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September 17, 2007

Table of Contents

The Moving Picture: My AVCHD Summer
Panasonic to Ship New Master Quality 1080P AJ-HPX3000 P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder
Digital Juice Releases 4 New Volumes of StackTraxx Layered Production Music
Apple Unveils Logic Studio
16x9 Inc. introduces EX Compact Super Fisheye
Peachpit Releases Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack Pro 2
Miraizon Releases New Versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows
Blackmagic Design Announces Multibridge Eclipse is Now Available Worldwide
EnhanceRAID R14 HDS Certified by Matrox for Axio HD
Hollywood Style Special Effects Made Simple - DJTV's "Suite Effects" Shows How

The Moving Picture: My AVCHD Summer

I spent the summer with the Panasonic AG-HSC1U 3CCD AVCHD camcorder, a fun experience that imparted some serious lessons about tape vs. Flash-based storage, MPEG-2 vs. AVCHD, and what viewers really like about high-definition formats (as compared to what we camera evaluators like to measure). Let me start with a bit about the camera and I’ll share my insights.

The 3CCD camera is about the size of a 12 oz. can of soda, and comes with a 4GB Flash card and a battery-powered 40GB hard drive you can use to offload video from your Flash cards in the field. At top quality, a 4GB card stores about 40 minutes of video, enough for most wedding ceremonies, but not concert sets or acts in a ballet or concert—though obviously with 8GB cards, which are now just hitting the scene, capacity rivals that of tape-based systems.

The camera itself costs as little as about $1,900 at B&H online, with compatible Flash cards dropping as low as $40 while I had the camcorder. Still not close to the $3 or so I pay for my DV/HDV tapes, but way down from even a few months ago.

I shot a panoply of events here in Small Town, USA (aka Galax, Virginia). I started with the county fair, which rolls into town on those 18-wheelers you see on the interstate on occasion, midway rides precariously folded like mechanical origami, looking rickety enough to spawns silent promises of "never letting my kids onto that thing." (Somehow I do, and they survive, every summer, but please don’t tell my wife.) Then there was demolition derby night, with big-bicep types in undershirts driving cars I coveted in my youth—save for that ugly green AMC Pacer I never would have touched, even at 17 with a freshly minted driver’s license and few other options.

Then there was the granddaddy of all events, the 72nd annual Fiddler’s Convention, which draws participants and attendees from around the globe. It’s a social and cultural event nonpareil, even if you don’t know the difference between a bluegrass and clawhammer banjo. There I shot, sans tripod, a motley band that included family friend Susan performing Ralph Stanley’s version of "Pretty Polly" to the delight of the Saturday night crowd (watch it here).

What did I learn from my summer with the camera? My first conclusion relates to CCD size. True, 1080i HDV has a resolution of 1440x1080 pixels, which translates to 1,555,200 total pixels. Camera CCDs can have fewer pixels than that and still produce HDV; in fact, many do. However, those with fewer pixels capture at their largest native resolution then scale the captured frame to HDV resolutions, just like you could do in Photoshop.

Even if you make it sound respectable by terming it "interpolation," the fact remains that you ain’t got the pixels so you have to make them up. Regardless of what you call it, this translates to loss of sharpness compared to camcorders with CCDs of sufficient size to perform full-resolution capture.

The first camcorder I tested with more than 1,555,200 pixels was the Canon XL H1, and later its little brother, the XH A1. Both beat my beloved Sony HDR-FX1 hands down in resolution tests, and I swore I would never buy another camcorder lacking the raw pixel count to support the storage format.

In truth, the AG-HSC1U can’t touch the clarity produced by these Canon camcorders, but the lesson was that my audience didn’t care. When I showed the Blu-ray "Pretty Polly" video, my wife looked over and said "great camera," strong praise from a casual observer who has many times seen the fruit of both the XL H1 and XH A1. The lesson: HD is better than SD even when shot with CCDs that don’t deliver the full resolution.

