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February 04, 2008

Table of Contents

Review: Newtek TriCaster Studio
Magic Bullet Frames Now Shipping
Noise Industries Partner Industrial Revolution Introduces SupaWipe FxPack For Apple Final Cut Studio 2 And Final Cut Express 4
ikan Debuts Their New Uni-Rack 2 & Uni-rack 5
Zacuto Releases Lightweight Support (LWS) System for Attaching Accessories to High-Definition Video Cameras
ikan Launches the New RM 4-25 Rackmount
Wohler's New 19-Inch HDMon-190 Brings Convenience and Quality to HD Monitoring
New Graphics eXpansion Module Control Panel offers enhanced multi-display support for Mac systems
DVcreators.net Releases dvcPrompt! Teleprompting Software
Abaltat Announces NAB Product Offerings

Review: Newtek TriCaster Studio

here have been few reviews that I have looked forward to writing as much as this TriCaster Studio review. The TriCaster Studio is made by NewTek, creators of the seminal postproduction product, VideoToaster (now VT[5]). TriCaster Studio is the latest development in the TriCaster product family line, joining TriCaster and TriCaster Pro. For more information on NewTek’s other products, I suggest that you visit their website where you can view a great side-by-side, feature-set comparison of the entire TriCaster family.

As the name suggests, TriCaster Studio a self-contained "studio-in-a-box." It is capable of live switching between six cameras; real-time chromakeying; multiple upstream effects; dual DDR playback; live CG, audio mixing, and video editing; live video streaming; live, simultaneous AVI and WMV recordings; and more. In effect, NewTek has squeezed the capabilities of a broadcast control room into a large black shoebox. The TriCaster Studio is designed to be a live production workhorse. In addition to the features mentioned above, the TriCaster has the capability to capture and edit to get media in and out of the box.

I must admit, after glancing at the operators’ manual I was a little nervous about how user-friendly the TriCaster Studio was going to be. My worries were quickly laid to rest after operating the TriCaster for only a short time. Its interface is easy to follow and it makes sense. It’s rather impressive to have the capabilities of the TriCaster Studio presented in a user-friendly package.

Setup is uncomplicated and straightforward. NewTek understands the need to keep the I/O simple, with very easy assess. While the front of the TriCaster Studio may not be inspirational in itself, it’s incredibly easy to connect to. Each of the 6 inputs has the option of Composite, S-video, or component. There are also 4 XLR audio inputs, giving some flexibility for smaller audio setups. On the output side, you have the option of 2 Composite, S-video, and component outputs as well as one pair of 1/4" and RCA audio outputs. There are also 4 USB ports and 1 FireWire connection on the front of the TriCaster Studio to use while transferring media on and off.

figure 1Live Production
We do a lot of live switching at the university, so I was really excited to see what the TriCaster Studio could do in that setting. With the TriCaster, you have the ability to switch between 10 different sources: 6 cameras, 2 direct disk video files (the TriCaster refers to them as VCRs), 1 iVGA for computer presentation such as PowerPoint, and a customizable background. As in a broadcast studio, the TriCaster has 3 banks of buttons: live, preview, and effects. You can also choose from more than 200 transitions for use between sources.

One of the "wow" features that people always notice when walking into a TV control room is the number of monitors. The TriCaster Studio gets the same reaction, with 6 available monitors to view while doing a live production. They are designated as 1 program/live, 1 preview, 2 for each VCR, 1 for the iVGA and a waveform/vectorscope. While researching and writing this review, NewTek released an upgrade that allows you to configure the TriCaster to monitor 3 cameras instead of the VCR/iVGA layout. This is a big plus for anyone switching 3 or more cameras. The TriCaster Studio is very flexible, suited for use in at least 4 different scenarios. One configuration would be as a traditional broadcast news setup with CG and VCR playback and I/O to multiple sources. As is needed with most broadcast production, the TriCaster could switch between a combination of camera sources and VTR playback, adding CG when desired.

