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May 14, 2007

Table of Contents

Panasonic and HD Expo Launch P2 HD Education Program
K-Tek Introduces Topper Windscreen for Handheld Mics
Caligari Releases trueSpace7.5
Aleratec Promotion: 600 FREE LightScribe CD Discs With Purchase of Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS
Class on Demand Releases Lightwave 9 Training
Music 2 Hues Releases "FlashBack: The 60's"
Canon U.S.A.'s New HR10 HD Camcorder Combines Full 1080 High Definition Image Quality with the Convenience of Recording to DVD
OWC Announces 2.0TB RAID Solution

Panasonic and HD Expo Launch P2 HD Education Program

Panasonic and HD EXPO have announced that to assist the creative community in the rapid transition to a tapeless workflow, they are teaming on a national workshop series that will explore the process from production through delivery.

Launching this June in eight U.S. cities, the P2 HD Workflow Workshop is a rigorous training program for content creators that will illuminate the extensive benefits of a tapeless workflow from pre-production through delivery. The workshop includes a thorough explanation of non-linear acquisition and its underlying technology including the Panasonic P2 HD product line. Additionally, case studies of projects that have utilized the data-centric workflow, as well as hands-on small group laboratories for cameras, post production and technology, will take attendees through the process in detail. In-depth technology presentations will cover compression algorithms and how they affect content from production through post, as well as explanations of data preparation, proofing, management and storage. The P2 HD workshop culminates with a panel of experts presenting a discussion on, "Shooting in the 21st Century: Demystifying New Media." In addition, workshop attendees will receive extensive manuals and take-away materials.

Instructors for the P2 Workshops are recognized, award-winning industry experts from a cross-section of disciplines and will be announced shortly. Tuition for the Workshops is $399, or $349 with early registration. Registration for the P2 Workflow Workshops is available at www.hdexpo.net/education or by calling 818-842-6611.

Workshops have been announced for Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami/Orlando, and Denver on the following dates: Los Angeles - June 29-30, 2007; September 27-28, 2007 and November 9-10, 2007; Chicago - July 19-20, 2007; New York City - August 24-25, 2007 and March 28-29, 2008; Washington DC - October 18-19, 2007; Atlanta - December 7-8, 2007; Miami/Orlando - February 8-9, 2008 and Denver - March 20-21, 2008.

P2 HD core products offer solid-state high definition recording without the mechanical wear and environmental limitations of tape, hard disk, and optical disc based systems. P2 HD ensures the highest reliability, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration. New P2 HD products provide a significant reduction in maintenance costs, longer useful product life, and immediate access to recorded video (no need to digitize, ingest or create proxy video files) and metadata. P2 HD provides the reliability of solid-state production, the immediate connectivity to existing IT infrastructures; the speed, ease of use and portability of P2 cards; and the interoperability with leading NLE systems.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, HD EXPO is an organization dedicated to promoting the adoption and growth of High Definition and future technologies by building a community of experts and users through shared knowledge, experience and education. HD EXPO is the first and largest industry gathering of its kind in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to its annual March and November shows in Los Angles and in Chicago in June, they produce workshops and educational events internationally. For more information about HD EXPO or HD EXPO Workshops, visit www.hdexpo.net.

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K-Tek Introduces Topper Windscreen for Handheld Mics

K-Tek, maker of professional boom poles and microphone support equipment, today introduced the Topper wind protector, designed specifically for handheld microphones. Featuring a faux fur cover and tightly woven micro fiber lining, the Topper fits snuggly over standard foam covers. The Topper is an ideal addition to popular handheld microphones like the EV-RE-50 and Sennheiser MD46. It is also available with a black fleece exterior.

The Topper has a U.S. MSRP of $54.00.

For product information or to locate nearby dealers, visit www.ktekboompoles.com.

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Caligari Releases trueSpace7.5

Caligari Corporation, the producer of award-winning 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, announced today that trueSpace7.5 is now available. Version 7.5 features a number of significant enhancements, including brand new character posing and animation tools as well as new modeling, rendering and collaborative tools, all brought together in a more simplified environment.

