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March 10, 2008

Table of Contents

New On EventDV's TechThoughts Blog: Sony HVR-Z7U/S270 Lens Issue?
18th Annual WEVA EXPO Set for August 11-14 at Orlando Grande Lakes
Zaxcom's New Deva 16 Now Shipping
Interactive Live Video Community & Next Generation Social Network Livevideo.Com Joins Forces With Top Online Content Creator Hub Revver
Zacuto.com Announces New Z-Riser for HD Video Cameras
Apple Announces iPhone 2.0 Software Beta
PCI Express Version of Matrox Axio LE Realtime Editing Platform Now Shipping
Artbeats Raises the Bar on Royalty-free Stock Footage, Unveiling Dozens of New HD Titles at NAB 2008
dvGarage Announces New Version of dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio for Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 and Motion 2 or Higher
Introducing The HD Scope: The First 2/3" Specific HD Snorkel Lens System

New On EventDV's TechThoughts Blog: Sony HVR-Z7U/S270 Lens Issue?

Marshall Levy, who wrote our compact flash media test results, is finding issues with the lenses that adorn the latest HDV camcorders from Sony- the HVR-Z7U and the HVR-S270. He’s found focusing issues, lens wobble and says the issue was confirmed by Sony. Click here to read more.

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18th Annual WEVA EXPO Set for August 11-14 at Orlando Grande Lakes

Mark your calendar and prepare now for an extraordinary experience this summer! The WEVA 18th Annual Wedding & Event Video Expo (WEVA EXPO 2008), our industry’s biggest convention and trade show, open to all wedding and event videographers worldwide, will be held August 11-14, 2008 at the breathtaking 500-acre Grande Lakes Orlando Resort, Florida’s premier destination.

Only 15 minutes from the Orlando International airport, Universal Studios, and Sea World, Grande Lakes Resort features two of the most respected names in hospitality - The JW Marriott, which will host WEVA EXPO 2008, and The Ritz-Carlton. Both hotels are directly connected and situated in the heart of a pristine and eco-friendly nature reserve that stretches across 500 lush and tropical acres surrounded by lakes.

The special guest room rate at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, a 26-story masterpiece in Mediterranean design, will be just $99/night (single or double occupancy & kids 18 and under stay free) for all EXPO attendees. This exceptional rate is valid three days before and after WEVA EXPO 2008. Each elegant guest room is equipped with high-speed Internet access that will be free for all WEVA guests. WEVA EXPO 2008 attendees staying at The JW Marriott will be able to enjoy all the facilities and services Grande Lakes offers indoors and outdoors, at both hotels, without any add-on resort fees.

Marriott reservation operators will begin taking WEVA guest room reservations next week. Visit www.grandelakes.com now and click on the videos, the photo galleries and cool 360-degree panoramas to get introduced to this lush and lavish tropical paradise.

"Grande Lakes Resort is an ultra, world-class property for hosting our industry’s largest and most exciting convention and trade show of the year," said WEVA International Chairman Roy Chapman. "The special rates and discounts arranged for WEVA attendees make it affordable for all videographers working at all levels to attend this year's EXPO."

"The JW Marriott at Grande Lakes is a picture-perfect environment for videographers who want to network. There are so many spots to relax and share information – whether you’re in a cutting-edge session on new wedding editing techniques, or at the huge trade show or sharing production clips on your iPod or iPhone at poolside - and you'll find a lot of pools, and whirlpools, dotted all around this scenic mega resort," said Dan Argenas WEVA’s Director of Association Communications.

Watch WEVA.com for more news shortly. Make plans now to attend the WEVA 18th Annual Wedding & Event Video Expo 2008 this summer!


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Zaxcom's New Deva 16 Now Shipping

Zaxcom, a pioneering provider of professional audio equipment, today announced that it is now shipping the Deva 16, a new 16-track hard disk audio recorder designed for use in film and television production. With eight hardware faders plus an integrated hard drive, DVD-RAM, and CompactFlash® memory card slot, the Deva 16 is a complete, one-package solution for audio recording, mixing, and effects.

The Deva 16 provides fault-tolerant, multi-disk recording with automatic file recovery to safeguard audio even in the event of an unexpected power failure. The system provides eight analog mic/line inputs with 48-V phantom power, four additional analog line inputs, eight analog inputs, and eight digital direct outputs. A 16-channel, 24-bus digital mixer is built into the unit, providing EQ, notch filter, compressor, and delay functions on each channel.