Another setup would be to use TriCaster Studio as a remote field switch for live events, such as sports, concerts, etc. With this setup the emphasis would be one switching unit for many sources and cameras. The bulk of live events aren’t focused around playback as much as getting good video from a multitude of cameras and devices (decks, computers, etc.). The TriCaster would be a good option for college and high schools sports events as well as "image magnification" for theatrical houses.

A third desirable configuration would be to use the TriCaster as a presentation switcher. One of the unique features of the TriCaster Studio is that it can output a VGA, SXGA, or SQXGA resolution. The TriCaster has the capability to switch between 3 iVGA sources. By using this feature throughout the iVGA video feeds that you are switching, you can avoid a down-res to SD quality. This means that computer presentations keep the same high resolution going out as they did going in. Houses of worship (or similar) would find these features especially beneficial.

The fourth scenario would be using the TriCaster Studio as a virtual set switcher. Virtual set production operates much like a standard broadcast production, but with the added difficultly of switching between real-time chroma-keying. The TriCaster Studio is preconfigured with 6 different virtual set designs that have 4 different camera angles for each set design. The TriCaster also understands that you’ll want to use VCR playback to insert into the virtual set design and automatically configures it for you. The TriCaster Studio showcases its versatility in the ability to do all or any combination of these different configurations.

Video Mixer
NewTek also sells a video mixer interface with live and next source buttons as well as the familiar T-Bar. Unfortunately, this product wasn’t available for my review. And while I did not have the physical mixer to operate, I found it fairly straightforward to use the computer keyboard that interfaces with the TriCaster Studio. The auto transition function is the space bar and the take function is the enter key. This was good planning on NewTek’s part, considering that they are the two largest keys on a keyboard.

Capture and Edit
Along with its live production capabilities, TriCaster Studio also allows you to capture media. The capture device that you can connect to has an analog input. This means that you can capture Composite, component, or S-video. The TriCaster can also capture real-time DV and HDV source material through the FireWire input. For the DV sources you also have deck control to assist during capturing and export to tape. (Note that TriCaster cannot export HDV over FireWire.)

The video editor is like a light version of NewTek’s SpeedEDIT. The editor lets you edit in either a storyboard or timeline mode. While it wouldn’t be efficient to edit a full documentary on a TriCaster, the editor is more than adept at quickly capturing and editing clips to be used for the live production "VCRs." As with most editors, you have control over audio, colors, size, adding filters, transitions, etc. You can also add stills or animated CG during the editing process, in order to merge to the video before you go live thus leaving you free to use the live CG for other sources. While I didn’t spend a lot of time with the editor, it includes all of the functionality that you’d expect in an editor.

figure 1

This is one of the areas where the TriCaster Studio truly shines. With the TriCaster there is the ability to use up to two DDRs during a live production. You can create a playlist for each one of the two VCRs. After each clip is played, the VCR will load and ready the next clip to be played. Using Cue mode, the TriCaster Studio will automatically start playing the clip once the take button is hit, giving you almost fully automated studio control.

Live Streaming
Another area of where the TriCaster Studio has exceeded expectations is with its ability to simultaneously stream out a live-switching event. You can choose nearly a dozen different push or pull streaming profiles, type in the IP address, and simply push Stream Output and the TriCaster will do the rest. How convenient is that?

iVGA is difficult to explain or can at least sound complicated. The iVGA has the ability to connect to any other computer that’s on the same network and display the desktop as an iVGA source on the switcher. There is a small little file that acts as a utility when you install it on either a Mac or PC. Simply launch the application; TriCaster Studio does the rest. As long as TriCaster can "see" the other computer it will display its computer screen, usually running PowerPoint.

In my world of live event production, this is a huge benefit. Typically, we would use an expensive scan converter and a couple hundred feet of cable to function as our switcher to capture a PowerPoint presentation. The TriCaster has changed all that. By using the TriCaster with its iVGA technology for live event production you benefit in two important ways. First, there is no need for any other device(s) to display a PowerPoint—no scan converters or video scalers. Secondly, you don’t need to run all that extra video cable! That saves time and money. Within any building wired with network access, you simply plug into the wall and the TriCaster Studio will find it.

figure 1
The virtual studio that is used with LiveSet is amazing. It’s the most fun I’ve had with a video switcher in a long time. With each virtual set there are up to four different camera angles, which means that the LiveSet is giving you four different points of view in the virtual studio.