"trueSpace7.5 gives users a complete set of tools to accomplish all aspects of 3D authoring from start to finish in one environment, for 3D illustration, design, film and video to games and upcoming 3D social networks," said Roman Ormandy, president and CEO of Caligari Corporation. "At the same time, teams can work and present collaboratively in a live 3D space, thereby accomplishing projects faster and more efficiently."

Brand New Character Design, Posing and Animation
Version 7.5 offers new character and animation tools so users can rapidly create animations using a combination of different techniques, including keyframes, motion capture, physics simulation, mathematical procedures, and scripts, all seamlessly blended inside a single animation editor. For example, one can animate a car using physics then cause it to collide with a character walking via motion capture. The character then collapses using IK combined with physics and, finally, the entire animation sequence is perfected using manual key-frames. For the first time, users can quickly create complex animation sequences like this within trueSpace.

Enhanced Modeling and Rendering
In trueSpace7.5, a new set of polygonal and subdivision modeling tools offer advanced snapping, visual inference guides, edge loops, and new soft paint and displacement paint tools that let users "paint" geometry on existing surfaces. For surfacing, there are new material and UV editors, both operating in the real-time photorealistic workspace. trueSpace7.5 also includes hair/fur modeling and grooming tools for creation of realistic hair.

The optional V-Ray render engine is now native to the real-time workspace and integrates several new features including animation support, depth of field, improved handling of non-metallic reflections, and more.

"I think customers are going to be very surprised at how easy trueSpace7.5 is to use," said Heidi Simonsen, trueSpace7.5 beta tester. "Feature-wise, I believe the soft brush and upgraded animation tools will be the overwhelming favorites. I also think they're going to approve of the tighter integration and render controls for V-Ray."

Real-Time Rendering
The real-time photorealistic rendering in the trueSpace7.5 workspace offers soft shadows, transparencies, reflections and mirrors, sophisticated materials, handling of HDRI backgrounds, and more. This workspace provides unrivaled feedback during modeling, texturing, layout, lighting or animation. In many cases, the real-time video output quality is high enough for live video output directly to the hard drive for web or broadcast presentations.

trueSpace7.5 is the only 3D authoring application that allows distributed users to work in the same 3D space on the same object at the same time. Non-trueSpace owners can also enter a 3D space to view objects, thanks to the freely distributable truePlay application. This allows 3D artists to work in real-time with their non-technical clients. For example, an architect may "lead" his customers through their new house design online and make changes immediately. trueSpace7.5 users can create online 3D spaces for people to meet and share images, music and games as well as business collaboration spaces or online learning environments.

Pricing and availability
trueSpace7.5 is available for $595 with upgrade pricing for previous versions starting at $199. V-Ray 1.5 SRP is $299. To purchase trueSpace7.5, visit http://www.caligari.com.

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Aleratec Promotion: 600 FREE LightScribe CD Discs With Purchase of Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS

Aleratec, developer and manufacturer of Aleratec Award Winning DVD/CD Duplicating and Publishing Solutions is running an unprecedented promotional offer. The purchaser of the Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher that buys before May 31 will receive 600 LightScribe CD discs, FREE! with their purchase. Terms and conditions apply, see www.aleratec.com/autopromo.html for details. The 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS is a DVD/CD autoloading disc duplicator with LightScribe technology that burns labels directly on DVD/CD discs.

The 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS -- the only robotic LightScribe disc publisher on the market -- automatically records and duplicates DVDs and CDs, and then burns silkscreen quality labels on the discs without a printer.

"We just introduced the Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher which by itself is a great value. With 600 Free discs, a $450 value, this offer is too good to turn down. Prosumers have been delighted with our LightScribe based personal and production disc publishing solutions and have insisted on an automated version that they can load with blank discs, walk away and come back later to a finished disc duplicating or labeling job," stated Perry Solomon, Aleratec President and CEO. "To this end, we have developed the 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS combining the advantages of LightScribe direct disc labeling with our proven robotic autoloader technology. Customers can duplicate up to 200 DVDs or CDs completely unattended, then just flip the discs over and it will laser burn silkscreen quality labels direct to the discs with no operator intervention. No printer is needed and that's important as customers do not want to be tethered to costly solutions with expensive proprietary consumables which are common characteristics of most disc publishing systems."