The Deva 16 records to three internal recording mediums or directly to an external FireWire drive without the use of additional computers. This feature ensures that there is always a copy of the audio on set for instant reference as well as additional copies for post production. The Deva 16 also offers direct Avid™ and ProTools™ compatibility for significant time savings during audio loading for post production. Because metadata can be entered into the Deva directly through the unit's intuitive color touch screen display, information on scenes, takes, and other notes are imported automatically into the post-production system along with the audio files. Post-production staff also can refer to the Deva Sound Report, a new feature that generates an Excel® file of all metadata that was entered during production.

"We're excited to introduce the Deva 16 to the professional audio market worldwide. It's a very flexible product that can be applied to a wide variety of production settings," said Glenn Sanders, president of Zaxcom. "With its controls and hardware faders mounted directly on the top, the Deva 16 is well suited for over-the-shoulder use in addition to cart-based applications. It's also a great tool for recording high-quality audio in the field. Because the Deva 16 incorporates phase-coherent digital mixing and a fader master, a surround sound microphone is all that's needed to capture the audio world in 3D."

Learn more about this product and Zaxcom's full line of audio systems at http://www.zaxcom.com.

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Interactive Live Video Community & Next Generation Social Network Livevideo.Com Joins Forces With Top Online Content Creator Hub Revver

LiveVideo.com, the leading interactive live video community, a subsidiary of online entertainment network LiveUniverse, Inc. ("the Company"), has joined forces with Hollywood-based Revver.com and acquired 100% of the stock of the online video pioneer. MySpace Founder Brad Greenspan is the Founder/ Chairman/CEO of parent company LiveUniverse, and will also oversee strategy and expansion initiatives for LiveVideo.com and Revver.com.

The acquisition combines the Revver.com website, which receives millions of visitors per month and hosts over 40 million monthly video streams from some of the best and brightest digital video producers, with LiveVideo.com’s next generation social network, video, and live interactive offerings that are being used by over 200,000 users per day.

"Merging with LiveVideo.com and getting access to have Revver.com and its content partners promoted by LiveUniverse’s network of websites is a win-win proposition for Revver and its creators," said Kevin Wells, chief executive officer of Revver. "We expand our reach and enhance our ad products, and all content creators get a stronger media platform that offers greater potential for revenue sharing opportunities."

"It’s an excellent and very logical combination that overnight creates one of the most innovative online entertainment companies in Los Angeles if not the world," said LiveUniverse Chairman/CEO, Brad Greenspan. "We are eager to leverage the Revver team’s experience, passion for supporting independent media and knowledge of online video while empowering site content creators with a suite of tools to launch their own live shows, broadcasts, and video chats with a global audience."

The business combination will continue to operate both LiveVideo.com and Revver.com as separate branded properties and Revver will continue to operate out of its existing location. The two websites plan to immediately combine Ad Sales and Customer Service personnel for the benefit of both properties.

How Revver was Tripped Up In Its Quest to Deliver Dollars To Content Creators
Revver.com was growing quickly in 2006 as the leader in empowering, backing, and supporting the fast growing original online video content industry. Revver.com would show an advertisement at the end of a video uploaded on Revver.com that a user would then embed on his/her web page. The User who created the video content would generate a revenue share from the display of these ads.

As 2007 began, Revver was beginning to show the growth trajectory that would have allowed the company to be profitable in the not too distant future. Suddenly in mid-January 2007, Revver’s proprietary video player that allowed users to post their videos on MySpace and other social networks, stopped working on MySpace. To the average user, it appeared as if Revver’s video embed was broken. Many users never understood what happened and simply thought Revver’s product was poorly designed and most migrated over to services like YouTube. A smaller group of original content creator pioneers and Revver users realized the truth: That MySpace had become a predator aggressively blocking and censoring any web service it deemed competitive or that it saw generating revenue from users of the MySpace service. A portion of the Revver users realized what was being lost that day: The ability in exchange for their hard work and creativity to recognize a small but perhaps emotionally significant sliver of revenue from all of their friends, family, and fans that wanted to watch, enjoy, and spread the word to others.