The second observation relates to AVCHD, which is based upon H.264, the first video standard to be endorsed by both the ITU and MPEG standards organizations. Proponents claim that it offers twice the quality of MPEG-2 at the same data rate, and this is certainly true. MPEG-2 has been around since the early 1990s and few, if any, of us will be shooting in it 2010 and beyond. Some form of H.264 is the obvious successor.

What about workflow? Well, it’s getting there. I captured the video in Final Cut Pro, which converted the AVCHD to ProRes for editing. I rendered a Blu-ray-compatible file in Compressor that loaded just fine into Adobe Encore, which produced a Blu-ray disc for me and SD discs for the band (happily reproducing the latter on my XLNT Idea Nexis 100AP). No suite can take you full circle, since DVD Studio Pro doesn’t produce Blu-ray discs and Premiere Pro can’t import AVCHD, but I’m sure that will change by mid-2008, if not sooner.

Finally, I greatly enjoyed shooting to solid-state storage, both for the immediate access to scenes and faster than real time capture to disc. I haven’t studied cost accounting since college, but you can look at a simple, one-piece 4GB Flash card and complicated multi-part DV tape and know that sometime in the future the Flash card will cost less.

So, much like a gas-guzzling SUV, a tape-based high-definition camcorder based on MPEG-2 will soon be a dinosaur. You heard it here first.

Jan Ozer is a frequent contributor to industry magazines and websites on digital video-related topics and the author of DV 101: A Hands-On Guide for Business, Government & Educators, published by Peachpit Press.

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Panasonic to Ship New Master Quality 1080P AJ-HPX3000 P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder

Panasonic announced it will begin deliveries this month of its new AJ-HPX3000, the industry's first native 1080p one-piece camcorder to acquire mastering-quality high definition video. With three 2/3" high-density 2.2-megapixel CCDs, the HPX3000 captures cinema-quality images in full-raster 1920 x 1080 resolution with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling, utilizing the powerful, new AVC-Intra codec.

Designed for episodic television, filmmaking and commercial production where mastering quality is essential, the HPX3000 records in industry-standard DVCPRO HD at 1080 in 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i and 60i, and in AVC-Intra. AVC-Intra, the industry's most advanced compression technology, is a professional intra-frame video codec with bit rates of 50 and 100Mbps, utilizing the Hi-10 and Hi-422 profiles of H.264 respectively. AVC-Intra provides high-quality 10-bit intra-frame encoding in two modes: AVC-Intra 100 for full-raster mastering video quality, and AVC-Intra 50 Mbps for DVCPRO HD quality at half the bit rate, thereby doubling the record time on a P2 card. For added flexibility, the camera can also produce standard definition recordings in DVCPRO50, and is 60/50-Hz switchable for worldwide use.

The HPX3000 offers intuitive film camera-like operation and its superb performance is enhanced with advanced 14-bit A/D conversion and a 12-pole matrix color correction function. Additional high-end features include six advanced gamma settings, including Film-Rec mode (made popular by the VariCam); a Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function that corrects for lateral chromatic aberration in lenses; film-like shutter controls; built-in scan reverse and a proxy video encoder. The HPX3000 has a high sensitivity of F10 at 1,000 lux in 1080i, and a minimum illumination of .064 lx (at +56db gain-up).

The camera offers five card slots and with five 16 GB P2 cards installed, you can record up to 100 minutes in AVC-Intra 100 at 1080/24p, 200 minutes in AVC-Intra 50 at 1080/24p, 160 minutes in other AVC-Intra 50 formats, and 80 minutes in other AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD formats. Recording times will double with the release of Panasonic's 32GB P2 card in November.

In addition to offering P2 HD's no-moving-parts reliability and innovative recording modes, the HPX3000's solid-state benefits result in a fast file-based workflow, providing immediate access to video content from all cards simultaneously for confidence viewing.