Aleratec Direct Disc Publishing is an integrated system that combines LightScribe-enabled DVD/CD recorders with LightScribe media and the powerful Aleratec Disc Publishing Software Suite, to produce precise, laser-etched, disc labels with superior sharpness and clarity.

LightScribe Direct Disc technology laser burns professional-looking CD and DVD labels directly on the disc -- no ink or other costly printing supplies are required.

The 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS has an advanced robotic loading mechanism designed specifically for reliable, unattended loading and unloading of DVDs and CDs into the Auto Publisher's LightScribe DVD/CD recorders. Making 200 DVD or CD copies with crystal clear labels has been a time consuming, labor intensive task. Now users can just connect the 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS to a PC via USB 2.0, load the LightScribe discs, click on Copy or Print and the 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS does the rest unattended, allowing customers to do something else.

The 1:3 DVD/CD Auto Publisher LS (Aleratec Part # 280106, Ingram Micro SKU M44792) with the low Estimated Street Prices of $2,999, offers the lowest total cost of ownership for an automated publishing system to Prosumers, Businesses, Government and Education users.

The full line of Aleratec DVD and CD recording solutions, duplication solutions, and accessories is featured at 4SURE.com, AAFES, Adorama, Amazon.com, B&H Photo Video, Best Buy, Buy.com, CDW, Circuit City, CompUSA, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, Insight, J & R, Mac Connection, MacMall, Micro Center, Office Depot, PC Connection, PC Mall, PC Nation, ProVantage, Quill, Radio Shack, Ritz Camera, Sears, Target, Tech Depot and Wal-Mart in addition to other leading retailers. Government and Education customers may purchase from Government and Education Specialists including AAFES, Best Buy Gov/Ed, CDW-G, CompuCom, CompUSA, Daly Computer, EnPointe, Fed Tek, GCI, GE IT Solutions, GovConnection, GOVPLACE, Green Pages, GTSI, Horizon, Insight Gov, INTELLI-TECH, PC Mall Gov, Pomeroy, Sarcom, Sayers, Shi.com, Softchoice, Sparco.com, telcobuy, TIG, and Unisys. All products are available to resellers through D&H Distributing, DBL Distributing, Ingram Micro, and Ingram Micro Canada.

Complete information available at http://www.aleratec.com.

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Class on Demand Releases Lightwave 9 Training

Class on Demand (COD), a provider of professional educational products for technology and creative markets, today announced two new training titles for the NewTek LightWave® version 9.0 release; "Basic Training for LightWave 9.0" and "What's New in LightWave V9."

Lead by Emmy award-winning artist Jarrod Davis, the new Class on Demand titles provide both beginners and experienced users a self-paced instructional tool that incorporates best practice techniques used in real-world production. LightWave is the widely popular 3D application from NewTek offering powerful modeling, and animation capabilities. The new version 9.0 release is a significant update offering a broad range of new features and functionalities that are covered in depth by Class on Demand training.

"Jarrod Davis is an exceptional instructor. Students with little to no experience in 3D modeling or animation will walk away from the training with a solid understanding of concepts and a fundamental proficiency using the new LightWave release. For advanced users, Jarrod's industry experience and expertise with the application both educates and challenges industry savvy students," said Paul Holtz, founder and CEO, Class on Demand.

Class on Demand's "LightWave 9.0 for Beginners"; eases new users into learning 3D and the LightWave application. Students will learn how to create Objects in modeler, use surfacing and textures, lights, keyframes, animate and render a scene, and more.

Class on Demand's "What's New in LightWave v9" covers all the exciting new features such as the Node Editor, Advanced Camera Tools, Time Warp, CCTV, Stress Maps, HV Deformer, Expression and Relativity, and using Sticky. Students who purchase this title will be eligible for the free Class on Demand update training on the new 9.2 feature set released at NAB 2007.

Pricing and Availability Class on Demand's "What's New in LightWave v9" and "Basic Training for LightWave v9" are available today through the Class on Demand website for an MSRP of $59.95 and $69.95 respectively. They are designed for both Macintosh and Windows users.

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Music 2 Hues Releases "FlashBack: The 60's"

Music 2 Hues released today a brand new addition to its Flagship Series production music line. Andy Wells, president of Music 2 Hues said, "With the addition of this new release we are providing our content developers with new and exciting music selections. The new title: "FlashBack: The 60's" is now shipping worldwide.

