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August 29, 2005

Table of Contents

Continuing Education: The Wedding Videographer’s Resource Series Presented by Joel Peregrine
16x9 Introduces Chrosziel HDV Mattebox Kit and 4x4 Clamp-on Sunshade System
Innovision Introduces TerraScope Camera Transport
4EVER Group Continues Outreach to Local Associations
Anton/Bauer Introduces New Gold Mount Battery for JVC GY-HD100
FutureVideo Announces Multiple Playback Digital Video Software
TMPG Introduces DVD Author Pro
Comprehensive Offers New CD/DVD Duplicators

Continuing Education: The Wedding Videographer’s Resource Series Presented by Joel Peregrine

The Wedding Videographer's Resource Series Presented by Joel Peregrine

Volume 1: Highlights. Pre-Ceremony. Same Day Edit ($90; $160 with Volume 2)
Volume 2: Ceremony. Post-Ceremony. Reception. ($90; $160 with Volume 1)

Joel Peregrine is an industrious sort of fellow.

His wedding work is, simply put, beautiful. His business acumen is, without a doubt, best described as shrewd. And his personality is very open and generous. And as a regular contributor to www.videouniversity.com's Wedding and Event forum, I've watched Joel grow in each of these areas.

His Wedding Videographer's Resource Series comes in two volumes, each featuring vanity offerings (as described in the July edition of Continuing Education, a collection of finished product, usually award-winning material presented without much fluff or fanfare--see Continuing Education: Watson Videography's Tutorial and Sampler Pack). There are more samples packed into these two volumes than I could keep track of. Each, alone, worth the price of admission.

But education is more than just pretty pictures, and the lack of instructive (rather than merely illustrative) content is always a potential issue with releases in the vanity category. Turn on the Commentary Track, and listen to Joel describe, shot by shot, what techniques he's using, not only in production, but in post as well. For example, a waitress he blurred out to add depth of field to a specific shot.

Another nice thing is that Joel will frequently reference what equipment, music, and software he uses, including which filters and effects. During the Preparation segment, Joel offers advice about using quotes, as well as anecdotal suggestions about creating a clean soundtrack for your productions.

Shooting almost exclusively handheld, or with a monopod, Joel offers, "I'm using the viewfinder. What that allows is another point of contact between you and the camera that keeps it steadier. You've got your hands on each side, you've got the foot on the ground, and you've got your eye on the eyepiece. You're forming a very solid base to keep that camera steady."

This is just one example of the solid information that is provided on Volume 1.

The real amazing stuff comes on Volume 2, in which Joel shoots four camera ceremonies. Solo.

You read that right. By. Him. Self.

In his first ceremony example, he explains exactly how he moves, changes cameras, turns a four-camera shoot into something resembling a seven- or eight-camera shoot. The only concern I had would be the obtrusiveness of continually moving from one camera to the next on both sides of the church.

One thing that I felt was missing is a chapter dedicated exclusively to the equipment that Joel references throughout the video. On many occasions, he'll talk about specific equipment and say something like, "If you email me, I'll send you the information." I found this to be keeping with his generous nature, but inefficient use of the DVD medium, where a simple slideshow at the end of the disc could provide much of the information. But this is a minor issue.

The biggest drawback I found was in navigation. For example, on Volume 1, in the Highlights segment, there are six different clips (nearly 30 minutes worth) and no way to get to each one quickly. Ideally, these would have been encoded with chapter stops at least at the beginning of each clip. This is a problem in each of the segments on both volumes, and results in an inefficient reference source.

In the end, I have to rate The Wedding Videographer's Resource Series as a solid buy for any event videographer, especially if you are looking to cut down on some of your labor overhead.

Joel Peregrine
Wedding Films

Whitefish Bay, WI


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16x9 Introduces Chrosziel HDV Mattebox Kit and 4x4 Clamp-on Sunshade System

16x9 Inc. has introduced the Chrosziel HDV Mattebox Kit and 4x4 Clamp-on Sunshade System ($825-3050), custom designed for use with the JVC GY-HD100 camcorder. Chrosziel's new HDV Mattebox Kit for 4x4/4x5.650 filters is equipped with a 16:9 housing and snap-in 16:9 insert mask developed to offer exceptional shading precision and efficiency.

The company says that this low-profile system has been engineered to work with all lens models being offered by JVC--standard 16X, 13X wide angle zoom, and 0.8X wide angle converter. Features include a full-size French flag, filterstage for two filterholders, one 4x4 rotating and one 4x4/4x5.650 fixed-combination filterholder, pivot mechanism (for use of optional side wings), and 110:85mm insert ring.

For secure mounting, the system includes a center bracket and lightweight support system with 15mm rods. For cine-style feel and function, the Mattebox Kit may be ordered with the optional Chrosziel DV Studio Rig Follow Focus and Focus Gear Drive. For compact, lightweight use, the Chrosziel 4x4 Clamp-on Sunshade System attaches directly to the front of the standard 16X lens. Features include a 16:9/4:3, housing, full-size French flag, filterstage for 2 filterholders (one rotating and one fixed combination), and a 104:85 step-down ring. An optional center bracket and lightweight support system are also available.

Chrosziel Matteboxes, Sunshade Systems, and other products are available exclusively in the U.S. from 16x9 Inc. The basic HDV Mattebox Kit (#450-JVCVKIT) is now available at the introductory price of $1566 (regularly $1800). The system with follow focus and focus gear drive (#450-JVCKIT2) is $3050 (regularly $3500). Optional sidewings are $335 (regularly $410). The introductory price of the 4x4 Clamp-on Sunshade System (#440-02) is $825 (regularly $943).