This small group of users rallied a furious PR campaign as best they could, led by content pioneers such as AskANinja, who posted blogs and tried to rally users to complain to MySpace to stop blocking Revver. But MySpace ignored the pleas from these injured content creators and to this day continues to block the Revver Video platform from working on MySpace.

MySpace’s strategy when it decides to attempt to destroy a small- to medium-sized company is launching a predatory block/censor of anything that will allow users of MySpace to ‘spread the word’. MySpace has blocked scores of other websites that are competitive including the shocking incident of blocking PhotoBucket embed in 2007 as a flexing of MySpace muscle so that other potential buyers walked away and allowed MySpace to buy PhotoBucket at a much reduced price with no competition. Even MySpace Founder Brad Greensan had his video site Vidilife.com blocked by MySpace. The Vidilife.com site continues to be blocked today.

The content creators were the biggest victims from MySpace’s actions because MySpace’s anti-competitive/predatory treatment prevented them from generating meaningful advertising revenue for well over a year and counting.


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Zacuto.com Announces New Z-Riser for HD Video Cameras

Zacuto, a leading provider of HD video cameras and accessories is announcing the release of their essential new Z-Riser product ($330). The Z-Riser is used in conjunction with other of Zacuto's camera mounting components for adjusting a second set of rods to align matte boxes and follow focus units to cameras with high or low lens mounting.

Specifically, Z-Riser is an essential part of Zacuto’s kits for the RED ONE camera and the Letus35 Extreme Adapter, as well as serving a need in supporting other camera gear such as a Follow-Focus and Matt Boxes.

The Zacuto Z-Riser attaches to a pair of standard 15mm rods and allows an adjustable vertical riser. This riser has 2 4 ½" long 15mm rods that come included with the Z-Riser. With the Z-riser a matte box can be aligned to any lens height. As with all of Zacuto’s mounting accessories for HD video cameras the Z-Riser offers the following advantages:

  • Quick Release
  • Rock solid stability
  • Nothing can loosen or unwind
  • Mount or un-mount with the flip of one lever and in seconds
  • Shorten setup/pack up time
  • Save wear and tear on your equipment
  • Save time

"Virtually anything can be mounted using this in conjunction with the other Zacuto components, allowing you to completely customize your HD video camera setup," stated Zacuto Marketing Director Steve Weiss.

See Z-Riser and the whole Zacuto line at http://www.zacuto.com.

See Z-Riser HD Video Camera Accessory at http://www.zacuto.com/Z-Riser.htm.

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Apple Announces iPhone 2.0 Software Beta

Apple® today previewed its iPhone™ 2.0 software, scheduled for release this June, and announced the immediate availability of a beta release of the software to selected developers and enterprise customers.

The iPhone 2.0 beta release includes both the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as new enterprise features such as support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to provide secure, over-the-air push email, contacts and calendars as well as remote wipe, and the addition of Cisco IPsec VPN for encrypted access to private corporate networks.

"We’re excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community with potentially thousands of native applications for iPhone and iPod touch," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. "iPhone’s enterprise features combined with its revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface and advanced software architecture provide the best user experience and the most advanced software platform ever for a mobile device."

The iPhone SDK provides developers with a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and tools to create innovative applications for iPhone and iPod® touch. Starting today, anyone can download the beta iPhone SDK for free and run the iPhone Simulator on their Mac®. Apple today also introduced its new iPhone Developer Program, giving developers everything they need to create native applications, and the new App Store, a breakthrough way for developers to wirelessly deliver their applications to iPhone and iPod touch users.

With the iPhone SDK, third party developers will be able to build native applications for the iPhone with a rich set of APIs, including programming interfaces for Core OS, Core Services, Media and Cocoa Touch technologies. The iPhone SDK will allow developers to create amazing applications that leverage the iPhone’s groundbreaking Multi-Touch™ user interface, animation technology, large storage, built-in three-axis accelerometer and geographical location technology to deliver truly innovative mobile applications.

