.0 improvements include the following:

  • Access to Avid's Advanced Keyframing model.
  • The filters offer 16-bit color processing.
  • Improved Motion Tracker provides increased accuracy.
  • The unique PixelChooser lets you create animatable vector masks with b├ęzier handles.
  • Motion key technology removes moving foreground objects based on motion estimation.
  • New filters include Color Match, Halftone, Median, Corner Pin Tracker, Optical Stabilizer and an OpenGL-based 3D Extruded Image Shatter. - Hundreds of new presets have been added.

Settings remain fully compatible with the Version 3.0 release. AVX 1.5 effects are easily promoted to AVX 2.0, according to BorisFX.

Since the AVX 2.0 architecture will initially support only Windows systems, version 4.0 is a Windows-only release for this architecture. A future version will add AVX 2.0 support for Macintosh systems once it becomes available. Continuum Complete AVX offers integration features including built-in motion tracking, the ability to apply multiple filters to keyed elements or titles without affecting the background. Hundreds of presets and integrated online help provide fast and precise effects creation with a minimal learning curve. When paired with multi-processor and OpenGL acceleration, Continuum Complete AVX 4.0 provides a powerful, complimentary feature set for Avid editing systems.

BCC AVX is bundled with all Avid Media Composer Adrenaline systems. Avid Adrenaline customers can upgrade from previous versions for $599. Continuum Complete AVX is available through the BorisFX worldwide reseller channel and direct through BorisFX for $795 for Avid Xpress DV and Xpress Pro users. Avid Xpress DV and Avid Xpress Pro users can upgrade from previous versions for $249.


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Red Giant Software Releases Primatte Keyer 3 and Key Correct Pro

Red Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional desktop tools including Magic Bullet, has announced the availability of Primatte Keyer 3 and Key Correct Pro. Primatte Keyer's enhanced versatility adds increased functionality to the production pipeline of independent filmmakers and visual effects artists, according to Red Giant. Key Correct Pro is a set of 15 tools to help motion graphic and visual effects artists achieve more realistic composites.

Primatte Keyer, published under exclusive agreement with Photron USA, designed for use with After Effects, Discreet combustion, and Avid AVX, enables artists to extract keys from any color background for compositing, Red Giant reports. The software is intented to overcome matte extraction challenges including uneven lighting, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination (spill) prior to compositing. New features include the following:

  • New Deartifacting input correction for all formats including DV and HDV
  • New library and accuracy inline with other Primatte versions for Discreet, Shake, etc.
  • An updated UI and new split screen View modes for more efficient keying
  • Alpha channel adjustment integrated into the keyer
  • Integrated secondary spill removal, simple and accurate Color Matching, and Light wrap built in to the keying interface

Key Correct Pro is a set of 15 plug-ins designed to help AE users create better composites with built-in keying tools. The plug-ins can be in used in combination with any keyer to better enhance the final result. Features include the following:

  • Accurate matte feather tools
  • Color Matching plug-in with automatic matching and color balance adjustment
  • Alpha cleaner plug-in for fixing noise and filing holes in mattes
  • Complete support for 8 and 16 bit operations for all plug-ins

Pricing for Primatte Keyer 3 for Adobe After Effects is $695 Updates to Discreet combustion and Avid AVX versions will be available in Q4 2005. Key Correct Pro has an MSRP of $395. Composite Wizard customers can upgrade to Key Correct Pro for $149 USD.


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Avid Unveils SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5

Avid has announced version 5 of the company's SOFTIMAGE|XSI 3D animation software. This latest version includes new tools to improve performance and creative flexibility. SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 offers 3D teams to new features, such as Ultimapper--a map generation tool for producing cinema-quality maps in a few clicks--and GATOR--a property transfer system for merging fully textured and animated 3-D models. In addition to running on standard 32-bit CPUs, SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 will also be available in a native 64-bit configuration, allowing users to model, animate, and render complex scenes in their entirety with billions of polygons and layers of 3D, film, and video content, according to Avid.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 allows users to create and customize character rigs, streamlining the process for making modeling, texturing, and rigging changes to characters without re-constructing bones, bone weights, or shape animation. SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 also includes a set of migration tools for Maya users, such as a customizable user interface with new menu and keyboard and mouse navigation properties.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 has been redesigned to take advantage of dual-core 64-bit CPUs, which can access large amounts of physical memory to effectively double production throughput during the CG content creation process, according to Avid. In addition, SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 is integrated with version 3.4 of the 64-bit mental ray rendering software. Now, users no longer need to reduce large scenes into smaller, individual pieces before rendering.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 is expected to be available in September 2005 for purchase in the following configurations:

  • SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 Foundation for $495 from the Softimage Web site at www.softimage.com/store.
  • SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 Essentials for $1,995 from authorized Softimage resellers.
  • SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5 Advanced for $6,995 from authorized Softimage resellers.


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Mammoth HD Adds New Titles To Stock Footage Library

Mammoth HD has added the Z1 collections to the MHD Footage Library. The eight new titles bring the library to 179 collections and over 2000 clips online. The Z1 collections are produced using Sony's Z1 HDV camera system. The collections are available in HD and HDV-2 formats.

Mammoth HD 's new titles include:

  • Columbine
  • Flame Vol.1
  • Mountain Goat
  • Crested Gecko
  • Medano Creek
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • Summer Clouds
  • China: Bicycle Traffic


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