For creative picture enhancing, the camera has a three-level Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function that varies the gamma correction to match the contrast within the image. A Scan Reverse function allows the HPX3000 to use an ultra prime lens or an anamorphic lens adapter to create a 2.35:1 aspect image for wide-screen cinematic shooting without image cropping. In addition, the camera offers dual optical filter wheels for separate control of ND and CC, and a flip-out, 3.5-inch color LCD monitor for easy viewing. Available interfaces include IEEE 1394A in/out, USB 2.0 in/out, genlock in with HD Tri-Level Sync or VBS in, and SMPTE time code in/out. An HD/SD-SDI input for external line recording is offered as an option.

The HPX3000 can record full 48-kHz/16-bit digital audio on all four channels, and it's equipped with an RCU terminal for connecting the optional AJ-RC10G remote control unit for superb image and control adjustment.

To lower total ownership costs, Panasonic is offering a five-year limited warranty (Panasonic Broadcast's normal 1-year basic warranty plus an extended warranty for years two through five). The AJ-HPX3000 is available this month at a suggested list price of $48,000.


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Digital Juice Releases 4 New Volumes of StackTraxx Layered Production Music

Digital Juice® announced today that it is adding four new titles to its royalty-free StackTraxx™ music library. The four new titles will bring the rapidly expanding production music collection to thirty-six available volumes covering an array of different styles, themes, and genres including Top Forty sounds and radio influenced mixes, a European tour through the Old Country and beyond, modern Corporate music covering everything from the board room to the break room, and a Retro infused blast of disco and punk.

StackTraxx™ is the first and largest production music library of its kind. Each song is provided in individual easy-to-use layers or "stacks". By using layers, StackTraxx™ allows video editors the ability to turn on the parts of the music they need, and turn off the parts they don't, without compromising the integrity of the composition. "StackTraxx™ gives editors unparalleled control of the music in their productions. "The idea is to allow editors to become conductors, deciding what aspects of the music they want to bring out or tone down without the necessity of being a composer or even being musically inclined," said CEO and Digital Juice® Founder, David Hebel. "The future of high-end royalty-free content is all about power and customization. Professionals enjoy the low cost and ease of royalty-free music but they miss the flexibility, power, and control that a custom song can provide. I think StackTraxx is really the first royalty-free music library to balance these needs and address this issue completely."

Digital Juice® provides a free Windows® and Mac® utility, Juicer™ 3, that makes it easy to browse, search, and select from any of the StackTraxx™ volumes. Once selected, editors can audition the music and begin "conducting" by turning on and off the four to seven layers. Each StackTraxx™ volume contains at least 20 songs provided in full length, 60 second, 30 second, 15 second, and 10 second versions for a quick and easy fit into most production needs. Once selected and customized the song can be exported in numerous formats including WAV and AIFF. Users also have the option to "split the tracks" and save each layer separately for even more flexibility when brought into video or audio editing applications.

The 4 New Volumes include:

* Volume 33: Top Forty Stacks
* Volume 34: Executive Stacks
* Volume 35: European Reflections Stacks
* Volume 36: Retro Metro Stacks

Pricing & Availability
The new StackTraxx™ volumes 33 through 36 can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store) or by calling the company's customer service center toll-free at 800-525-2203. Individual volumes retail for $99 each but can often be purchased in special bundles for as much as 50-75% off. Check the website for details on bundle pricing and specials. The company's free Juicer™ 3 software can be found at www.digitaljuice.com/juicer/.

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Apple Unveils Logic Studio

Apple today unveiled Logic® Studio, a comprehensive suite of professional tools that gives musicians everything they need to create, produce and perform in the studio and on the stage for just $499.

Logic Studio features Logic Pro 8, a major upgrade that combines an intuitive new interface with Logic’s renowned sound quality and rock-solid timing, and introduces MainStage, an innovative new live performance application that turns the Mac® into a streamlined live rig. Logic Studio also includes Soundtrack® Pro 2, Apple’s professional audio post production software; Studio Instruments, made up of 40 pristine quality instruments; Studio Effects, with 80 professional effect plug-ins; a vast Studio Sound Library; and a powerful set of production utilities.