One of the most powerful and useful features of a virtual studio is that you can create one using very little space while maintaining the appearance of something far larger.

When I tested the LiveSet with our chroma key, it took very little time to get up to speed with switching in a virtual studio environment. It was absolutely incredible to work with! As with any green/blue screen work, the secret to a successful key is good, even lighting. I choose my two camera angles, picked out our chroma key color, made a couple of minor tweaks to the tolerance and choke levels, and we had one great-looking virtual studio!

As the creators of LightWave, NewTek has nailed how to create a realistic 3D environment. A key component of the believability of this virtual studio is how LiveSet functions to simultaneously correlate the reflections and shadows that are reacting to the talent and/or video on the screen in real time. In the above example, the desk in LiveSet will give off a reflection of the video that you can play from the VCR. Truly amazing!

As mentioned earlier, NewTek released an upgrade for TriCaster Studio at product review time. This upgrade provides additional enhancements and functionality to TriCaster. The upgrade includes three-camera source monitoring (mentioned earlier), full-featured character generator, iVGA underscan, improved keying, an updated editor (based on SpeedEDIT 1.5), and additional tools to help you create your own LiveSet (with Lightwave 3D v9). The upgrade is free to all existing TriCaster owners.

TriCaster Studio is a broadcast studio and mobile production truck at a fraction of the size and cost. NewTek has set a new standard for mobile production switchers.

Todd Gillespie works in Television Production at UC-Santa Barbara.

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Magic Bullet Frames Now Shipping

Red Giant Software, developer and publisher of professional digital video tools including the award-winning Magic Bullet Looks shipped Magic Bullet Frames v1.0. It is now possible to shoot low-cost video and get the expensive look of film right in Final Cut Pro, Motion, or Premiere Pro. Start with ordinary interlaced video, apply Magic Bullet Frames’ plug-in in any of the supported applications to get quick and high-quality frame rate conversions with the look of true 24p film.

Magic Bullet Frames offers motion-adaptive and field-blended modes to get top quality footage at high speeds, delivering great looking, artifact-free output. Included in the Frames tool is letterboxing and line offset controls to easily create mattes and adjust the image inside the letterbox area.

"With Magic Bullet Frames, we have taken the tools that used to be available just as part of Magic Bullet Suite 2 and made them available separately at a much lower price. The package also has broader appeal with the Frames and Deartifacter tools available in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro," said Sean Safreed, Product Director at Red Giant Software.

For detailed Product Information, visit: http://redgiantsoftware.com/magicbulletframes.html.

Key Features
• True video-to 24p conversion with motion adaptive conversion and automatic pull-down insertion
• Integrated letterboxing in Frames lets users create widescreen-like content from standard video
• Fast field-blending algorithm produces the fastest results
• Works with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Motion
• Removes DV compression artifacts with Deartifacter filter
• Offers the Magic Bullet plug-in now called Frames Plus for higher-quality 24p conversion in After Effects.
• Includes Magic Bullet Suite tools, Broadcast Spec, Letterboxer, and Opticals plug-ins (After Effects only)

What’s New?
• New support for more host editing applications, including Premiere Pro CS3, Final Cut Studio 2
• Fast and high-quality de-interlacing filters in Frames
• De-artifacter plug-in repairs lost color information in DV and HDV source material

Pricing and Availability
• Magic Bullet Frames (formerly Magic Bullet 24p) is available for $199 USD.
• Customers that purchased Magic Bullet Suite after April 10, 2007 qualify for a free copy of Magic Bullet Frames as part of their Magic Bullet Suite 2007 upgrade.
• Magic Bullet Suite 2.1 customers can upgrades to Magic Bullet Suite 2007, which includes Magic Bullet Colorista, Looks, Instant HD, and Magic Bullet Frames for $199


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Noise Industries Partner Industrial Revolution Introduces SupaWipe FxPack For Apple Final Cut Studio 2 And Final Cut Express 4

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, today announced that partner Industrial Revolution has released a brand new Noise Industries FxPack titled "SupaWipe."

