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December 18, 2006

Table of Contents

New EventDV Tutorial: Burning HD DVD Discs in Pinnacle Studio
Sony Media Software Introduces Enhanced Free Update for Vegas 7 Video and Audio Editing Software
JVC To Show New GY-HD200U ProHD Camcorder At 4EVER Group's Video 07
BandPro Film & Digital Introduces New Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters for HD Lenses
ProCon Announces QC120A QuickCapture A2D Digital Video Recorder and Accessories
Corel Completes InterVideo Acquisition, Advancing Its Digital Media Software Strategy
Media Distributors Opens New Temecula, California Office Serving San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County
K-Tek Introduces New Zeppelin Fleecy Windscreen

New EventDV Tutorial: Burning HD DVD Discs in Pinnacle Studio

For the latest installment in EventDV's ongoing series of video tutorials, Jan Ozer has created a new video tutorial that demonstrates how videographers can create fully compliant HD DVD discs that will play in set-top HD DVDplayers using the latest version of Pinnacle Studio, standard DVD burners, and standard DVD media. Click here to go to the EventDV Video Tutorial page.
     To read Jan Ozer's full article, Right Here, Right Now: Authoring and Burning HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, click here.

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Sony Media Software Introduces Enhanced Free Update for Vegas 7 Video and Audio Editing Software

Sony Media Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, today announced the immediate availability of a Vegas software update, version 7.0c, free to all registered Vegas 7 users. This is a significant enhancement to the award-winning professional video, audio, and DVD production suite that was introduced at IBC 2006.

New functionality includes support for the progressive scan modes (24A and 30 modes on the V1U/V1J/V1N camcorders, and 25 mode on the V1E/V1P/V1C camcorders) on the Sony HVR-V1 series HDV camcorders, and a built-in import module for the HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit. With the 7.0c update, Vegas will properly handle the V1 series progressive scan modes automatically, without manual intervention. Users can also manually remove pulldown from native or downconverted 24p DV files.

"The Vegas 7.0c software update, in combination with the Sony HVR-V1 series HDV camcorders and the DR60 Disk Recorder, provides users with a tape-less progressive HD workflow," said Dave Chaimson, vice president of marketing, Sony Media Software. "The Vegas 7.0c update responds to the most current needs of content creators and program producers, offering a wide variety of progressive delivery options, including 1080p over HD-SDI, all XDCAM SD and HD variants, Windows Media, QuickTime, progressive DVD, and AVC/AAC for many popular mobile platforms."

The new features offered by the Vegas 7.0c software update reinforce the software's position as one of the most effective and powerful nonlinear editing tools for all video formats. Additional enhancements include improved color accuracy for XDCAM HD export, improved monitoring for DV, SD XDCAM, and HDV formats over SDI; improved VST support; 24p, 25p, and 30p HDV project templates; 640 x 480 export support for the Apple iPod; and stream-compliant HD MPEG-2 templates for the Sony Blu-print professional Blu-ray authoring system.

The Vegas 7.0c professional video and audio editing software update is free to all registered Vegas 7 users. The Sony HVR-V1 series HDV camcorders will be available in December 2006 in most areas.

For more information on Vegas+DVD software or any of Sony Media Software's leading audio or video editing solutions, visit http://www.sonymediasoftware.com.

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JVC To Show New GY-HD200U ProHD Camcorder At 4EVER Group's Video 07

JVC Professional Products Company will introduce the GY-HD200U high definition camcorder to its expanding ProHD family product line to the event videographer community at Video 07. Featuring HDV 720/60P true progressive image acquisition, new 14bit A/D converter and standard 14.4v power system, this camera has been eagerly anticipated by independent filmmakers, event videographers, and sports videographers.

The GY-HD200 carries the "Compact-Shoulder" form factor popularized by the GY-HD100U, and is capable of 60P recording providing 60 full frames of information per second due to the implementation of JVC s new Super Encoder developed for the latest line of ProHD products. 60P acquisition is ideal for viewing and analyzing motion, as well as for delivering an "overcranked" recording for superb slow motion when the final output is 24P. The GY-HD200U utilizes all of the accessories currently available for the GY-HD110U, including the new 1/3" mount HD lenses. To further enhance the ability to utilize multiple types of lenses, JVC has also created an exclusive optional lens adapter HZ-CA13U specifically designed for the 1/3 bayonet mount of JVC ProHD camcorders which enables the use of 16mm film prime lenses with a PL (Positive Lock) mount to address the needs of the cinematography community.