Apple has licensed Exchange ActiveSync from Microsoft and is building it right into the iPhone, so that iPhone will connect out-of-the-box to Microsoft Exchange Servers 2003 and 2007 for secure over-the-air push email, contacts, calendars and global address lists. Built-in Exchange ActiveSync support also enables security features such as remote wipe, password policies and auto-discovery. The iPhone 2.0 software supports Cisco IPsec VPN to ensure the highest level of IP-based encryption available for transmission of sensitive corporate data, as well as the ability to authenticate using digital certificates or password-based, multi-factor authentication. The addition of WPA2 Enterprise with 802.1x authentication enables enterprise customers to deploy iPhone and iPod touch with the latest standards for protection of Wi-Fi networks.

The iPhone 2.0 software provides a configuration utility that allows IT administrators to easily and quickly set up many iPhones, including password policies, VPN setting, installing certificates, email server settings and more. Once the configuration is defined it can be easily and securely delivered via web link or email to the user. To install, all the user has to do is authenticate with a user ID or password, download the configuration and tap install. Once installed, the user will have access to all their corporate IT services.

The iPhone 2.0 software release will contain the App Store, a new application that lets users browse, search, purchase and wirelessly download third party applications directly onto their iPhone or iPod touch. The App Store enables developers to reach every iPhone and iPod touch user. Developers set the price for their applications—including free—and retain 70 percent of all sales revenues. Users can download free applications at no charge to either the user or developer, or purchase priced applications with just one click. Enterprise customers will be able to create a secure, private page on the App Store accessible only by their employees. Apple will cover all credit card, web hosting, infrastructure and DRM costs associated with offering applications on the App Store. Third party iPhone and iPod touch applications must be approved by Apple and will be available exclusively through the App Store.

The iPhone SDK provides a reliable, fast and secure way to create innovative applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. In addition to the rich set of iPhone OS APIs, the iPhone SDK also provides advanced tools for creating native iPhone and iPod touch applications including: Xcode® for source code editing, project management and graphical debugging; Interface Builder with drag and drop interface creation and live preview; Instruments to monitor and optimize iPhone application performance in real time; and the iPhone Simulator to run and debug applications.

During the beta iPhone SDK program, a limited number of developers will be accepted into Apple’s new iPhone Developer Program and offered the ability to get code onto iPhones for testing. The Standard Program costs $99 (US) per year and gives members an iPhone SDK and development tools; access to pre-release iPhone software; technical support; the ability to get code onto iPhones for testing; and distribution of applications via the new App Store. The Enterprise Program costs $299 (US) per year.

In addition to these new iPhone network and security features, the beta iPhone 2.0 software provides several new Mail features such as the ability to view PowerPoint attachments, in addition to Word and Excel, as well as the ability to mass delete and move email messages.

Apple plans to release the final iPhone 2.0 software, including the iPhone SDK and new enterprise features, as a free software update for all iPhone customers by the end of June. Third party applications created for the iPhone will also run on the iPod touch, and iPod touch users will be required to purchase a software update to run these applications. The free beta iPhone SDK is available immediately worldwide and can be downloaded at developer.apple.com/iphone/program. The iPhone Developer Program will initially be available in the US and will expand to other countries in the coming months. Apple is accepting applications beginning today from enterprise customers who would like to join the private iPhone Enterprise Beta Program (http://www.apple.com/iphone/enterprise).

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PCI Express Version of Matrox Axio LE Realtime Editing Platform Now Shipping

Matrox® Video Products Group today announced the immediate availability of the new PCI Express (PCIe) version of the Matrox Axio LE realtime HD and SD editing platform.

"We are introducing the PCIe version of Axio LE as part of our commitment to continually evolve our realtime editing platforms to take advantage of new technologies that can lower cost and increase performance for our customers," said Pierre-Martin Dion, Matrox Axio product manager. "The PCIe version of Axio LE expands users’ system choices to include many lower cost workstations including the HP xw4600."

Matrox Axio LE provides a complete post-production solution that lets users get the best from Adobe CS3 Production Premium. The Axio platforms are designed to provide the most comprehensive realtime feature set, the highest quality native codec technology, and complete file-based workflows – totally integrated with the Adobe software.