"From the fun and intuitive GarageBand to the all new Logic Studio, there’s never been a better time to be a musician on the Mac," said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Product Marketing. "For less than $500, Logic Studio transforms the Mac into the most powerful musical instrument in the world."

At the heart of Logic Studio is Logic Pro 8, now with an intuitive single-window interface for instant access to powerful music creation and production functions, including snap-to-transient selection and sample accurate editing directly in the Arrange window. New audio production tools such as Quick Swipe Comping and dynamic channel strip creation speed up common tasks. Logic Pro 8 also includes end-to-end surround production capabilities with innovative surround panning controls, multichannel tracks and busses, and support for True Surround software instruments and effects.

MainStage turns the Mac into a powerful live performance rig that produces reliable, consistent sound—whether music is being made at home, in a rehearsal space, or in front of an audience. Screen controls link software plug-ins to hardware knobs, faders and buttons, so musicians can use their favorite gear while performing live. An easy-to-read interactive display, designed for distant viewing in dim light, shows exactly the information needed on stage. Professional templates simplify set-up giving musicians more time to explore and create their own unique sounds.

Soundtrack Pro 2 is the musician’s bridge to sound for picture with professional editing tools and seamless film and video integration that simplifies every aspect of the audio post production process. Musicians can compose their score in Logic Pro 8 then use Soundtrack Pro 2 to edit dialog, design sound effects and complete the mix in cinematic sound.

Studio Instruments with 40 instrument plug-ins enable musicians to access and play almost any sound imaginable, including enhanced versions of Ultrabeat, Sculpture and ES2 synthesizers, and the EXS24 sampler. Studio Effects include a new Delay Designer plug-in that offers in-depth control over individual delay taps, and Space Designer, now with True Surround enhancements for multichannel audio processing. Logic Studio gives musicians a vast Studio Sound Library, featuring content from the five Jam Pack® collections and Final Cut Studio® 2, for a total of 18,000 Apple Loops, 1,300 EXS instruments and 5,000 sound effects that span a huge variety of genres and styles. Production utilities include WaveBurner for CD mastering, Compressor 3 for surround encoding, an Apple Loops utility and a new Impulse Response utility for capturing the acoustics of real performance spaces.

Logic Studio is now available for a suggested retail price of $499 (US) through the Apple Store® (www.apple.com), Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. Registered Logic Pro 7 users can upgrade to Logic Studio for $199 (US). Customers who purchased Logic Pro 7 on or after August 1, 2007 are eligible for a free upgrade to Logic Studio ($9.95 shipping & handling). Full system requirements and more information on Logic Studio including a list of certified, compatible hardware and software, can be found at http://www.apple.com/logicstudio.

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16x9 Inc. introduces EX Compact Super Fisheye

Introducing the latest addition to 16x9 Inc.'s rapidly growing EX Collection of high-end lens accessories: the Compact Super Fisheye. A smaller, lighter version of the extremely wide-angle EX Super Fisheye, this new single-element fisheye adapter is custom crafted to meet the higher demands of the new higher resolution, compact HD camcorders. Adding 0.4X magnification, it expands the view of the original lens, for a wide-eyed perspective that draws the eye closer to the center of the action. Images take on a convex appearance with exaggerated angles and extreme barrel distortion.

With its concise shape and front diameter of 90mm, the Compact Super Fisheye is tailored to fit beautifully on smaller-size cameras like the Canon XH-A1. Mounted to the front of the XHA1 lens, it delivers a 116° horizontal field of view. At only 6.6 oz. (187g), this ultralight adapter is an excellent optical tool for handheld work. Plus, the unit's compact size and weight make it less susceptible to damage than larger, heavier accessories.