The new SupaWipe FxPack enables Apple Final Cut Studio 2 (FCS 2) and Final Cut Express 4 (FCE) editors to quickly create – without keyframing - complex, multi-object transition effects such as those seen in sporting events or reality TV replays/recaps, broadcast promos, live event videos such as weddings, and 30-second spots. "Because of the multiple layers and painstaking keyframing detail, these type of effects take an immense amount of time to build to achieve the right look. With the SupaWipe FxPack, Apple FCS and FCE Editors can produce the desired effect with stunning results in a few simple clicks. This is a tremendous time saver and an unbelievable value at the sub 100 USD price point," comments Niclas Bahn, director of business development, Noise Industries.

About Noise Industries Partners and FxPacks
FxPacks are developed by Noise Industries and its partners using the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro plug-in manager. The FxFactory Pro plug-in manager provides visual effects artists, such as Peter Wiggins of Idustrial Revolution, a user-friendly development tool to create additional effects for the Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express products. "SupaWipe was born after I spent a solid two weeks making a daily menu sequence that required a different object to wipe on 8 clips. Each effect required a key, fill, and an object layer all stacked up within layers in FCP," said Peter Wiggins, founder and broadcast designer, Idustrial Revolution. "This was very cumbersome, time consuming, and the absolute perfect scenario for developing an FxPack transition plug-in to automate this painstaking effects workflow. Hence, SupaWipe FxPack was born."

More About SupaWipe FxPack
SupaWipe FxPack is designed for the Apple FxPlug architecture and supports the full range of formats from DV to HD with near real-time render speeds.

SupaWipe transitions can be made different lengths, positioned in one of the three ways on media, rolled, cut, pasted and selected as a favorite. The wipe direction can be orientated over 360 degrees and the width or softness of the wipe adjusted.

SupaWipe controls also include independent and ganged control of two separate images that are superimposed over the wipe. Images can be scaled, rotated and positioned before or after the wipe, and repositioned perpendicular to the wipe. A fully adjustable drop shadow can also be added to the image composite to lift the images away from the background. Users can use the embedded graphics or can integrate their own graphics via image wells or the path chooser. SupaWipe automatically calculates offsets for graphics that start and finish off screen.

Users can build and store custom object transitions, share presets or use the HD compatible examples provided with the SupaWipe FxPack. The HD resolution images are royalty free and can be used for any production.

Pricing and Availability
SupaWipe FxPack is available today via the Idustrial Revolution SupaWipe web site (www.supawipe.com) for an MSRP of $99.00 USD. Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express users can test drive FxFactory FxPacks by downloading the 15-day trial version from http://www.noiseindustries.com/fxfactory.

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ikan Debuts Their New Uni-Rack 2 & Uni-rack 5

ikan’s new Uni-Racks are perfect for simple desktop mounting of rack-mountable audio/video equipment. The Uni-Rack 2 is sized at 2U while the Uni-Rack 5 has 5U worth of space. Both come complete with cage nuts and rack screws (a set of four for the Uni-Rack 2 and a set of eight for the Uni-Rack 5). The Uni-Racks tilt back at a 54 degree angle for easier viewing and are extremely stable.

Don’t stack your gear on the desk-top, Rack-it! The ikan Uni-Rack 2 is now available for $49.95 and the ikan Uni-Rack 5 is available for $79.95.


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Zacuto Releases Lightweight Support (LWS) System for Attaching Accessories to High-Definition Video Cameras

Zacuto is announcing the release their new Lightweight Support System (LWS) http://www.zacuto.com/zacuto_lws.htm for high definition video cameras. Zacuto LWS gives you the ability like all previous LWS plates to mount rods to the front of your camera for attaching matte boxes & follow focus units. But Zacuto has taken this several steps further. This is the first universal lightweight support plate to work with all Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC cameras that use the wedge style tripod plate. This means that one plate can be used for all cameras. When you get a new camera you can still use the Z-LWS.