Key features of Matrox Axio LE

  • Full-resolution, mixed-format, multi-layer realtime editing of HD and SD video, graphics, and effects
  • Realtime Matrox Flex CPU effects such as color correction, speed changes, and chroma/luma keying
  • Realtime and accelerated Matrox Flex GPU effects such as 2D/3D DVE, blur/glow/soft focus, and shine
  • Native MXF file support for Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM, and Sony XDCAM HD in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Extensive native codec support in HD and SD – uncompressed, MPEG-2 I-frame, DVCPRO HD, MPEG HD, HDV 1080i, HDV1080p, HDV 720p (JVC ProHD), IMX, DVCPRO50, DV, DVCPRO, DVCAM
  • Realtime playback of 32-bit compressed and uncompressed AVI with alpha
  • 24 fps editing in HD and SD with pull down, reverse pull down, and Panasonic VariCam support
  • Realtime high-quality downscaling from HD to SD
  • Accelerated export to DVD, multimedia formats including Flash Video, and Adobe Clip Notes
  • WYSIWYG for Adobe After Effects, Bridge, and Photoshop, Autodesk Combustion and 3ds Max, eyeon Fusion, NewTek LightWave 3D, and Windows Media Player
  • Matrox EZ-MXF utility for native MXF file support in Video for Windows (AVI) applications
  • DV-1394, composite, Y/C, HD/SD analog component, and HD/SD SDI, and professional audio input and output

Price and availability
Priced at $3,995 US in North America (£2,195, €3,349) excluding local taxes, the PCIe version of Matrox Axio LE is now available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers.


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Artbeats Raises the Bar on Royalty-free Stock Footage, Unveiling Dozens of New HD Titles at NAB 2008

Artbeats, the industry’s leading creative footage resource, today announced it will debut a wide range of exclusive royalty-free collections and solo clips during the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB).

New titles scheduled for release at NAB include: Ultra Water 2 and Ultra Nature, which feature 1000fps (frames per second) slow-motion footage shot with the Phantom HD, the first use of that camera for stock footage. Additionally, Artbeats will unveil its newest series of HD aerial titles: Miami Aerials; Atlanta Aerials; Dallas Aerials and Texas City Aerials.

The company also plans to release Energy and Environmental; Energy includes aerial clips of wind, water, solar, petroleum and nuclear energy; Environmental features footage of air pollution, recycling, replanted timber and more. Other titles planned for release during NAB include Executive Jet, which offers landings and takeoffs of business jets plus exclusive air-to-air footage of a Gulfstream IV, and City Edges, which has unique and dramatic close-up shots of city skyscrapers and architecture.

Artbeats will showcase these and many other royalty-free titles on the company’s massive HD plasma display wall at NAB 2008, booth SL5413. To learn more about Artbeats’ NAB 2008 product releases, as well as special discounts and offers available exclusively for NAB attendees, click here.

"Artbeats’ 2007 production schedule was extremely busy – we took to the skies in a nose-camera equipped Learjet to capture cloud fly-thrus, shot dozens of cities from helicopters and hiked to remote locations to capture ultra slow motion footage of waterfalls and nature. We used the Learjet’s Vectorvision system to shoot air-to-air footage of a Gulfstream IV, a first in the stock footage industry," said Phil Bates, president of Artbeats. "We use the industry’s best camera equipment and technology so that we can capture high-quality footage of subject matter that is difficult, if not impossible, for our customers to shoot themselves. We are very excited to offer these new collections at NAB."

Featuring a wide range of practical and compelling subject matter, Artbeats’ extensive library includes thousands of high-quality clips that can be used for broadcast, feature film, commercial, concerts, live events, game development, independent production, multimedia and more. A favorite among creative professionals, Artbeats’ footage is used by some of the industry’s leading film and broadcast companies, including Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, Universal Studios, Comedy Central, BBC, Cartoon Network, MTV, American Idol and CNN.

Artbeats footage is available in HD-1920x1080, D1 NTSC-720 x 486 or D1 PAL-720 x 576 resolutions. Pricing for Artbeats’ HD collections range from USD $799-$1299; standard definition collections range from USD $399-$699. To learn more about Artbeats and view every clip and collection in the library, click here.

Artbeats also offers a wide range of free online Tips & Tricks and other creative resources that help customers make the most of their royalty-free stock footage. See them all here.


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dvGarage Announces New Version of dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio for Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 and Motion 2 or Higher

dvGarage, a provider of tools and training for the next generation of media artists, today announced that dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio, the newest version of the company’s powerful chromakeying software, is now available for Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 and Apple Motion 2 or higher.