The EX Compact Super Fisheye comes equipped with a 72:62mm step-down ring for mounting to the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX7. Secured by a single set screw, the ring is anchored to the back of the adapter. With the ring removed, the unit features a convenient 72mm screw-in rear thread that attaches neatly to the front of most popular HD camcorder lenses.

Engineered and built in Japan for optimum optical performance, 16x9 Inc.'s HD-quality EX lens add-ons are meticulously crafted of the finest grade materials and feature an innovative, technically advanced design. U.S. MSRP for the EX Compact Super Fisheye is $525. For a limited time, 16x9 Inc is offering the adapter at a special promotional price of $475.


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Peachpit Releases Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack Pro 2

Today, Peachpit announced Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack Pro 2 by Martin Sitter, the only Apple-authorized guide to the digital audio tool designed specifically for Final Cut Pro editors.

Audio producer Martin Sitter created all-new projects and revised this best-selling book to take advantage of the software’s new streamlined interface, surround mixing features, new dialogue track tools, and ability to synchronize changes between picture and sound. After introducing the Soundtrack workspace and showing how to work with audio clips and tracks, Sitter moves to the essential tasks of audio restoration and clean up, including instruction on arranging, editing, and mixing multi-track audio projects; recording and editing voiceovers and narration; and experimenting with advanced mixing and effects. Each chapter presents a complete lesson in an aspect of sound design or editing, with step-by-step projects to complete as you go.

Martin Sitter is the founder and CEO of macProVideo.com, a leading software education publisher and training Web site. A veteran audio producer, multimedia artist, and Apple Certified Trainer specializing in track-based video and audio applications, Martin is the author of Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7 and co-author of Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 4.


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Miraizon Releases New Versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows

Miraizon(R), a San Jose- based digital media software company, announced today the availability of its new product Cinematize(R) 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows, the Ultimate DVD Re-Editing Tool. The latest versions, Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh v. 2.02 and Cinematize 2 Pro for Windows v. 2.01 both include several new features such as full MPEG-1 audio decoding capability, the ability to save still images directly from Cinematize 2 Pro, support for Apple TV movie file output, and various user interface improvements as well as some fixes. In addition, Cinematize 2 Pro for Windows is now fully Vista compatible. Complete lists of the new features and fixes, free demos, and free updaters are all available at: http:// www.miraizon.com/support/downloads.html.

The latest versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows can be purchased at http://www.miraizon.com/store/store.html. "We are very excited to release the latest and greatest versions of Cinematize 2 Pro with many useful new features. Now users can better handle DVDs that use the MPEG-1 audio format rather than the more common AC-3 and PCM formats. They can also save out still pictures directly from Cinematize 2 Pro for use in photo albums or presentations. Users with the latest technologies will benefit from the Apple TV movie file output support and Vista compatibility, " says Miraizon founder and CEO, David Salamon.

Cinematize 2 Pro, the Ultimate DVD Re-Editing Tool, is a highly rated application that extracts virtually any piece of a DVD, be it audio, video, subtitles, or menus. The extracted files are in formats ready for use in popular applications including QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, PowerPoint, iTunes, Apple TV, or even an iPod. Building on its predecessor Cinematize 2, Cinematize 2 Pro lets users extract and decode subtitles to QuickTime movies or images, extract video from DVD-VR discs produced by recorders, and extract all channels from multi-channel audio tracks. In addition, Cinematize 2 Pro allows extraction from DVD menus including buttons, background images, motion menus, and audio tracks. Cinematize 2 Pro users can also increase their productivity dramatically with numerous time-saving features such as batch processing of multiple segments, presets for frequently-used preferences, comprehensive display of timecodes, and improved extraction performance.