The new Zacuto Lightweight Support System (LWS) comes with Z-Release for all professional 2/3", 1/2" sized cameras as well as prosumer cameras such as the JVC GY-HD100/200/250 or the Canon XL-H1. The Lightweight Support System has unique features that have never been seen in lightweight support plates such as incorporating two Z-Release mounts into the plate. These mounts allow you to be able to attach any Z-Release equipped products directly to your Z-LWS plate. This frees the camera from having to mount equipment on it.

Also, with the flip of a Z-Release lever your equipment is released allowing you to go handheld in seconds. No more unscrewing monitors for a simple location move. Mount items like Zacuto wireless plates, Zamerican articulating arms or any other arms retrofitted with Z-Release, on-board monitors, hard drives and more. Virtually anything can be mounted to this style of camera allowing you to completely customize your setup, similar to the versatility seen in Zacuto’s innovative prosumer baseplate line. Z-LWS package includes, LWS plate, two 8" front rods and side mounted double Z-Release mount. Designed and manufactured by Zacuto. Made in the USA. Zacuto lifetime warranty.

For more information about the Zacuto Lightweight Support System (LWS) visit http://www.zacuto.com/zacuto_lws.htm.
For info about LWS with Zgrips, visit http://www.zacuto.com/Varicam_Zgrips_Z-LWS.htm
For Z-LWS w/Handgrip Zicro: http://www.zacuto.com/varicam_with_zlws__handgrip_z.htm

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ikan Launches the New RM 4-25 Rackmount

In 2008, ikan is poised to get into rack mounts in a big way. Our first dedicated rack-mount product is the RM 4-25. The all metal enclosed RM 4-25 contains four 2.5 inch high resolution LCD panels with front controls, a single captive power input, and BNC composite inputs with full BNC loop thru. The RM 4-25 also swivels so the operator can easily adjust the panels for the perfect viewing angle.

For framing and confidence monitoring the low cost high quality ikan RM 4-25 is hard to beat and is sure to be a big hit with news truck operators and for professionals switching multi camera productions. The RM 4-25 is now available for $695.00 USD.


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Wohler's New 19-Inch HDMon-190 Brings Convenience and Quality to HD Monitoring

PANORAMAdtv, the video products division of Wohler Technologies Inc., today announced the release of the HDMon-190, a high definition 19-inch widescreen monitor designed to meet the needs of broadcast professionals in both field and studio applications. With extensive motion processing capabilities and user-adjustable scaling and interpolation for interlaced images, the monitor provides superb imaging for video in any format or resolution.

"We developed the new HDMon-190 TFT monitor as a versatile solution for professional broadcast applications, regardless of the production environment," said Carl J. Dempsey, CEO and president of Wohler. "We have remained the best at what we do by working with our customers to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet application and budget needs. The flexible operation and full-featured functionality of the HDMon-190 allows users to monitor video just the way they want without sacrificing quality or convenience."

The HDMon-190 features a 1440x900 TFT/LCD screen and accepts all inputs, including HD/SD-SDI with buffered loop-through, composite and component video, S-video, DVI, HDMI, and PC graphics up to WUXGA resolution, all without the need for optional cards. Users can view video signals in a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

The monitor's high-resolution screen, which accepts video signals up to 1920x1080/60p, is factory-adjusted to meet SMPTE/EBU colorimetric and color gamut specifications for CRT models. Its standard CRT functions include channel isolate, overscan, underscan, and power-saving auto off, as well as automatic and manual color temperature.

Lightweight and sleek in design, the 7-RU monitor can easily convert from a portable stand-alone unit to a rack-mount solution. Control settings are easy to access from the monitor's front panel, and an integrated 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection allows remote configuration via the included Windows®-based NETMON software application. This remote feature allows users to use a laptop or PC to adjust and configure units, as well as copy and paste setups from one monitor to another.