Utilizing Apple’s FxPlug technology to combine chromakeying with high-performance Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration, dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio allows Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion users to remove green and blue screen backgrounds from digital video (DV), high definition video (HDV) or high definition (HD) footage in real time.

"dvMatte Pro is the fastest and easiest way to key digital footage in Final Cut Pro," comments Alex Lindsay, founder and chief architect of dvGarage. "Unlike most other keyers, dvMatte uses both the color and luma information to create much cleaner edges. With a 3 Pass, super-fast keyer, dvMatte uses a color difference keyer, a hybrid luminance keyer, and an edge protection keyer, allowing the software to produce some of the smoothest mattes you will ever see on digital footage — all in real-time."

Key features in dvMatte include the following:

  • 3 Pass, Super-Fast Keyer - dvMatte Pro 3 uses two color differences keyers and a hybrid luminance keyer to produce some of the smoothest mattes ever seen on digital footage in record time
  • Built-in Spill Suppression – dvMatte not only knocks out the background, it actually knocks out the spill; automatically!
  • Color Matching Plug-in – Match foreground and background color in just a few clicks
  • Built-in Edge Blending – dvMatte’s edge blending controls takes composites to the next level
  • Built-in Light Wrap Plug-in – This easy-to-use feature will make anyone look like a pro even if they’re just getting started * New Screen Fix Plug-in – Truly a ‘silver bullet’ for hard-to-key images, this plug-in will clean greenscreen footage when used with a clean plate

Pricing and Availability
dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio is available for download from dvGarage’s website at: www.dvgarage.com. Priced at USD $199, download contents include: dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio for Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2, or Motion 2 or higher; dvMatte Pro 3.0 User’s Manual; and sample project files. dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio systems requirements include: 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G5; Mac OSX 10.4.9 or higher;1 GB Hard Drive Space minimum and QuickTime 6 or higher.


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Introducing The HD Scope: The First 2/3" Specific HD Snorkel Lens System

Abel Cine Tech and Wolfgang Roessel of CPT have introduced HD Scope, the industry’s first Borescope/Snorkel Lens System designed specifically for 2/3" B4 mount HD cameras. HD Scope is manufactured in Munich, Germany and designed by the same team who developed the Cinec award-winning T-Rex lens system. Constructed from the finest optics available, the HD Scope offers cinematographers all the benefits of the 35mm T-Rex in a lens optimized for 2/3" CCD imagers.

The HD Scope offers a fast T4 stop with full 360° image rotation and panning for tabletop work, tight spaces, unusual angles and other effects shots. This unique lens is the first Borescope / Snorkel system built and optimized for high-end HD cameras such as the Sony F23 and F900R, and the Panasonic VariCam and HPX3000.

"As 2/3" HD camera technology improves, we’re seeing more and more commercial and feature production shift from 35mm to HD," states Pete Abel, President of Abel Cine Tech. "The HD Scope gives DPs the creative lensing possibilities they have long enjoyed on 35mm shoots."

"This is why we’re so excited to work with Wolfgang and offer the HD Scope to our sales and rental clients. It’s the right product at the right time."

"I have a long relationship with Pete and Rich Abel," states Roessel. "Working with Abel Cine Tech was a logical choice for us because they are very deep technically and have so much experience in this specific market."

"My work on the T-Rex lens system quite naturally led to the design of HD Scope," continues Roessel, "and we’re thrilled with the optical performance of the final product."

Roessel approached the HD Scope with two critical factors in mind: image quality and operational efficiency. HD Scope employs the highest quality optical components in the design of the main snorkel unit and the accompanying lenses, which range from 4mm-13mm. This commitment to optical performance ensures that HD Scope images will intercut seamlessly with footage shot with any high quality 2/3" optics on the market, like Zeiss DigiPrimes and Canon HD-EC series primes.

HD Scope is able to navigate tight spaces thanks to a front head that pans 360° while maintaining the horizon. Additionally, the image itself can be internally rotated independently 360° within the frame. For complete remote control over the lens, the focus, image rotation, pan and iris functions all have .32 pitch gear rings for connecting lens motors. All of the HD Scope functions have large, easy to read scales.

HD Scope is distributed in North America by Abel Cine Tech and is available for rent or purchase. For more information, go to http://www.abelcine.com/store/product.php?productid=1000520.

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