Cinematize 2 Pro users include not only digital media professionals from major Hollywood studios and TV networks, but also school teachers, DJs, lawyers, doctors, advertising professionals, and home users from all over the world. They use Cinematize 2 Pro to accomplish a wide range of projects including re-editing DVDs, incorporating DVD clips into presentations, creating movie highlights collections, editing recorded TV programs, creating still pictures, extracting subtitles for language studies, and creating audio clips for CDs, iPods, and iTunes. Cinematize 2 Pro is an essential tool for anybody who works extensively with DVDs.

Priced at $129.95, the latest download versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows are immediately available for purchase from the company’s online store at: http://www.miraizon.com/store/ store.html. Priced at $149.95, the latest box versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows are also available from the company’s online store. Existing Cinematize 2 users can upgrade to Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh or Windows starting from $89.95. Free updaters for existing Cinematize 2 Pro users and free demo versions are also available for download at: http://www.miraizon.com/support/downloads.html.

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Blackmagic Design Announces Multibridge Eclipse is Now Available Worldwide

Blackmagic Design Inc. today announced Multibridge Eclipse is shipping and available now from Blackmagic Design professional video resellers worldwide.

Multibridge Eclipse is the most sophisticated editing system available, with the new 3 Gb/s SDI standard connections, Multibridge Eclipse allows twice the SDI data rate than normal HD-SDI, while retaining compatibility with normal HD-SDI and standard definition SDI equipment. 3 Gb/s SDI allows 4:4:4 video using a single BNC type connection, or Blackmagic Design’s new 2K via SDI allows high resolution 2048 x 1556 real time 24 fps feature film editing.

Multibridge Eclipse was demonstrated at the recent NAB 2007 show, where it won several leading industry awards.

"Multibridge Eclipse was developed in response to customers’ growing complex needs in high end broadcast and post production," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "Anyone from freelance editors to broadcasters and high end professionals can take advantage of the latest high speed SDI technologies for any kind of creative task. The leading edge technology and elegant design of Multibridge Eclipse makes it the most exciting product we have ever developed!"

In addition to 3 Gb/s SDI, Multibridge Eclipse also includes HDMI capture and playback and analog component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video capture and playback. Sixteen channels of SDI audio, 12 channels of AES/EBU audio, and 4 channels of analog XLR audio capture and playback are incorporated in response to feedback from large broadcast networks which were consulted during the research and design phase of Multibridge Eclipse.

Multibridge Eclipse includes a new design that shows users instant feedback of operational status, vital in busy broadcast facilities. Multibridge Eclipse includes 32 independent audio level meters for audio monitoring. Sixteen of these level meters show each audio input, and 16 level meters show each audio output. Indicators are also provided for resolution, genlock format, and video input status.

Multibridge Eclipse Key Features
• Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI with compatibility with HD-SDI and SD SDI.
• HDMI capture and playback in SD and HD.
• Analog component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video capture and playback.
• SDI, HDMI and Analog component switches between SD and HD. SDI also switches to 2K film.
• Total of 16 simultaneous channels audio capture and playback.
• 12 channels of AES/EBU audio capture and playback.
• 4 channels of XLR professional analog audio capture and playback.
• 16 channels of SDI audio capture and playback.
• SDI switches between standard definition, HD and 2K.
• Full resolution 2K capture and playback at 2048 x 1556 at 24 and 23.98 fps.
• RS-422 remote control for broadcast decks and genlock/tri-Sync input.
• Compact 2 Rack Unit size less than 4 inches deep.
• Real time effects in Apple Final Cut Pro™ and Adobe Premiere™ Pro.

Multibridge Eclipse is available now for a US domestic recommended retail price of $3495 or €2755 from all Blackmagic Design authorized resellers.


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EnhanceRAID R14 HDS Certified by Matrox for Axio HD

Enhance Technology, Inc. (ETI), the leader in data intensive and digital media storage solutions, is proud to introduce the new EnhanceRAID R14 HDS High Definition Storage which has been certified by Matrox Video Products Group for use with its Axio HD workstations and board-sets for realtime video editing. This certified high definition (HD) editing solution combines Enhance Technology’s most powerful and cost effective dual RAID controller SCSI-to-SATA video RAID storage system that delivers spectacularly high performance, stability and scalability with the most powerful Axio realtime HD video engine to date.