The FlashBack Series is an ever evolving line of music CD's that represents music styles and genres from the past. This series was launched in January 2007 with the first release entitled "FlashBack The 70's", representing the music styles of the 1970's. With the this newest release featuring the styles of the 1960's we are bringing alive music genres of the past to our end clients. Everything from the the California beach scene to the British Invasion, can be found on this latest FlashBack release. Video, Web, Multimedia and Broadcast Editors will find this series well suited for their everyday needs.

The FlashBack Series is available on audio CD, or you can download individual tracks in our Instant Download Center.

Our Download center provides all the music from our Flagship Series CD's for immediate download. Over 1000 music tracks and 500 sound effects are offered in the download center.


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Canon U.S.A.'s New HR10 HD Camcorder Combines Full 1080 High Definition Image Quality with the Convenience of Recording to DVD

Creating High Definition (HD) home movies is now super-simple with the introduction of the HR10 High Definition Camcorder from Canon U.S.A., Inc. This Canon HD camcorder calls on the Company's optical heritage, proprietary CMOS image sensor and HD expertise to help users effortlessly create and share High Definition movies on convenient DVD discs.

Consumers who are looking for the ideal camcorder to interface with the ever-expanding home entertainment environment and provide more High Definition content, need to look no further. The Canon HR10 HD Camcorder offers the benefits of top-notch broadcast quality lenses and photographic heritage by providing users with a Genuine Canon 10x optical zoom lens, a Full HD 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor and the AVCHD video format. The HR10 HD Camcorder also helps users obtain the sharpest High Definition video possible, with the assistance of Canon's exclusive Instant AF focus system and Super Range Optical Image Stabilization to help provide "rock solid" images at any focal length.

The Canon HR10 HD Camcorder features the ability to capture three megapixel still images, the new Multi-Angle Vivid LCD and the look and feel of film with the 24p Cine Mode. The smooth curves of the Camcorder fit snugly into the user's grasp, allowing for easy, smooth, one-handed operation of nearly every function of the camcorder.

"Research shows that consumers are looking for the convenience of DVD, as well as high-quality HD video when choosing a camcorder. With the introduction of the Canon HR10 High Definition Camcorder, we provide consumers with a better way to record and preserve their memories in High Definition," said Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. The Canon HR10 HD Camcorder enhances our offerings to the home theater aficionado, who demands nothing but the best in image quality, expands our product portfolio and strengthens our market leadership."

Consumers should not be fooled by the small stature of the Canon HR10 High Definition Camcorder. Even though the HR10 Camcorder may be dwarfed by a wide-screen HDTV, the handheld camcorder holds its own among high-end home theatre hardware, including towering surround-sound speakers, Blu-ray players and game consoles. Through the use of the ultra-efficient Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD), the Canon HR10 High Definition Camcorder records 1080 HD video to conventional 3-inch (8cm) DVD discs. The AVCHD codec allows HD video to be captured in a variety of compression rates, using less storage space, and recorded to DVD discs, including high-capacity dual-layer discs for longer recording time. This allows consumers to play back their footage on many AVCHD-compatible DVD players, including most Blu-ray disc players.

Through a single cable, the HR10 HD Camcorder can connect directly to the latest High Definition televisions through the all-digital HDMI interface for convenient playback of High Definition video on HDTVs. While it is true that the image quality from the HR10 HD Camcorder can be described as stunning, the camcorder includes many advanced features to help users make their videos even more impressive. The Canon HR10 High Definition Camcorder's 24p Cine Mode enables aspiring moviemakers to achieve a professional "film-look" by changing the camcorder's frame rate to 24p, which provides the same frame rate as movie film. In addition, the Canon HR10 Camcorder's Cine setting changes the color and tonal characteristics, evoking the look and feel of a theatrical film. For added flexibility, these settings can be used together or independently. Users will also be able to shoot with confidence knowing that they have the support of Canon's Instant AF System and Super Range Optical Image stabilization.