"The concept behind our camera design is to emphasize the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, whether it is for ENG, videography, or for cinematography," said Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager, Creation Products, JVC Professional Products Company.

The GY-HD200U now has enhanced Gamma capability further empowering the videographer to enhance the captured image. The camcorder also records in both SD--including 24P and 24PA--and HD native progressive 24P images, and has JVC s patented focus assist function that enables the user to precisely focus on each scene by highlighting details in the viewfinder to facilitate HD focusing. The camera also features two XLR connectors for each audio channel and records CD quality audio at 384Kbps in the MPEG1 Layer 2 format with the audio level indicators visible on the viewfinder and on the flip-out LCD display.

The suggested list price for the GY-HD200U camcorder equipped with a Fujinon 16x lens is $8,995. The camcorder is also available without a lens as the GY-HD200CHU with a suggested list price of $7,995. Delivery of both camcorders is in late November. The suggested list price of the HZ-CA13U is $4,395 and delivery is expected to begin in December 2006.

For more information on the GY-HD200, please visit JVC s Web site at http://pro.jvc.com.

Video 07 will be held from January 8-11 at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Jacksonville. For more information, including registration details, visit www.4EVERGroup.org.

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BandPro Film & Digital Introduces New Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters for HD Lenses

Band Pro Film & Digital has introduced the Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters. This set of high quality diopters in +1 and +2 magnification is optimized to work in conjunction with ZEISS and will also work well with other high-quality 2/3" HD lenses. Ideal for extreme close ups or wide angle shots with a shallow depth of field, Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters attach easily to the front of the lens to provide increased close-focus range and magnification capability.

DigiDiopters employ a unique, achromatic dual-lens assembly to minimize color fringing and spherical aberration --common problems with traditional single lens diopters. The ZEISS optical design ensures a high resolution, high contrast image with consistent precision anywhere in the frame. Carefully selected optical glass elements and the Zeiss proprietary T* anti-reflective coating -- the same coating applied to their DigiPrime, and DigiZoom lenses -- reduce light loss and flare while improving transmission for crisp images with saturated colors and accurate blacks.

DigiDiopters are designed to optically match the DigiPrime, and DigiZoom's color balance, contrast, and overall image quality. Weighing about 10 ounces (285g) each, Zeiss DigiDiopters can be attached to the camera lens - or to each other - via a single thumbscrew. A unique self-centering clamping mechanism maintains a proper distance between diopter and lens and keeps them parallel to each other, ensuring optimal image quality. This mounting system puts the least amount of stress on the lens itself, while keeping the DigiDiopters securely in place. It also allows stacking a +1 and +2 diopter together on the front of the lens for a +3 magnification.

The ZEISS DigiDiopters are manufactured at the Carl Zeiss Optics factory in Oberkochen, Germany and marketed worldwide exclusively by Band Pro Film & Digital. For more information, go to www.digiprimes.com.

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ProCon Announces QC120A QuickCapture A2D Digital Video Recorder and Accessories

ProCon Digital Systems has announced the new QC120A QuickCapture A2D capable of recording 9 hours of broadcast quality content. Record Edit-Ready files straight to hard drive, with digital and analog capabilities. QuickCapture A2D has integrated media conversion capability that allows the user to record analog & digital video content directly to the A2D without further capturing or rendering.

QuickCapture A2D can also playback and pass-through video content on analog monitors! The QuickCapture A2D comes with a power adaptor and an analog breakout cable. Bag and battery are sold separately. The QuickCapture A2D model features IEEE1394 6 Pin DV Input/Output, 4-Pin SVHS, BNC Composite Video, RCA unbalanced audio analog inputs and outputs. NTSC and PAL selectable.

  • Dimensions: 5.9" x 4.0" x 1.825"
  • Weight: 14 oz.

Model Numbers, Descriptions & Prices:

  • QC120A - QuickCapture A2D 120GB/9 Hours of Audio/Video Storage. Price = $1499
  • QC-BAGKIT - Shoulder/Belt Bag and 7 Hour Battery for all QuickCapture A2D, QuickCapture and QC-DECK Models. Price = $149


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Corel Completes InterVideo Acquisition, Advancing Its Digital Media Software Strategy

Corel Corporation today announced the completion of its acquisition of InterVideo, Inc., a leading provider of digital media authoring and playback software with a focus on high-definition video and DVD technologies. Corel purchased InterVideo for $13.00 per share of InterVideo common stock resulting in an aggregate acquisition price of $198.6 million in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition substantially expands Corel's presence in the digital media software market by creating the industry's broadest portfolio of digital imaging and DVD video products. With the addition of InterVideo, Corel will deliver easier-to-use, multi-purpose high-definition video, imaging, and DVD creation products to consumers and enterprises worldwide while extending its presence in fast-growing Asian markets, such as China, Taiwan and Japan.