EnhanceRAID R14 offers a certified HD production & storage solution which provides an extremely high performance for real-time HD & SD editing and post production environment for the creative professionals. The EnhanceRAID R14 is capable of multiple streams of uncompressed 10 bit 1080i HD for use with broadcasting, post production facilities and studios. EnhanceRAID R14 HDS is the only single rackmount optimized U320 SCSI storage system certified by Matrox Axio HD and it combines state-of-the-art data protection, dual RAID controller design and total storage management and control.

Matrox Axio HD users will appreciate EnhanceRAID R14 HDS’s cutting edge "web-based" graphic user interface which provides remote storage control which may be accessed at any location at anytime. The EnhanceRAID R14 also features a built-in enterprise RAID-6 and a dynamic online volume expansion enable. EnhanceRAID R14 HDS optimizes the Matrox Axio HD system and application performance and increases productivity results in ultimate HD and SD post production experiences.

Matrox Axio HD certified EnhanceRAID™ R14 HDS is available with scalable storage capacity up to 12TB on RAID-5 using Hitachi’s New Deskstar 7K1000 1TB SATA 3Gbp/s HDD. EnhanceRAID™ R14 HDS is now available directly through Enhance Technology and Matrox authorized dealers worldwide with a suggested retail price of $4,450 for the unpopulated unit.


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Hollywood Style Special Effects Made Simple - DJTV's "Suite Effects" Shows How

Digital Juice® announced today that it is releasing a new DJTV™ show titled Suite Effects™. The first episode "The Roto Route" features industry veteran and After Effects® guru Sean Mullen showing how anyone can use the technique called "rotoscoping" to create the same eye-popping special effects previously thought only the domain of big-budget Hollywood movie studios.

Rotoscoping is the process of manually extracting individual video elements frame-by-frame to create the mats you need to make effects as seamless as possible. The effect itself is used heavily in films, commercials, music videos, television and video games.

"People are often so amazed by the coolness and wow factor of an effect shot and they think 'There’s no way I can do that!'" says Sean Mullen, host of DJTV's Suite Effects. "The fact is, effects are a bit like magic tricks. They’re smoke and mirrors in a sense. Even the most complex feature film shots can be broken down into simple parts and performed by using the same basic techniques."

What editors will learn in this episode:

* How to extract individual elements from your video
* Creating "Pleasantville" and "Sin City" style color effects
* What to do when the element you extracted changes shape
* Techniques for isolating two or more objects that intersect
* Masking and stylizing different elements to spice things up

About Suite Effects™
In Suite Effects, visual effects veteran Sean Mullen draws back the curtain to reveal some trade secrets on how video editors can pull off cool effects right from their own edit bay. Whether it's tackling foundational techniques like rotoscoping, tracking logos to a van, or blasting fireballs from the hands, Suite Effects will share the tips and tricks that will help video editors produce the same quality visual effects normally reserved for big-budget Hollywood movie studios. Suite Effects "The Roto Route" is the reason I like Digital Juice," says Kenneth O'Banyoun of Concepts & Designs. "What you can learn in less than 7 minutes is priceless!"

About DJTV™ Digital Juice Television or DJTV™ is an award-winning web-based television network like no other and is designed to reach a targeted audience of creative professionals with high-quality, highly-produced programming that is interesting, informative, instructional, inspiring and entertaining. Digital Juice posts new episodes of DJTV each week and viewers can check out the latest shows here. Easy to use navigational tools like keyword search and sorting by views and ratings help viewers quickly find the episode they are looking for. DJTV episodes are displayed using a custom Flash® player with download speeds ranging from Ultra to iPod. DJTV is completely free and all shows are archived in case viewers miss or would like to relive a specific episode.


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