Focus is a critical component when shooting in High Definition, which Canon addresses with the potent one-two punch of a powerful 10x optical zoom lens with aspherical elements and coatings that reduce flare and ghosting, as well as the revolutionary Instant AF focusing system for sharp focus of moving subjects. The Instant AF system uses an external sensor, to help users achieve crisp focus, even in extreme bright or low light conditions.

Canon's Super Range Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps correct camera shake during hand-held filming or when the camera is in motion. Canon's OIS is even more beneficial while zoomed in on a subject when even subtle camera movement can rattle an image. In addition, the OIS system is operational when shooting still images, which helps to produce sharp and blur-free pictures when photographing as well.

Designed, developed and manufactured by Canon, the 1/2.7-inch CMOS image sensor, similar to the EOS line of digital SLR cameras, acquires image information at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, producing life-like High Definition movies and photos. Additionally, Canon's Full HD CMOS Sensor features on-chip noise reduction technology, to help ensure the signals from each pixel are as pure as possible, with minimal "noise" or other image distortion even in dimly lit scenes. What's more, the CMOS sensor incorporates an RGB Primary Color Filter with a Bayer placement to help deliver sharp, High Definition images in true vibrant, accurate color.

Canon's proprietary DIGIC DV II HD Image Processor, is the brains behind the HR10 High Definition Camcorder recognizing the different color requirements of video and photos for optimal image quality. The DIGIC DV II processor's improved color reproduction and noise reduction is what powers the HR10 High Definition Camcorder's ability to capture stunning imagery in low light, bright light and difficult-to-shoot situations.

The enhanced 2.7-inch widescreen LCD screen of the HR10 High Definition Camcorder makes it easier than ever before for users to compose their videos and pictures, thanks to a variety of enhancements. The crisp LCD screen is viewable from up to 135 degrees at any angle and offers the widest color gamut on any Canon consumer camcorder to date. The screen is also treated with a new glare-resistant coating that helps display colors faithfully with minimal darkening or distortion for easy viewing in various light conditions. This is especially useful when shooting a scene such as a wedding reception, where users can view every detail of an ornate wedding dress and the subtle contrast on a black tuxedo directly on the camcorder's LCD during shooting.

Life does not wait for the camcorder to power up, which is why the HR10 HD Camcorder utilizes Canon's "Quick Start" feature. Quick Start allows the camera to go from standby mode to shooting in a fraction of a second, helping to ensure that those special moments are not missed.

Adding to the professional look of the High Definition video captured by the Canon HR10 HD Camcorder is the Smooth Zoom Speed Control. Canon's Smooth Zoom Speed Control provides users with a choice of three pre-set zoom speeds to help control the pace of the zoom no matter how hard the user may press the zoom lever. Furthermore, the Canon HR10 HD Camcorder provides an easy-to-read level marker or grid superimposed over the camcorder's 2.7-inch widescreen LCD display.

As a digital still camera, the HR10 HD Camcorder excels with all of Canon's best digital camera features. Users can accurately focus their shots with nine-point autofocus and then take vibrant 3.1 megapixel images to a miniSD card. While shooting video, users can capture two-megapixel photos to the card, or extract two-megapixel images later from the video itself, providing users with a second chance to snap that once in a lifetime image.

Available in August, the Canon HR10 HD Camcorder will have an estimated selling price of $1,199.


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OWC Announces 2.0TB RAID Solution

Other World Computing (OWC), a leading Mac and PC technology company, announced today the new OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual 2.0TB RAID solution, the highest capacity 2-drive array on the market. Based on the award-winning OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro line of RAID drive solutions, the OWC 2.0TB RAID solution is A/V rated, specifically designed to meet the high-performance demands of audio and video production with data transfer rates of over 80 Mbytes per second.

The OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual 2.0TB RAID solution is a high-performance 7200RPM, 64MB RAID 0 Striped SATA-Equipped Drive Solution. The highest capacity top performance external drive available of its kind, the new OWC 2.0TB RAID solution features Plug & Play simplicity through FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB 2.0 interfaces via OWC's custom Oxford 924-based bridge solution. Data accessibility is completely transparent via the different supported interfaces, even when moved between different computers.

Priced at $1,099.99, the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual 2.0TB RAID solution is available through OWC and major retailers. 320GB to 1.5TB OWC models are also available from $249.99. For more information, click here.


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