InterVideo's comprehensive suite of advanced digital video and multimedia software products allow users to record, edit, author, distribute and play digital multimedia content on PCs and other devices. In 2005, InterVideo acquired a majority interest in Ulead, a leading developer of video imaging and DVD authoring software for desktop, server, mobile and Internet platforms, and the acquisition of the remaining interest in Ulead is expected to be completed before the end of 2006. The acquisition combines Corel's key strengths - business model innovation, understanding of end user requirements and established distribution in the Americas and Europe - with InterVideo's core assets, which include video technology innovation, established partnerships with the world's leading PC OEM partners and strong market presence in the Asia Pacific region.

The combination of Corel, InterVideo and Ulead product lines form the industry's broadest portfolio of digital media software ranging from photo sharing and image editing products to advanced digital imaging, video editing, and high-definition DVD creation and playback software. Customers and partners now have access to a full breadth of popular, award-winning digital media brands including WinDVD, WinDVD Creator, Ulead PhotoImpact, Ulead VideoStudio, Ulead DVD MovieFactory, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, and Corel Snapfireâ„¢ - all from a single source. In addition, Corel will deliver HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc solutions to the market, just as the worldwide demand for high-definition video gains significant momentum. The InterVideo and Ulead product lines complement Corel's existing digital imaging and video products in several areas, including performance, ease of use and price. In addition, the companies share a common vision around delivering high quality, full-featured software to consumers through leading OEMs, retailers, and Internet distribution channels.

Corel will leverage its complementary geographic strengths with InterVideo and Ulead to create an even more efficient sales, marketing and product development engine. With significant development offices in California, China, Minnesota, Ottawa and Taiwan, Corel will be better positioned to meet the specific requirements of customers and partners in various locations around the world.

InterVideo and Ulead customers and partners can continue to access support through their existing contacts and channels. Further information can be found at http://www.intervideo.com, http://www.ulead.com, or http://www.corel.com.

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Media Distributors Opens New Temecula, California Office Serving San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County

Media Distributors has opene a new Temecula, California office. The office will provide a number of distribution and delivery services, including media, duplication systems, integrated solutions, storage, and labeling and shrinkwrap services.

Serving San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County, the office will supply customers with all of the following:

  • Media, from tape to disc, entertainment to enterprise, including professional video, audio, data storage and motion picture film format
  • Duplication Systems--Media Distributors is a value-added Authorized Reseller of Rimage and Primera. From Automated CD and DVD Duplication and Printing Equipment and supplies, Printable Blu-Ray, CD and DVD media, to Duplication Towers, and Packaging.
  • Integrated Solutions for automated authoring, auto-archive, watermarking, rich media production/management and email archiving solutions
  • Storage, featuring every major brand of tape, optical, and hard drives, including standalone drives, autoloaders, and libraries, as well as integrated SAN and NAS solutions, with on-staff storage experts available for any range of archival assistance

Media Distributors also provides a range of services, including a data & pro media barcode labeling service offers you custom-printed barcode labels for all leading tape library manufacturers and integrators. Now you can buy direct from us with a completely custom solution, at very affordable prices and industry-leading turnaround. Custom shrink-wrap solutions also available.


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K-Tek Introduces New Zeppelin Fleecy Windscreen

The makers of K-Tek professional boom poles and location recording accessories introduce the Zeppelin Fleecy windscreen, a simple and unobtrusive solution for microphone protection. The Fleecy features an exterior of charcoal grey fleece backed with tough tight-weave micro fiber fitted over a body of open cell foam designed to slip easily and snugly over most popular shotgun microphones.

This new windscreen is the ideal option for shotgun mics mounted on DV cameras in most light weather situations. The K-Tek Zeppelin Fleecy is available in five lengths. Suggested U.S. list price for each is $92.

For further information on the Fleecy or the complete line of K-Tek products, visit M. Klemme Technology Corp. at http://www.mklemme.com.

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