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Innovision Introduces TerraScope Camera Transport

Created for work with the Innovision Probe and similar lenses, this versatile new rolling camera platform lets operators track from a near ground-level point of view with unprecedented freedom of movement and maneuverability. The TerraScope enables panning and rolling in ways not possible with larger rigs and bulky dolly equipment. Invented by Visual Effects Director of Photography Eric Swenson, the TerraScope is designed to carry a camera with an attached tubular lens pointing downward.

An essential accessory for many snorkel shoots, the system is perfect for tabletop work, scooting down hallways, or across counters. Ideal for interiors and exteriors, it fits through standard doorways and works equally well on stages, warehouses, driveways, and sidewalks. In addition, the rig can be configured to offer unique moves especially valuable for rapid-paced miniature work. Simply by tilting the camera on the mount the lens can be set up along the center axis of the rig for nodal panning or, with the camera tilted back, the lens can be extended outside the rig to get extremely close to large objects.


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4EVER Group Continues Outreach to Local Associations

Tim Ryan and Steve Wernick, the directors of The 4EVER Group, are scheduling presentations to local videographers associations across the continent in the next few months. This outreach continues the educational mission of The 4EVER Group, and emphasizes the importance of local associations to our industry.

There is no fee of any kind to have a director of The 4EVER Group speak at your local videographers association meeting. "Through the first part of 2005, The 4EVER Group presented programs to no fewer than 10 different local associations," explained Tim Ryan, Director of Education. Ryan added, "There are seven different association presentations already confirmed in the next three months, and we're currently in discussions with twelve more."

"Having fresh programming for a local association can be challenging," said Steve Wernick, Director of Development. "Since The 4EVER Group has four ready-to-go programs, we believe that this will be a tremendous asset to associations throughout North America." Both Ryan and Wernick served multiple terms as Presidents of their local associations (LIVA and the GPVA, respectively), so they are well aware of the demands placed upon local association leadership.

The complete itinerary for local association presentations will be posted shortly on The 4EVER Group calendar. Since the schedule is filing quickly, any association interested in presentations by the director of The 4EVER Group are urged to immediately contact Tim Ryan at TimR@4EVERGroup.org.


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Anton/Bauer Introduces New Gold Mount Battery for JVC GY-HD100

In an exclusive collaboration between JVC and Anton/Bauer, the GY-HD100 was specifically designed for a RealTime interface with Anton/Bauer batteries so that it would display the remaining runtime in the viewfinder. The unique programming of RealTime automatically detects the camera load and calculates runtime based on the existing operating conditions, a distinct advantage for any professional. The ergonomics of using this camcorder with Gold Mount batteries are more relevant than ever, considering the GY-HD100's use of full size bayonet mount lenses.

The QR-JVC 7/14 HDV provides the ability to utilize Anton/Bauer's entire range of batteries to properly balance the camcorder and power it for the most extended periods of time. In addition, the QR-JVC 7/14 HDV includes a PowerTap, convenient for powering camera mounted fill lights, such as the Ultralight 2, wireless receivers, video hard disk recorders and/or other accessories.

The MSRP is $195.


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FutureVideo Announces Multiple Playback Digital Video Software

Device control pioneer FutureVideo Products, Inc. has unveiled Multi-View, a new digital video playback and synchronizing software solution. Multi-View provides simultaneous playback and synchronization of pre-recorded digital video media on a Windows 2000/XP-based PC platform.

Up to 24 digital video windows can be played back together and re-synchronized at any designated time. Multiple digital media formats are supported including uncompressed AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and others--when appropriate decoders are installed. In addition, each window may be re-sized, cropped, and positioned anywhere within the workspace.

An event log can be created for each video to mark specific interest points within the content. Continuous video playback between user-settable In and Out points is possible. Multi-View can be used for video post-production, aerospace, military intelligence, security/surveillance, geophysical, law enforcement, legal, medical, process control, and sports applications.

Multi-View is also compatible with FutureVideo's Media Commander MC-20PRO which can map all the application's shortcut keys into a convenient ergonomic control surface that includes jog and shuttle functions. By adding FutureVideo's Media Commander 100 modules, tape and disk media can also be directly controlled in a network of up to 16 VCRs and DVD players.


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TMPG Introduces DVD Author Pro

Tsunami MPEG DVD Author Pro features an easy-to-use interface and robust features. MPEG DVD Author Pro offers high-speed frame level editing, dual layer support, Smart Rendering, slideshow creation with Dolby Digital sound. DVD AUTHOR PRO provides you with quality tools that enables you create studio-like DVDs with surprising ease.

Available beginning in late September 2005 at retail stores across North America at an MSRP of $99.95, boxed versions of MPEG DVD Author Pro include a free 90-day trial version of Video Encoder XPress. Tsunami MPEG DVD Author Pro is also available for download from www.tmpg-inc.com.


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Comprehensive Offers New CD/DVD Duplicators

Comprehensive has introduced a line of all new state-of-the-art CD/DVD duplication systems. These new systems are the only DVD/CD and CD duplication systems featuring IEEE1394 FireWire and USB 2.0 inputs. The scores of digital content creators without CD/DVD burners can now simply connect their computer by Firewire or USB to one of these duplication systems, which will automatically be recognized by the computer as a mass storage device.

These new units are built with the fastest and highest quality 16X DVD drives supporting DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-R Dual Layer and are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality standards and the best components on the market. The CD duplication systems are built with the fastest 52x readable drives allow for increased speed and productivity. These units also feature a user friendly interface, attractive enclosures, superior ventilation for high duty cycle performance and a 110/220-volt selectable power supply.

This new series of duplication systems include 72 models with towers from 1 to 11 writer systems and are available with and without optional 160GB hard disk drives for CD models and 250GB hard disk drives for DVD/CD models both fixed and removable.


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