More information about the HDMon-190 and other products from PANORAMAdtv is available at www.wohler.com.

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New Graphics eXpansion Module Control Panel offers enhanced multi-display support for Mac systems

Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, today announced the availability of a new software utility for Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs) operating under Mac OS(r) X. The GXM Control Panel enables additional resolutions for the DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go Digital Edition products, offering greater multi-display support for compatible Mac notebooks and workstations.

"Mac users will be thrilled with the new possibilities available with the GXM Control Panel," says Caroline Injoyan, business development manager, Matrox Graphics, Inc., "The new utility not only opens up dual-display modes in TripleHead2Go Digital Edition, but combined with this GXM's dual-link DVI connectivity, it creates the ideal platform for MacBook Pro users looking for a purely digital-to-digital connection from system to displays."

The GXM Control Panel is a free download available for DualHead2Go Digital Edition and TripleHead2Go Digital Edition, and is compatible with systems running Mac OS X v10.4 or later. Digital Edition GXMs connect either standard or widescreen resolution displays and support a maximum resolution of up to 1920x1200 per display in dual-display mode and 1280x1024 per display in triple-display mode.

GXMs are small black boxes that connect externally to a system's monitor output to achieve an ultra-wide desktop across two or three displays. With a multi-display set-up, desktop management improves significantly as multiple programs can be run full-screen, or side-by-side to view more information.

The GXM control panel is available for download on the Matrox website at http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/corpo/support/drivers/home.php. For complete Mac details, visit the online compatibility page.

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DVcreators.net Releases dvcPrompt! Teleprompting Software

The DVcreatorsLabs division of DVcreators.net is proud to announce the release of its first commercial software program, dvcPrompt!.

dvcPrompt! is a professional teleprompting software package for productions from high-end corporate, industrial or broadcast shoots to simple video podcasts. The software can be used by one person in single window mode or switched to dual window mode with a separate teleprompter operator and talent for professional shoots. In dual window mode, the talent window can be right-reading, for use with a laptop or second monitor, or with mirrored text, for use with a half-silvered mirror positioned in front of the camera lens so the talent can look right into the camera while reading the script.

"We at DVcreators have tried a variety of teleprompting solutions at our own shoots over the years. We've searched the world for a product we could use and recommend, and never found one that had the features we wanted for a reasonable price," said Josh Mellicker, CEO of DVcreators.net. "So we designed one ourselves, and started using it on all our own shoots for months, tweaking it right on the set until it worked just the way we wanted it to. Now, it's available for anyone to use, at a very affordable price."

Some of dvcPrompt!'s many features include the following:

  • smooth, responsive, quiet, easily-controllable scrolling with mouse scroll wheel, laptop trackpad or arrow keys
  • easily change text size and line spacing for better readability
  • adjustable window size to fit your monitors
  • mirrored font included for through-the-lens teleprompting
  • QuickRewind feature for quickly jumping back a few lines for a retake
  • a handy script editor for on-the-spot script changes
  • QuickSearch field to instantly jump to a word or phrase in a long script
  • available for Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista

"It is very clean and easy to operate," said Marvin Botts, dvcPrompt! beta tester. "I have two other brands and they were quite expensive and awkward . . . [dvcPrompt!] is open and go!"

Ted, a dvcPrompt! user, commented "This is the best. We have been trying software for 4 years and nothing comes close or as good as this - congratulations!"

DVcreators.net's dvcPrompt! teleprompting solution has a free downloadable 10-day trial and is available for purchase at only $60. For more information and to download the free trial, visit http://www.dvcreators.net/dvcprompt/.

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Abaltat Announces NAB Product Offerings

At the 2008 NAB Show, Abaltat will be showcasing all of its unique software offerings in versions designed for both Mac® and now Windows®-based PCs and laptops. By adding support for the Windows platform, Abaltat is making it easier for a much broader range of editors and producers to incorporate first-rate soundtracks into their video and film projects

Abaltat Muse™
Abaltat Muse™, the world's first video-driven soundtrack composer, is now available for the Windows® platform. Intended for use by video editors, this innovative professional software application creates original, royalty-free, broadcast-quality soundtracks in minutes. On display at the NAB Show, Abaltat Muse Version 1.1 will demonstrate how Abaltat's software can be used to measure select elements in a moving picture, and subsequently compose complementary music for that edited picture sequence.

In the composition stage, a QuickTime® version of the picture sequence is loaded into the application and analyzed. Abaltat Muse uses this analysis and the selection of a "band" and tempo to compose a first draft of the soundtrack. In the arrangement stage, the user can utilize keyframes, locked to the picture, to adjust the composition's melodic strains, instrument selection, scale modulation, and audio mix. The result can be exported as a full mix (either .aiff or .wav file), track by track, or as a MIDI file.

This latest version of Abaltat Muse integrates seamlessly with Apple®, Avid®, Adobe®, and Media 100® edit applications. It also features general MIDI export functionality so that music can be imported directly into any software application that supports the standard MIDI file format, such as Digidesign Pro Tools® and Apple's Logic®.

Both Mac® and Windows versions of Abaltat Muse are available for purchase (download or hard copy) here.

Abaltat Express™
Abaltat Express™, now available for both Mac® and Windows® platforms, is an affordable software solution that provides all the tools video editors need to compose and arrange a soundtrack. Abaltat Express leverages the interface, workflow, and powerful composition engine of the company's highly acclaimed Abaltat Muse™ product, the industry's first video-driven soundtrack composer, to provide professional results at an appealing price point. The user simply drops a QuickTime® file of the edited video sequence into Abaltat Express, clicks "Compose," and selects parameters for composition. The soundtrack is composed in a matter of seconds, and the arrangement can be refined through adjustment of keyframes on the timeline. Once the project is complete, it may be exported as an .aiff, .wav, or MIDI file.

Both Mac and Windows versions of Abaltat Express are available for purchase (download or hard copy) here.

Abaltat Band™
Abaltat Band™ is a suite of "bands" that work as a plug-in for the Abaltat Muse™ and Abaltat Express™ applications, extending the user's choice of music styles and genres. Abaltat Band now also supports Windows®-based PCs and laptops. The plug-in currently features seven different "bands": Ensemble, Atmospheric, R&B, Minimalist One, Minimalist Two, Dub Reggae, and Percussion One, all of which come bundled free with the purchase of Abaltat Muse or Abaltat Express. The combination of Abaltat Band with Abaltat Muse and Express presents video editors with a selection of richly textured composition styles that complement and enhance their work.

The audio samples in the Abaltat Band plug-ins for Abaltat Muse are supplied by Native Instruments and Garritan Libraries, two of the market leaders in the audio sample production industry. Because of this, Abaltat Muse compositions have a natural, live feel. Authentic-sounding instruments are combined with unique software to create the first radical departure in the concept of soundtrack production for the 21st century.

Abaltat Band plug-ins for Abaltat Muse utilize the audio engine and sounds native to the user's computer.

Both Mac® and Windows versions of Abaltat Band are available for purchase (download or hard copy) here.

Abaltat Beat™
Abaltat Beat™, now also available for Windows®-based PCs and laptops, is a software application which functions as a beat calculator and a rhythm machine. In just a couple of minutes, this simple application allows users to create drum tracks to match an edited video clip. The beat calculator function uses the edit decision list (EDL) to calculate the optimum beats-per-minute (BPM) for an edited picture sequence. Abaltat Beat then suggests a series of possible fits from which the editor can choose. The favored BPM rate can then be used to search a music library or as an input for the Abaltat Muse™ or Abaltat Express™ soundtrack composer.

The rhythm machine function within Abaltat Beat uses a selected BPM, time signature, and drum pattern (included with the application) to create a drum track that is in sync with the picture. The resulting track can be exported as an audio (.aiff), QuickTime® (with picture), or MIDI file.

Both Mac® and Windows versions of Abaltat Beat are available for purchase (download or hard copy) at www.abaltat.com.

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